Such villas and courtyards are not for sale. Magikarp can buy them.

There are also many elves living in this courtyard, but what Longye sees are all Bibi birds, green caterpillars, which are very common elves, and of course, more are the Magikarp in the river.
The first time I came into contact with the real little faerie dragon wild, I was so excited that he squatted by the river and stared at Magikarp in the river for a long time. He didn’t even notice that he had completed a random.
When Longye looked at the system in the evening, he found that he had not only completed a "first contact" randomly, but also gave the light runner a random reward of five achievement points, while the established one was rewarded with one achievement point.
However, 15 achievement points in the mall are just able to change a few trees and fruits. There is a long way to go after Longye.
After living in this home for a week, Longye has accepted his present identity, and at the same time, he finally knows his father’s identity after he intentionally asks. It turns out that this uncle Magikarp is the biggest hidden boss in the pet elf world.
Fujiwara Masayoshi is the current patriarch of Fujiwara family, and this huge villa is just the tip of the iceberg of Fujiwara family industry. Because Fujiwara Masayoshi likes a quiet place, I took my family on vacation here.
Fujiwara family is a family with a long history. Its history is longer than that of the Imperial Dragon Family in Yanmo City and the Guardian Rinrin Tower Family in Yuanzhu City. Even the Elf Alliance dare not provoke the top families easily. However, Fujiwara family and alliance have no conflicts of interest, and they have always lived in peace.
The main industry of Fujiwara family is to cultivate rare or special elves for sale. Longye saw that this courtyard is the outer area of the family courtyard and there are no precious elves. If it enters the core area of the family, there are many rare elves there.
The Fujiwara family’s cultivation of elves is not limited to powerful ones, such as Hakelon and land shark, which are rare and have great potential, but also ordinary elves like horned goldfish.
However, although it is a horned goldfish, the horned goldfish cultivated by Fujiwara family is completely different from those cultivated in the wild. The family has specialized personnel to cultivate horned goldfish with different body colors, such as a goldfish with red horns and white horns around it or a goldfish with black and white horns. Although these elves are not strong in fighting ability, they have strong ornamental value. Some rich people will spend tens of millions to buy a special horned goldfish.
Chapter 711 Reward mode change
In the wild goose armor, the original Lysandre laboratory quickly turned into ruins, and only through the ruins piled up on the ground can we think of the original modern building here.
Longye followed Yan Jia and they returned to Miarey. After they came to Miarey, he immediately got in touch with Dr. Fatong.
"Mr. Kalunai, Longye, has already told me that this time, thanks to your waking up, otherwise, the project of the Flash Flame Team will have succeeded." Dr. Fatong expressed his gratitude to Longye in one bite.
Longye is not in the mood to be polite to Dr. Fatong. He directly said his purpose. "The doctor doesn’t know if Kalunai told you about Xerneas. I want to find Xerneas!"
"Xerneas, the elf, has been wandering around Carlos, and no one knows where it is. When Carlos’ environment changed dramatically, Xerneas appeared, but so far I haven’t got the exact information. I’m sorry I can’t help you."
Dr. Fatong’s words made Longye feel lost for a while, but he immediately strengthened his belief in finding Xerneas. Even if I searched the whole Carlos, I would find Xerneas!
Hang up Dr. Fatong’s words. After a while, Longye and Kalou Nai said that they left Miarey with Meow Meow.
Finally, in the Super Water Turtle No.3 Longye, a reward is sometimes given at a glance.
"Congratulations to the host for being recognized by Zekrom for completing the odd [Black Hero-Zekrom] and rewarding it after completion.
The score is150,000; 2 coupons for capacity-enhancing drugs (enhancement) can be exchanged for 2 bottles of capacity-enhancing drugs in the mall;
One fruit coupon can be exchanged for one enhanced fruit in the mall;
A dragon heart can raise the goodwill of the dragon elf to the holder. "
Most of the things are similar to the previous awards, but the last exclusive skill learning machine was replaced by the so-called Dragon Heart Longye. I really don’t understand why this thing appeared. Is it because his way of completion was recognized by Zekrom instead of defeating Zekrom?
According to the doubts in my heart, Longye continues to watch a strange reward.
"Congratulations to the host for completing the surprise [destroying cocoon-Eiffel Tower] and defeating the elf Eiffel Tower, saying that the elf Eiffel Tower won a reward, such as
20,000 points; 4 coupons for capacity-enhancing drugs (enhancement) can be exchanged for 4 bottles of capacity-enhancing drugs in the mall;
2 coupons for fruit trees can be exchanged for 2 enhanced fruit trees in the mall; A coupon for evil/flying exclusive skills. "
Perhaps it is because Longye has directly doubled the reward for completing such an advanced odd series for the first time.
Give a reward to show that Ryuno saw the system for further explanation this time.
"This is the first time that the host has defeated the racial value of 6, saying that the elf specially rewards a custom super-fossil.
At present, there are limited kinds of evolution of Elf A found in this world, but more kinds of evolution forms of Elf A will be discovered in the future, and those data are all in the system, so that this custom super-evolutionary stone can be designated as an elf super-evolutionary fossil. "
This reward can be said to be the most satisfactory for Longye. All along, the dragon and the field have been evolving in Law A of Scorpio, but unfortunately, with this thing, Scorpio can also evolve in A in the future.
At the thought of seeing the evolution of Scorpio King A, Longye’s depressed mood finally has a di m: n heart.
Before receiving it, Ryuno was also looking forward to the props that could restore Nazi in the reward. Now it seems that it is a fantasy.
In addition to the above-mentioned rewards, Shilongye also saw a unified notice at the end.
"Being able to defeat the Eiffel Tower said that the host strength has risen to a very high level, and the system officially revised the odd reward mode. In the future, the race value of 66 said that the elf will be removed from the host integral reward props.
Beat the elf with a racial value of 6 to complete the odd. In addition to getting points, the host can freely choose two rewards (except for redemption of elves). "
This reward is like sprinkling a handful of salt on the wound of Longye. He defeated Ifeltar with the help of Zekrom and the special effects of magic candy. Under normal circumstances, the strength gap between his elf and Ifeltar is still very good!
In fact, it is normal to talk calmly about the revision of rewards.