Spiral nine shadows!

A few skeletons looked up and saw that Ling Feiyang’s body had risen seven meters and flew to the top of the hall!
Ling Feiyang’s target is not Satan, but the rose window on the roof of the hall!
Shock thyme! Ling Feiyang put his hands on the dome rose window and took it out at the same time!
Strangely, these glass windows did not break immediately, but there were several cracks. However, these cracks quickly spread in all directions. After a while, the glass vault of the whole hall was full of cracks!
Ling Feiyang’s body just fell to the ground, and the whole dome suddenly cracked, and the glass slag rained down from the hall!
In ancient Europe, this kind of glass was extremely fragile and fragile, but Ling Feiyang’s fist ""method could disperse the force and make it spread to other parts of the object instead of breaking out once!
These skeletons saw Ling Feiyang fall back to the ground and continued to run at him! However, bright light suddenly came from the hall!
There is a red sun hanging high in the temple of God, and this light comes from the sun!
These skeleton soldiers watched in horror as the bones of the sky crunched and their bodies were gradually melted into white smoke by the sun!
Satan, the devil, is a messenger from hell. What he fears most is sunshine! Now his whole body is exposed to the sun, and his mana has been weakened by more than half!
However, Satan is convinced that even if he has one percent of his mana left, he is not afraid of Ling Feiyang, an ordinary human being!
"Ow-"The devil Satan issued a long animal to show the six wings to Ling Feiyang at the same time! to be continued
Chapter 432 Pope’s deathbed mass
The twelve cardinal archbishops of the Vatican were defeated by the devil Satan possessed the Pope. Ling Feiyang was alone in the face of the devil. Ling Feiyang shattered the rose window of the dome of the Catholic Temple and let the sun shine into the hall!
Although Satan’s magic power was weakened by the sun, it was still a hundred times better than Ling Feiyang, and then he spread his wings and pounced on Ling Feiyang!
Ling Feiyang, although he knew that he was fighting against this demon, still led his energy field out in vitro to meet this huge shadow! !
In the extremely disparity strength contrast, Ling Feiyang’s energy field has been swallowed up by the shadow for more than half!
At the same time, however, ling Feiyang’s right index finger flexed to snap out the small stone in his hand!
Finger flick avatar!
Ling Feiyang has been holding this small stone in his hand, which is actually waiting for this moment!
Satan, the devil, is bent on tearing Ling Feiyang to pieces and flying away from Pope Gregory IX. Although the world can do some magic, it is not Ling Feiyang’s surprise attack on hiding Ling Feiyang!
This pebble made a sharp break and hit Pope Gregory IX on the chest against the cross!
"bang!" This golden cross was shatter into a powder by that carry force of small stones!
When the twelve cardinal archbishops of Satan fought, Ling Feiyang had already sensed that the golden reverse cross on the Pope’s chest contained an extremely powerful energy field. This energy field was not Gregory IX’s world energy field, but came from a terrorist force, which not only manipulated the Pope’s every move, but also condensed the Pope’s original sin and summoned Satan!
Scientifically speaking, Satan is actually not a real devil, but also an energy field. This energy field is transformed from evil thoughts in people’s hearts. This spirit and energy conversion principle are exactly the same. Once the evil hidden in people’s hearts expands to the extreme, it will erupt into this power that can devour heaven and earth.
Who the hell is this man who controls the Pope? Ling Feiyang didn’t know this, but after all, Ling Feiyang ruined this evil energy field-the inverse cross!
With the destruction of the huge shadow in the sky against the cross, the sun shines in the temple hall!
Once the magic of Satan disappeared, seven archbishops, including Camilo, got up from the ground and trapped edmundo and Alberto. The two ice coffins melted rapidly, and Antonio, Alexsandro and Grioni reappeared in the temple hall.
"Respect the Holy Father, please accept the purification of holy light!" Camilo walked up to Gregory IX and the warm sunshine turned into a halo, which wrapped Gregory IX in a silk thread. Black gas slowly emerged from Gregory IX’s head and rose along the sunshine.
"Is everyone here?" Gregory IX glanced at the crowd in front of him, and his old face was full of peace and pain, and his melancholy expression had been swept away.
"Yes, we are all here." Twelve cardinal archbishops came forward, but Gregory IX fell down!
Because the devil Satan has been in possession for too long, dark magic has seriously corroded Gregory IX’s fragile body. Although Gregory IX got rid of the devil’s control, his life has come to an end!
Edmundo and giuliano quickly lifted Gregory IX up. Gregory IX suddenly said, "Satan is going to rule the whole world. You must stop him!"
"Is it Genghis Khan who summoned the devil Satan?" Alexsandro asked.
"It’s not him! Is a more evil person than Genghis Khan! " Gregory IX said, "A year ago, this man sneaked into our country. My cross put a mind control magic on me. This man’s mind control ability is 100 times less than that of tommaso!"
"Is there such a thing?" Tommaso was shocked and immediately asked, "Does the Holy Father know who this person is?"
