Ling Feiyang, opposite Moreel Han, stood across a row of Mongolian soldiers who refused to horse. They all stepped aside and dared not come near!

"Are you the Ling Feiyang of the Ancient Tombs School?" Moreel speaks Chinese very well. Ling Feiyang’s face is full of arrogance with sharp eyes.
"How did he say that I am an ancient tomb school?" Ling Feiyang was thinking about Moreel Han but continued, "You may have forgotten my two poor disciples?"
"Which two disciples?" Ling Feiyang recalled carefully and suddenly remembered two Persian masters who were fat and thin in Zhongnanshan many years ago!
Although the two Persian masters were from the same school, their martial arts were quite different. One of them was the "palm of fire" and the other was the "palm of ice". At that time, Ling Feiyang had just crossed to the ancient tombs to rob Wang Zhongyang and leave him an anti-gold salary. In Ling Feiyang, he helped Bing Xin, the head of the ancient tomb school, to kill the fat man, and later he was thin. Along with Samoni and other Xu Guo masters, he attacked the ancient tomb again, but he was defeated in the big dipper array of the highest day. The thin man was also slapped to death by Samoni.
"No wonder he will recognize me as an ancient tomb school! This man’s martial arts are unfathomable, but he can’t be bothered by Bing Xin and Ma Shibo! " Ling Feiyang thought of this place and said, "I killed both your disciples. Come on if you want revenge!"
"You and I are here for revenge? I came here this time to challenge your whole Da Song Wulin! " Moreel Abraham laughed and lifted his palms slowly!
Ps: Although Ling Feiyang was troubled by Yang Jue, he finally came to the border of Mongolia and Jin with Tai Zhao. However, he was stopped by the Mongolian King Chahetai’s 10,000-person team, but he met Moreel Han, a superior inspector of the East! One of the Wan Ma Army is to challenge the Wulin in the Song Dynasty, and the other is to defend the Jiangshan in the Song Dynasty. Two masters are about to have a duel. You should know who will die in the end.
Chapter 247 Two worlds of ice and fire
Ice cold light palm!
Moreel Abraham left palm suddenly shot forward to vent suddenly appeared in several tiny ice particles to ling float in the sky swept up!
Ling Feiyang’s skill is exquisite, but he doesn’t dare to make a hard connection. He quickly uses Lingbo’s micro-step to slip sideways. However, the horse face of the two people is covered with a thin layer of ice!
Yan fire palm!
Moreel Abraham’s right palm immediately patted the ice particles in the air, which melted in a flash and quickly turned into a flame and hit Ling Feiyang!
Ling Feiyang jumped up and used the snake-running raccoon dog-turning technique in the Nine Yin Sutra. The body rolled vertically for two weeks in the middle and turned horizontally for three times before barely surviving the second palm of Moreel Abraham. However, the two refused to horse but they were already burning in the flames!
Moreel’s rare use of martial arts is one of the five secret skills of Persian religion-ice and fire! This martial art combines two martial arts, the cold palm of ice spirit and the palm of fire of Yan. There are no more than ten people who have been able to practice this skill since the establishment of the teaching of combining yin and yang with rigidity and softness in 900 years!
Moreel Han’s two disciples, fat and thin, each learned this martial arts skill, and half of the realm of blending ice and fire is far from being achieved, but it is already rampant in Wulin! And Moreel Abraham at the moment to achieve state less than two disciples ten times!
Even in the face of such formidable enemies as King Jinlun and Ouyang Yi, Ling Feiyang never underestimated his own strength. However, in the face of this extremely superior from Persia, Ling Feiyang was not sure about the result of this battle!
At the same time, Zhao Hong and Red Horse have been surrounded by hundreds of Mongolian soldiers. Although Zhao Hong knocked down several soldiers with Mao Changquan, it didn’t help. If it hadn’t been for Chagatai, Zhao Hong would have been captured alive. I’m afraid Zhao Hong had already been dismembered by disorderly knives!
"I should never have the word’ failure’ in Ling Feiyang’s dictionary!" Ling float in the sky thinking about stepping to Moreel rare to meet up!
