His eyes must have a quick tone. "I hope that the savior of blood disease will love the rose, scarlet and fall to the Lord-bloody natural disasters, please listen to my prayer!" Come to me! "

He also felt that he was embarrassed to say this line to the banquet without rhyme or reason, and he was a little stingy
But a dead horse is a living horse doctor
In fact, he has seriously thought about this principle. His own "name" is "standing in a million natural disasters". The meaning behind this "name" is that he has the handle to manipulate "natural disasters"
But this "natural disaster" must be … committed against him.
Su Jiao doesn’t know if the bloody natural disaster counts as a minister, but the red crescent seems to have said something in his Xinghai …
Always live or die, you must try to know!
Nothing happened there, and nothing happened here.
And the robot seems to wake up from the darkness.
Su Jiao felt a deeper, colder and scarier breath coming from the robot department and hunting his ai dog-
Then the whole world fell into a dead silence and all the sounds disappeared.
The words in his hand were also cut off.
Stairs, walls, billboards and ceilings seem to be modeling models. Green perspective lines are criss-crossed and dense, and then blink to become black and white, all of which are forced to be digitized.
Su Jiao felt that he was going to become a puppet and was controlled by the data, but he stopped this change when he immediately mobilized the divinity, but it was also a little difficult.
The robot slowly got up, and its huge body cracked the narrow passage to form a door wall line that broke and fell to the ground-even the stones had clear green perspective lines.
It seems that this is not a real world, but a 3d model of a colorless game is being built.
And in this dark and cold world, the huge robot’s eyes are shining with blue light.
"Did you want to call" him or did he slowly say "My name"? "
In this dark and silent data world, everything will be digitized by his power, and he will manipulate dolls.
However, the teenager did not.
He has black and white lines on the ground, white skin on his cheeks, a enchanting and bloody flower, and amber eyes slightly widened.
He was nervous … but not desperate.
Su Jiao "Who are you?"
"They call me …" He said, "Mechanical natural disasters" "
He stepped closer to him, and his eyes suddenly became strange. "You are a god of natural disasters …"
And just as his voice fell.
The whole dark modeling world suddenly crumbled, and a large piece of gravel suddenly fell on top of it, tearing a ray of skylight.
Su Jiao’s heart jumped and he looked up and saw the dark starry night.
This is an extremely abrupt scene, because Su Jiao remembers that the exhibition hall is a circular exhibition hall, not an open air.
Then the crack grew bigger and bigger until he saw a scarlet blood moon-
The red-eyed boy had a stroke in that broken crack, which blew up his school clothes and made his expression look extremely strange. His pale hand grabbed the edge of the crack.
Thick blood dripped from his fingers.
The crimson moon shine behind him, and his shadow was pulled and twist, and thick blood covered his shadow-it was a huge ferocious rabbit shadow with long ears.
And this rabbit shadow just surrounded Su Jiao, just like guarding his own things.
However, there is so much blood, but there is no smell of blood and no sound of blood flowing.
The cool evening breeze blows in with the crimson moonlight, and the red eyes of teenagers are extremely dangerous and horrible in the middle of the night.
He opened his mouth and a strange timbre with three or four layers stacked on it sounded elegant-
"This is me."
Su Jiao’s heart jumped.
This is … that mainland language!
A moment of ferocious blood color covered this piece of black and white data.
The robot fell to the ground with a crashing sound, and the ai dog also fell to the ground. The black and white world was scarlet.
Su Jiao smelled the strong blood smell and heard the whistling wind. The boy rolled over from the crack and landed firmly in front of him.
He looked back with a smile. "Bloody Scourge, I’m glad to help you."
Chapter 94 Chapter 94
You are my moon, too
The robot or mechanical natural disaster seems to be a little unstable because it just woke up. He got up from the ground and made a hard sound.
In the overwhelming blood, its blue eyes flashed.
The bright blood color was turned into a black liquid in a flash, and it looked a little like oil, but it disappeared.