"I was under his control before I saw his face. He ordered my Mongolian emissary to sign an agreement and launch a crusade to help Genghis Khan conquer Europe!" Gregory IX said
"This person is …" Ling Feiyang heard the Pope this sentence suddenly flashed an idea in my mind!
Seeing that Gregory IX was dying, the twelve cardinal archbishops immediately decided that the Pope would hold a deathbed mass.
"Although we are sad by the law of death, we are comforted by the promise of eternal life. The Lord believes that your life is changed, not destroyed. When we end our earthly journey, we will be in heaven forever."
"May God grant him eternal life and consider living in the world. We will give us the hope of avoiding evil deeds, good courage and firm faith in eternal life."
In the hymn sung by twelve cardinal archbishops, Gregory IX closed his eyes with a smile. Although he was guilty all his life, he was forgiven by God just before he died.
Duke Andrew, geraint, head of the Order of St. John, 100 soldiers of the Order of St. John and many Catholics persecuted to death by the Pope finally returned to heaven in the beautiful melody of hymns.
According to the canon of the Holy See, the new pope must be elected from among the twelve cardinal archbishops. The next day, the twelve cardinal archbishops of the Holy See gathered in St. Peter’s Cathedral to hold a democratic election ceremony for the new pope. Not only Ling Feiyang, King Frederick II and Princess Natalia were invited, but also dozens of civilian witnesses were invited.
According to the voting results, Castiglione, the amiable and approachable cardinal archbishop of Aries, was elected as the new pope, which was called by history. Caelestinus Iv Caelestinus Iv’s greatest achievement after that was to personally write the history of the Scottish kingdom, which later became one of the most powerful in Britain.
Due to the vacancy of the archbishop of Aries, Caelestinus Iv wanted to invite Ling Feiyang to join Catholicism and assume the post of cardinal archbishop, but Ling Feiyang declined politely.
Pope Caelestinus Iv then held talks with King Frederick II of the Holy Roman Empire, and the Pope and the king finally agreed to stop the Crusades and jointly fight against the Mongolian invasion.
Princess Natalya tried her best to match the Byzantine King Vattavas and led a delegation to Rome for a friendly visit to the holy Roman Empire. Ambassador Christian also participated in this delegation. The Byzantine delegation was cordially received and treated by Pope Caelestinus Iv and King Frederick II of the West Rome. The two largest empires in Europe established an alliance and jointly signed the Rome Declaration, preparing to try to rule the world and fight to the end! to be continued
Chapter 433 Roman Warsong
In Ling Feiyang, the two great empires, East and West Rome, have finally stopped fighting for more than 100 years against the Mongolian Empire, the biggest enemy from the Asian continent!
The two empires, East and West Rome, immediately issued a call to all European countries to do their utmost to send troops to cooperate with the strategic deployment of the European battlefield. King Louis IX of the Frankish country and saubusse Law, Duke of Prussia, respectively transferred the Knights Templar and the Teutonic Knights to the border. Small countries such as Spain, Portugal, Norway and Sweden, although weak in national strength, also sent their own troops to support the great cause of resistance to Mongolia. Even island countries such as England and Scotland brought in a lot of military supplies from across the English Channel.
However, at this time, Poland and Hungary could not resist Genghis Khan’s fighters being completely occupied by Mongolia, and the Mongolian empire was reorganized in the Danube Plain to prepare for an attack on a target-the Byzantine Empire.
A total of 120,000 troops from all walks of life of the European Union immediately went to the Danube Plain separately to stop Genghis Khan’s 150,000 Mongolian army! Everyone knows that the victory or defeat of this world war I not only determines the fate of the whole Europe, but also the fate of the whole world!
Ling Feiyang decided to go to the Danube Plain with the allied forces. He knew that the war was dangerous and unusual, and he didn’t want Princess Natalya to continue to take risks with himself, so he quietly left Rome without saying goodbye to her.
Ling Feiyang’s leaving without saying goodbye almost made Princess Natalya deeply grieved, but when she calmed down, she finally understood Ling Feiyang’s good intentions. In cooperation with Ling Feiyang’s great cause of resisting Mongolia, Princess Natalya decided to put her love aside for the time being and concentrate on assisting her father in recruiting talents and recruiting military supplies. The Byzantine army was a powerful backup.
"When the war is won, dear Fei Feiying will definitely come back to me!" Princess Natalya thought.
On the outskirts of Budapest, the holy Roman Empire and Byzantine Empire joined forces and held a swearing-in meeting. After the meeting, Quirino and other generals commanded all the soldiers to sing the ancient Roman military songs!
I swear to heaven and earth that my motherland will be loyal to me forever.
Nurture my motherland and land, and I promise to keep you shining forever.
I have great courage to raise my motherland.
Eternal Rome, my eternal home.
We are never afraid of how strong the enemy ship is
Please don’t expect anything, put away the lies and deceit.
Don’t be wishful thinking, because the bugle of jihad will sound soon.
Our motherland, we will sing the song of triumph again.
In my motherland, the song of triumph will ring forever.
We are eternal Rome. I feel happy and proud!