"What’s the matter?" Ye Shaoshao slapped Xiao Qinghe on the shoulder. "Don’t say that you have nothing to do. If our classmates really have nothing to do for several years, can you say that about him?"

"When you ask me out, don’t always follow me." Xiao Qinghe walked forward. "We haven’t seen each other for several years. If you have two more drinks, you won’t get drunk."
"Let’s go, don’t get drunk, don’t go back." Xiao Qinghe didn’t want to say more and Ye Shaoshao stopped asking.
Because he knew Xiao Qinghe wouldn’t say it now, and he would definitely say it after drinking.
"But why did you suddenly return to China?" Xiao Qinghe looked back at him and asked, "I remember your novel that you would never return to China to take over your father’s estate."
"In my family, there are a lot of compelling reasons. If I don’t come back, I can watch Fannie and Freddie take over. I don’t want to go back to this home, but my mother can’t. She has decided that Elymus will be born and die, even though Elymus has done so many things that I am sorry for her, but her heart for Elymus has never changed."
Speaking of his unclear family affairs, Ye Shaoshao seems to have learned a lot without any sad expression.
"Yes, every family has a hard time chanting." Xiao Qinghe sighed again. "Each of us lives in the wishes of others."
That’s how people always see the glamorous side of others and always think that others are better off than themselves, but they don’t know that they are also the envy of others.
"Although your little parents died early, you have been free to play as much as you want these years, and no one cares about you."
"Don’t do housework and drink." Father Xiao Qinghe didn’t want others to know that he stepped into a bar, followed by Ye Shaoshao.
Section 35
However, just as he entered the bar, he suddenly stopped and looked back to the side of the road. His eyes were sitting in the car watching them simply collide.
Jane is not sure whether he saw her or not. Anyway, when he looked at her, she felt uncomfortable all over, even if he took a look, he withdrew his eyes and entered the bar with Xiao Qinghe.
Jane patted her chest and suppressed that henry. He is really a plague god. He always appears beside her.
Chapter 535 Prostitution money
Xu Shi headquarters building
The assistant rushed to the president’s office in Xu Shi, so anxious that he slammed the door without knocking.
"Xu Zong …"
The two words just came out, and he fell to the ground in vain. He wanted to say something, but he was too nervous to say anything.
He didn’t finish the sentence, but Mr. Xu knew what he was going to say.
Looking at a flustered assistant, Mr. Xu sat down in the office chair for a long time before he heard his voice, "Is this the end?"
He tried his best to connect with many people and means before Guggenheim pushed himself down and replaced him.
However, he never thought, never dreamed … The man who helped himself the most was also the one who pushed himself into the abyss.
Sheng Tian!
Qin Yue!
These words pounded in his mind.
In a trance, he seemed to see Qin Yue right in front of his eyes, looking down at him like a god.
"Finished? That’s it? "
No, no, no! !
He doesn’t believe or want to believe that Guggenheim will be finished so easily after he has worked so hard for so many years.
But the fact was so obvious that he had to believe it.
It was he who painstakingly managed Xu Shi. Before he managed it to his satisfaction level, Qin Yue gently moved his finger and Xu Shi was finished.
Qin Yue just moved his finger lightly. No, maybe Qin Yue didn’t do it. He needed to tell all kinds of talents under his command to stamp Xu Shi to death.
At this moment, in the face of Xu Shi’s return to Tianli, Mr. Xu clearly and profoundly realized that he was never an opponent of Qin Yue.
In those days, Qin Yue could help him in the dark, so that he could easily bring down Guggenheim and replace him.
A few years later, Qin Yue destroyed him today, and Xu Shi could easily fight back.
These days, I have never said anything to him about Xu Shi. He doesn’t know why.
Mr. Xu knows that every day, the stock price of Xu Shi plummets, and it will stop trading in less than two hours.
Every day in just a few days. In a few days, Xu Shi has fallen to the point of bankruptcy …
He can watch Xu Shi’s share price plummet and can’t do anything.
He saw this situation a few years ago. At that time, Guggenheim’s family was also watching Guggenheim’s shares plummet, calling for nothing to be done every day.
In just a few years, it was just a few years. What happened to Guggenheim in those years was repaid to him one by one.
In those days, Gu Shi ‘an was defeated so quickly, except for so many shady things that Gu Shi ‘an did behind his back, and his attitude was never ignored.
As soon as Guggenheim enterprises heard the news that they could break the contract, they would rather lose money than have anything to do with Guggenheim, because they all wanted to hold their thighs.
However, this time, Sheng Tian didn’t speak out against Xu Shi. Just doing it in secret also made him Xu Shi lose in such a short time.
Qin Yue, Qin Yue!