He didn’t see Hayward smiling with his back to his face!

Chapter 31 Coach, I want to play shooting guard.
See the ball Hayward turned to an abrupt end, his left foot shaft and his right foot quickly drew a semicircle in the opposite direction and stepped on a node, and then his legs suddenly exerted force, but they were not forced to float back like a fallen leaf.
Lifting the basketball, Hayward has turned around with a confident smile on his face 2.
Back jumper!
Tang Wenlong’s eyelids jumped. Gordon Hayward’s difficulty is far beyond his imagination. It seems that the standard of this backward jumper is like teaching his mind to compare his backward jumper naturally. It seems that it is difficult to tell the difference from the fidelity of the previous fake action to the magnitude of the later stage.
However, the most important thing is that this shot hit!
17-9 dispelled the gloom in the hearts of Butler University players because of Tang Wenlong’s stunning riding buckle just now.
At the moment, CBS broadcast this game, and the audience rating has reached the highest level in this year’s NCAA national championship, far exceeding the game in which the former University of Kansas was attacked by a dark horse.
Watching the game before the camera, the NBA general managers have brightened up one after another. Compared with the explosive physical fitness of the former Tang Wenlong, they prefer to see Hayward shoot with good technical skills, which can make Wesley Johnson, the third place in the former draft list, feel ashamed. Their evaluation of Hayward has risen to a new level. After all, the former defense has been proved to be the first-level in the NBA this season.
Wesley-Johnson grimly served the baseline ball. After Tang Wenlong received the ball, he pushed it through the half court. He didn’t control the ball and his right hand extended three fingers to greet his teammates to move.
Unlike many college point guards who pretended to command the running position, Tang Wenlong was the real commander. Since high school, he has been learning to organize teams to play games, but during his first year in college, coach Jim has crammed thousands of different tactics into his mind.
Although most of the time he is a very simple tactical arrangement.
Just like the simple pick-and-roll cover tactics at the moment, Wesley Johnson went to the line and tall Blake covered each other, and this time the tactics were very effective. The average score in the regular field was nearly 20 points. As soon as Wesley Johnson attracted the defensive attention of two players from Butler University, Blake went to the restricted area.
At the moment, in the face of such a Tang Wenlong, a violence is thrust into the hands of basket Black.
Blake easily catches the ball and dunks Syracuse University for two points. He has scored four points in this game, which is 57 points away from the season average, that is, he scored another goal.
"I" big black Willie Weasley raised his hand to show that the ball was on him.
"It’s okay to give me another one," Heyward laughed.
In this round, Sherwin Mark’s jump shot was disturbed by Tang Wenlong, and the rebound was missed by several lines in the middle, and was finally robbed by Wesley Johnson, who bounced amazingly.
Although Syracuse took the rebound, it also lost the fast break opportunity. After Tang Wenlong fell to the ground, he reorganized the attack
After he and Anderson finished the pick-and-roll and entered the line, they kept swinging from side to side, and then a low-handed basketball flew lightly in front of the big center Wesley, just picked it from Wesley’s defensive armpit, bumped into the basket and fell into the Nets.
17 to 13!
After a pause, Syracuse University immediately remembered Syracuse’s loud refueling slogan and quietly drowned a small number of Butler University fans.
I didn’t expect Butler University to score again when the fans just cheered up and cheered for their favorite team. The score was that shooting guard Nored hit a mid-range jumper.
Andy Rustenma retaliated with a three-pointer.
The hit rate of the two teams is high, which scares people. The rhythm of attack is not like having 35 seconds. When attacking, NCAA looks like NBA shelling the team.
This offensive game is suspected to be fierce and beautiful, and the fans are enjoying themselves.
It was not until the coaches on both sides rotated normally that the attack slowed down slightly and gradually entered a normal frequency.
At halftime, Butler University led Syracuse by 5 points 46-41.
Everyone’s eyes were broken, and there was such a dramatic scene in the one-sided game. Many experts and commentators almost didn’t bite their tongues, but there were different opinions before and after the game. CBS regarded commentator Matt Moore as a little famous and a fan worshipped him as a god.
However, in fact, Matt Moore himself was surprised that the reason why he played the devil’s advocate was simply because the leader asked for something to add to the game.
On the contrary, some players in the University of Kansas who have been eliminated are a little excited to see this scene, thinking that Cole Aldridge, Xavier Henry and others don’t want someone to share their pain, and which university is more suitable than Syracuse University, which is still ranked first in the United States?
After the intermission, the two teams returned to the field to fight.
At the moment, Syracuse University players have finished their pre-match contempt, including Wesley Johnson and others, who are all looking solemn and formidable in Syracuse players’ department.
The jump ball didn’t win Butler University and won the first attack ball.
"Bulldog Bulldog is really worthy of its name!" Jack, who has a tall player tunnel, watched the fierce confrontation between the two teams with great interest. He looked at the No.9 with sweat flying, and then looked at Butler University’s substitute seat. Brad, the head coach of Diaoyutai, showed a ponder smile and shook his head and said softly, "Tang Wenlong, his strength is more than that."
How strong is Tang Wenlong?
Jack, he vaguely knows a little, but actually he doesn’t even know how strong and unfathomable Tang Wenlong is. In his opinion, Tang Wenlong is a monster who will crush everything and stand in front of him. He has an unparalleled heart.
As time goes by, Butler University is firmly ahead of Syracuse University by 5 points.
Tang Wenlong didn’t know that Jack was still lamenting his inability to attack. In fact, the limit he could reach in the position of point guard had already been shown to everyone, and he was a little anxious when he saw that there were five minutes left.
"I’ll take the main attack." After a pause, the towel wiped his forehead and sweat. Tang Wenlong suddenly said.
Coach Jim was salivating for a tactical explanation, and then he was confused and angry.
However, when he looked at Tang Wenlong’s clear and bright eyes, he suddenly suppressed all doubts. He suddenly remembered that the scene of Tang Wenlong showing the king’s temperament at the scene and the player who took the initiative to ask for responsibility at the key moment gradually overlapped.
"Do you want to attack at the point guard position? I don’t have this tactic. "Coach Jim said lightly, and his tone was a little cold.
With a slight sigh, Tang Wenlong knew that coach Jim was a little angry.
But he remembered the scene where he practiced alone every dark night, and his eyes became particularly firm. "Coach, I want to play shooting guard."
Andy Rustin’s face turned white and his mouth opened, but he didn’t speak in the end.
Coach Jim’s eyes narrowed. At this time, he carefully looked at Tang Wenlong’s height and made a stir in his heart. At this moment, he entered the end of March and was nearly 19 years old. Tang Wenlong’s height seems to have soared by another section, one meter higher than his former clean body. It seems impossible for Andy to slightly stir up and hit the flank position!
After a moment of meditation, he has a plan!