Six pulse Excalibur in the sword! A majestic firm but gentle across the horse has been burned to Moreel Abraham chest stab up!
In the face of this sharp but firm but gentle Moreel Abraham is not hard to meet, but by virtue of quick posture flicker to hide.
Fei long is in the sky! Ling Feiyang’s figure leaped from the horse-refusing wreck to Moreel’s head!
Moreel Han quickly stepped back and flashed out of the coverage of Ling Feiyang’s palm, then stabilized his body and shouted, "Little martial arts are not bad, but it’s my turn!"
Speak Moreel Abraham left half face red suddenly disappeared and then a whole face turned blue, with thick cold coming from the top of his head and two palms pushing Ling Feiyang at the same time!
Ice cold light palm! This pair of palm force is more violent than just a single palm force. The water vapor in the air has condensed into dozens of fist-sized hail and smashed it to Ling Feiyang! Soon ling Feiyang has been surrounded by hail and the roots are hiding!
"Can you spell it!" Ling Feiyang pushed his right fist and left palm with his elbows slightly, and hit it out quickly and slowly, which was the "frost ice" of the dragon’s ten palms and one move!
With Ling Feiyang’s right boxing, a large piece of hail was smashed one after another. Although it turned into several smaller ice dregs, it continued to fly to Ling Feiyang!
However, Ling Feiyang’s left palm palm breeze also rushed to shake these ice slag out! Ice slag has turned into water, forming a large rain fog that will wet the clothes of the soldiers around!
Ling float in the sky suddenly feel stiff arm seems to have some all then the whole body is numb! Originally ling float in the sky although pick up this "ice spirit cold light palm" but it is still cold intrusion!
"Yes, come again!" Moreel Abraham shouted, his face blue suddenly disappeared and soon turned into a piece of red, and his head also emitted thick hot air!
Yan fire palm! Moreel Abraham two palms to ling float in the sky again at the same time to launch a few strands of flame into half the size of a fireball to ling float in the sky!
Ling Feiyang’s legs are not frozen yet, but they have moved quickly to face this huge fireball. Ling Feiyang has a hard block!
Shock thyme! Ling Feiyang uses the most powerful of the dragon’s ten palms to push out the two palms together!
"Boom!" This fireball was shocked by Ling Feiyang’s palm force into several sparks flying all over the sky, splashing around a dozen Mongolian soldiers and immediately burning their clothes!
Ling Feiyang took Moreel Abraham’s second attack, but his numbness did not disappear and his skin was burning, which seemed to be burning with flames!
The high point of the martial art of "two worlds of ice and fire" is that applying heat and cold to the human body will not offset each other, but will complement each other and cause harm to the human body!
Ling Feiyang felt that his trunk and limbs were cold and hot, and the hot and cold parts were constantly alternating. The whole body was suffering from an unspeakable torment. At this moment, the color of Moreel’s face was half miserable and half deep red!
"This is the last resort. You can die, Ling Feiyang!" Moreel Abraham shouted a pair of palms for the third time and launched at the same time!
Moreel Abraham left palm cold formed a hail, while the heat wave in the right palm formed a fireball and pressed Ling Feiyang together!
Ice and flame palm! It turns out that this is the ultimate trick of Moreel Han!
The moment ling Feiyang almost smelled death!
"Even if I am dead, I will pull him!" Ling Feiyang suddenly felt dizzy in his mind, and his hands began to beat each other again. At the same time, he stabbed the left little Ze sword forward to meet the fireball and the right little Chong sword to meet the hail!
Ling Feiyang refers to the fact that the wind is two straight lines as thick as the little finger, and how can it block the large-scale palm wind like Moreel Han?
"Ling Feiyang means not blocking but penetrating!" Suddenly Moreel heart white!
Ling Feiyang is a mutually assured destruction method at the moment! Once the sharp finger wind penetrates the palm wind, even if Ling Feiyang dies in the palm of ice and flame, Moreel Han will also be hit hard by Six Pulse Excalibur!
In order to teach the great cause, Moreel Han came to Mongolia thousands of miles ago when he was ambitious. Now he has not made great achievements. Of course, he won’t want to die with a DaSong master in absolute superiority!