Zong Lao didn’t frown. He silently disliked the business home in front of him. The couple always knew one thing before the business. Later, it was only after their apprentice’s overlord policy that the business couple Cen had to change. Now, the comparison between the business couple Cen and the business home couple is very rare, which shows how much the couple have changed

From this point of view, Zong Lao had to admire his apprentice, and he also felt that the merchant Cen and his wife had touched such a good daughter, otherwise they would have fallen into this situation.
Zong Lao got up and went to bring out a bowl of noodles. Grandma Yu brought out a bowl herself, and the noodle base would be gone. Don’t underestimate everyone’s hand bowl, which is the kind of sea bowl sold outside in Lamian Noodles, which is bigger than that sold outside.
There’s no way for everyone in the family to eat people. Shang Tang Lian and the merchant Cen and his wife don’t say that Zong Lao is also a martial arts practitioner, but everyone doesn’t know that it’s strange that Grandma Yu is also a martial arts practitioner.
Everyone has a bowl of noodles, and everyone is hungry after waiting for so long.
However, Zhang Yemei and Shangjiayuan are not embarrassed at all. In their view, they don’t eat by themselves, and they don’t let them eat by themselves. Not only that, but the couple simply sweep the dishes into their bowls if they fall on the table and don’t pick them up, then continue to eat.
If the couple know that other people present here have lamented Shangjiayuan and Zhang Yemei, they will definitely feel wronged, and they may even laugh that everyone is really rich and used to it. It is a melodramatic Shangjiayuan who takes it for granted that they have not eaten anything good for several years. Usually, even these are cruel to buy and try once in a while. Most of them are vegetables and tofu, which are also expensive to death, but at least they are cheaper than meat and beef and duck.
Since I borrowed usury during this period, it’s not good to eat or drink. Now I see that the conditions at home are so good, and my appetite is naturally lost when my mind is relaxed, not to mention the meat in front of me, not to mention the food. They don’t eat it quickly. Are they stupid?
Twenty minutes later, everyone finished eating and moved to the living room, where Shangjiayuan and Zhang Yemei sat on the sofa and sat down directly, feeling that they couldn’t keep their waist straight. There was no way to make the food delicious. They ate well, so they didn’t have an appetite. Five people came to the business, and they all had a big appetite. The food was twice as much as that in ordinary people’s homes. Together, you can imagine how huge the food was, so how could Zhang Yemei and Shangjiayuan cram it into their stomachs?
Chapter 279 Up knowledge
Zhang Yemei kept shouting, "Oh, my God, it seems that you are rich, not only because you live delicious, but also because you haven’t eaten so many good things for a long time."
"Yes, it’s like I haven’t eaten anything." Fu Huamei muttered in her mind, but she didn’t say it. No matter how the couple didn’t deal with them, now Fu Huamei knows how to talk without being so mean. Besides, looking at the two people in front of her, Fu Huamei remembered that the couple seemed to be like this, and there was always a feeling that they were talking about themselves before.
Shang Cen looked at Shang Jiayuan as Zhang Yemei spoke and asked, "What can I do for you?"
"Nothing can’t come to you? Isn’t this the feeling that I haven’t been in touch with you for a long time and want to come to you? Speaking of home cen, you are really not interesting enough. You don’t want to ask your brother to get involved with your sister-in-law, so you secretly moved. Are you really afraid that we will get involved? Hum is really enough?" Zhang Yemei interjected as if the merchant cen asked her that she was like this, and she was soft on people and short on people’s mouths. It seemed that Zhang Yemei was not comfortable, and this was as mean as her mouth.
This time, Zong Lao and Grandma Yu washed the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen automatically and consciously went upstairs. No matter how close their family was to the merchants, Zong Lao and Grandma Yu didn’t want to get involved in it. It was said that it was a trivial matter. Anyway, they didn’t care where they lived for most of their lives. They were afraid that they would get into trouble with the merchants when the time came.
Now, as if businesses have wealth and no force, they may attract peeping people at any time. Besides, it is also a private matter of businesses, and they don’t want to participate and should not.
Shang Tang Lian is sitting in the living room, and she also wants to see a so-called thing that the couple suddenly found, and according to Master Liu, the couple still made great efforts.
Shang Tang Lianyuan Zhang Yemei said that the merchant Cen would be angry, but he didn’t expect that the merchant Cen was looking at the merchant home just like not hearing this.
I came to Shangjiayuan to say the purpose directly, but I was interrupted by this and said smoothly, "Yes, Jiacen, why didn’t you tell me when you moved? I can’t help you move things, or do you really plan to stop seeing each other?"
Businessman Cen said faintly, "If you can’t move, there will be a moving company, and you don’t need any manpower, and it’s not so intimate. I didn’t care about things with you at the beginning, but I also said that we will be ungrateful."
