At present, the land shark has not evolved, and Longye is not in a hurry to learn any powerful tricks, such as letting this land shark use the dragon star group and never thinking about the roots of Longye. At present, it is a good practice object to see the land shark master the skills.

"Nazi, let you train Lalulasi with the land shark."
"Yes, but I don’t want Lalulasi to get in touch with the battle too early." Nazi is also struggling at present.
It’s true that no one would want Larulas to fight when they see him as cute as that.
Longye hurriedly waved his hand. "I don’t want them to perform that set of combination skills in Melissa’s dream demon at the Green Edge Road Museum before the war. You see, I want La Lula to do the same."
"I see what you mean. It’s also an exercise for Lalulasi."
At present, Lalulasi can’t imagine the magic. Nazhi asked him to control the magic leaf with his mind after casting it. The simplest thing Lalulasi had to do was to control the magic leaf to form a ring and keep turning.
This kind of exercise can make Lalulasi’s superpowers grow rapidly, and at the same time enhance its control over superpowers.
"Come here, little guy." Longye grabbed the bulge on both sides of the head of the land shark and lifted it up. "See that ring? When you pick it up, you will be furious and aim at the ring and attack. Remember that you let yourself pass through the ring instead of hitting it elsewhere."
The training effect soon showed up. The land shark had something to do and finally stopped biting everywhere. However, the land shark really needed to practice Lalulasi to make a circle, but the land shark still couldn’t hit it very often.
Seeing this situation, Longye is not in a hurry. This training is bound to be a continuous process. Maybe it won’t be effective now, but after a while, it will suddenly be found that the land shark has become stronger.
According to the plan of Longye, the first thing that the land shark faces is the low-difficulty fixed target, which will make La Lula gradually reduce the diameter of the ring. When it is small to a certain extent, it will be changed to a moving target, and the difficulty will gradually increase from slow to fast.
After this set of complete training, the land shark will master the dragon anger to a very high degree. Not only that, but even if the dragon anger is replaced by other unique skills, it will not have much influence on the land shark.
It’s very tiring to make the dragon angry continuously, even if it’s a picture of a land shark with excess energy, it’s tired to lie on the ground after 20 minutes. In this case, Longye didn’t take the land shark back into the elf ball, but let it carry the land shark on its back and continue on its way until the land shark recovered and practiced again.
I don’t know if it’s because I’m young. The round shark is very interested in this practice. Before I came back, I was so tired that I gasped. After I rested, I quickly started to move again.
"It is estimated that the round-land shark regards this training as a game," said Nazi thoughtfully.
"Did I think of the most suitable learning method for round land sharks?" Longye suddenly felt very proud at this moment. When he studied by himself, the teachers always said that interest is the best. It seems that this sentence is equally suitable for the elf.
No, Ryuno came up with a training plan. Anyway, it was very helpful for the land shark and Lalulasi. It was precisely because of this practice that the land shark finally became a mobile battery with super endurance.
It’s been two days since the Green Edge City. In the evening, it’s ten minutes in Longye. They stopped at a flat grass and released Super Arrow Turtle No.2. Longye is going to have a rest here.
At this time, the practice of Lalulasi and the land shark continued, and the two elves became very close because of this interactive practice. However, Longye and Nazi did not expect such changes.
The dragon anger of the round land shark seems to have hit something. When Longye heard the sound, he quickly ran over to see what happened.
Destroyed by the dragon fury is a small stone pagoda made of stones. The whole stone pagoda looks very crude as if it were improvised.
"Little guy, you really don’t let me worry." Longye said that the land shark was next to the stone tower. Although it looks very humble, it must have been specially built. Although I don’t know what the small tower is, Longye thinks it should be restored to its original state.
"hmm? What is this? " Looking at the damage degree of the stone tower, Longye suddenly found a very special stone among a pair of stones. This stone is a frustum-shaped stone with cracks on its side like a human face.
"I seem to have seen this thing somewhere," thought Longye, scratching his head.
Just as Longye was struggling with when the stone suddenly flashed from the sky and hit the pile of fallen stones, the sudden flash startled Longye. Only then did he find that the sky was covered by dark clouds.
"It seems that something great is going to happen," Longye muttered to himself.
"Longye, are you all right?" Nazi shouted far away
"I’m fine"
Just before Longye turned around, Longye noted that the stone flew to the middle of the school and then a mist rushed out of the stone department.
Feeling wrong, Longye immediately turned back and the change of that stone was seen by Longye.
"I said I saw this stone somewhere. It turned out to be the keystone that sealed Spiritomb." Longye suddenly realized.
"Be careful!" Nazi suddenly shouted
It turns out that Spiritomb, who has just appeared, has prepared a shadow ball and its target is Longye, which is closest to it.