"Look out!"

A woman exclaimed. This seems to be Xiaosu.
King Kong ruffian then react big stop way
"Three o! Don’t mess around! “
But it’s all too late. Xiong sneers and looks at the kingpin behind Ah San. It seems that Ah San’s body is a wall and Ah San is not there.
When Ah San’s machete was about to come to the top of his head, Ah San’s knife split Huashan and suddenly stopped there. He heard a few shots of "bitter fleabane bitter fleabane" and fell to the ground after Ah San screamed. Ah San ran to the ground with grief and indignation. Ah San actually showed a smiling face and looked at his leader and said
"Big Brother!"
Just a puff of smoke left a dress on the scene, which was obviously exploded by him. Many players on the scene wanted to pick it up, but when they saw it on both sides, the King Kong Gate and the Heavenly Gang held back.
King Kong ruffian slowly picked up Ah San’s clothes and slowly got up. His face was not angry just now and he said calmly because his brother was hung up.
"Brother Xiong, are the seven people behind you the help of heaven? The seven wolves are really worthy of the name. It’s a perfect fit."
"Brother King Kong laughed. Their seven brothers can’t climb Daya Gallery, but they can barely kill garbage."
King Kong’s angry eyes reappeared, but his mouth said
"It’s an honor to meet our brother again today, and we will remember the kindness from God."
Said that he looked at it here and smiled at the sunset glow standing next to Xiong, humming a word.
Our said coldly.
"Heaven is always waiting for you."
As King Kong and his party went away, many players went away and talked.
"It seems that this time, the King Kong Gate and Tian Gang have tied the knot."
"Yes, King Kong Gate is the first gang in Guangdong. The number of people is estimated to be tens of thousands."
"However, they have provoked tens of thousands of people in Beijing, but now they are experts and many scientists in the gang can produce purple equipment."
"Yes, it seems that they are most likely to be the first to leave the ship, which may be the first gang base in the Eastern Region on the moon &l; They are now required to join the gang at a really high level, and it takes at least 2 turns "…
In the discussion around, a group of people came to Xiaosu and Sunset and Sunset blushed and said
"Three elder brother! Thank you for coming. "
Dozens of days to help members behind our big said
"Hello, Miss Wu!"
At this time, Xiong said to Xiao Su
"Miss Xiaosu, we can meet again. Did I ever receive a gift from you through the system?"
"Thank you, I received it."
"Are you satisfied? By the way, your brother’s knife poison has joined us. God help you, too. We need talents like you. "
"Thank you. I didn’t meet your requirements for joining the gang. Oh, I haven’t changed my job yet."
"That’s for others. You’re still a five-sister sworn friend, Jin Lan. Sunset, please advise your sister to come with us to help us."
I felt uncomfortable listening to their conversation, but I didn’t know the exact reason.
"Hey? What about the one who called me smelly? Don’t let him get away. "
Sunset suddenly looked around at this time, and I couldn’t help laughing bitterly …
"ha! So you’re still here. How dare you not slip away? "
I looked at the sunset and the sky to help a group of people. Xiao Su Gherardini looked at the sunset and me. I didn’t good the spirit and said
"The earth is so big that I can go there to help Miss Wu but easy to handle? I’d better wait here. "
"poof!" Sunset smiled and said
"That’s not stupid. What’s your name again, Xiao Sujie? Is he called a soccer player or a wolf-hearted thief?"
Sunset looked at Xiaosu with malicious intent and said, I have a reddish face and didn’t say anything. Xiaosu is a bit strange. She looked at Sunset again and said to me.
"He’s the guy who broke into the medical palace and was hit by a bloody head."
A group of people stared blankly and suddenly burst out laughing with understanding. I was a little embarrassed and even a little bit exposed by others, but this sentence was Xiao Su’s saying that I was good at holding back and said nothing.
"Hello, my name is Xiong. Are you a star wave? Nice to meet you. "
Our hand, I hurriedly reached out and said
"Me too."
Suddenly, I feel that just now, that arrogant and arrogant bully suddenly changed into a different person, smiling like his face, and adding to his heroism, people suddenly felt close to peace and feeling. I suddenly understood why these people with great political ideals could feel that they were different at the first time. He waved and said
"Brothers, let’s all go and have a drink."
"yes! Bully brother "
Chapter 11 Xiaoqiang praise
As everyone answered, soon there were four people in this place, I was the overlord, Xiao Su and Xia Xia. Xia Xia suddenly wrote a few words next to Xiong’s ear and Xiao Su’s ear. After that, all three people looked at me inexplicably and looked at Xiaoqiang at my feet again. I was just about to break this somewhat inexplicable atmosphere. I didn’t expect someone to say the correction first. It was an alien monster who could speak Mandarin on earth. Let’s go first.
"Boss, I’m hungry!"
The three of them were still a little surprised to see Xiaoqiang. I couldn’t believe that this white-haired puppy with rabbit ears was talking again. It seems that Mandarin has reached Level 4. I have a dry cough and said.
"This is Xiaoqiang, my pet"
Sunset suddenly squatted down and waved to Xiaoqiang, and I shouted in a hurry.
"Look out!"
I know Xiaoqiang doesn’t dare to do anything to me because of my bondage, but others may still be delicious in his heart. It’s not clear that he will treat the sunset jade hand as a ham sausage then.
An accident happened. Xiaoqiang actually "ouch!" I ran to the foot of the sunset glow and rubbed her body. I was dumbfounded and even said, "Xiaoqiang, you!" You! You! "
Sunset a little excited and proud looked up and said to me
"Smelly little! Your pet dog is going to change owners! "
I gave a wry smile and looked at my eyes. Sunset smiled and bent Liu Yemei’s hazy water mist flashing eyes, and then stared at Xiaoqiang with a pair of sly eyes.
"Miss Beautiful Sunset, you are the most beautiful and moving princess I have ever seen. People are not only beautiful but also caring."
We are stunned that this guy is still an apple polisher who knows the world. This sunset glow is even more proud. It’s really a beautiful laugh. The whole hall seems to be dyed with the most beautiful melody by her happiness.
I was stunned when my feet suddenly hurt.
I let out a cry of pain. I looked at Xiaosu strangely and said
"Why did you step on me?"
"You! You! "
"Me? Me? I what? "
I’m a little surprised, I asked. She suddenly fell and fell, and she left a little angrily. I stood there and dominated, and suddenly felt something.