Shangjiayuan is angry. "This is what you say about Jiacen. This is what you are wrong. How can you say that? At the beginning, I thought I didn’t do anything with you. At the beginning, he gave you more things in a biased way. I didn’t say anything, but you didn’t come with me. You still have some brotherhood. Did you really tell Ye Mei that you were rich and I was afraid that I would be exposed? If that’s the case, at the beginning, you had more property than us, and I didn’t touch you." When Shangjiayuan was a little uncomfortable, I
Looking at Shangjiayuan, I didn’t feel anything. Zhang Yemei suddenly felt that my stomach shouldn’t be said, but it didn’t seem very comfortable there.
However, Zhang Yemei didn’t care, but supported her husband to attack the merchant Cen. "I think that’s it. Cen isn’t a sister-in-law who said that you are too embarrassed. How can you be so affectionate? At the beginning, you shared more property. This is a fact, right? As a result, you have to be cheap when you share more. If you don’t associate with your brother, I really don’t know what to say. It’s a trivial matter. As a result, you returned this troublesome brother. Tell me if your money is so important that you don’t even
Shang Tang Lotus seldom deals with relatives. I really haven’t seen this kind of thing. Although it was said that it was the couple’s one-sided words at the beginning, at that time, the merchant Cen and his wife had changed a lot. It is unlikely to be so objective. Even if there are some discrepancies in the facts, there are no discrepancies so much.
In the previous life, Shang Tang Lian was a commodity to be sold in the business and the White House. Everyone was concerned about how her skills were practiced, especially those who needed to be a good housewife. Did she know how high her worth was and how much benefits she could bring to them? No one thought of taking advantage of Shang Tang Lian.
Because Shang Tang Lian has parents in the big head, both of them are with her parents. Of course, just like her parents, they can’t think of anything. Their parents don’t expect the couple to have much ambition. If they give them enough money, they will have nothing to eat, drink and be merry. The real big head is not with the couple. The producer is much poorer than them. Just don’t be entangled with them. Just think about taking advantage of the couple.
Don’t even think about it. It’s impossible for you to dream for a generation, and their daughter, though not affected by their bad habits, can’t think of any oil and water. It’s worse than her parents. So Shang Tang Lian has never seen this kind of thing, taking everything for granted and saying the truth as her family wants.
I’ve really seen Shang Lian, a family business, but after all, it’s undecided. In view of people’s greed, it’s natural to fight for their heads, especially in the family. If the two brothers in the family are capable and United, of course, their horizons are broad, so it’s natural to fight. However, if the younger brothers in the family are capable, but their horizons are spinning in their own acres, it is not generally good for the giants to compete for family property; If the younger brother in the family can’t do anything at all, he can definitely stare at the home, which is even worse, and it’s very funny. Often, people struggle the most fiercely and are the ugliest. Smart people will at least hide a little, but stupid people don’t care about their names and put everything on the table:
Chapter 2 Heart is big enough
Shang Tanglian, however, has never seen such a desire to take advantage of her own family, and she is still so confident as if you should owe them.
I really don’t know where the couple got the idea that they should be allowed to touch the light of their home. If the brothers really want to touch it, they can’t say that their home will naturally support it. But at the beginning, the two families were already dying of old age. Why do you still have the cheek to show up here and say that it is wrong to be so grandiose and not let them touch it?
Even if it’s not so serious, it’s a little nasty to talk to each other according to normal people’s ideas, but it’s no longer possible, and there is no plan to show weakness to each other, and the couple are really thick-skinned
Shang Tanglian felt that she had wronged herself by saying that she was a thick-skinned black man. I really should show them the couple in front of her. This is the real thick-skinned and black-hearted. Anyway, Shang Tanglian felt that she had got such a name. Now it seems so unfair.
Shang Tang lotus is really strange and interesting. At least there is no such size among all the people she has met, which just adds a little experience to herself.
Shang Tang Lotus looks like a monkey here. It looks like Shangjiayuan and Zhang Yemei. Their merchants Cen and Fu Huamei are not in a good mood as Shang Tang Lotus.
Especially when Fu Huamei listened to the other person’s words that turned right from wrong, it was all infuriating. He laughed sarcastically and said, "Yes, according to your statement, we should have starved to death alive. It is also your kindness, right? So we need to be grateful and do something to let you know that something good will be sent to you. Don’t forget you, right?"
Zhang Yemei rubbed his stomach and wondered why he felt more and more uncomfortable. However, Zhang Yemei didn’t care that it was because he had eaten too much for a while. Zhang Yemei didn’t recognize that this was irony. It was quite agreed that "yes, the adversary should be like this. This is a brother. It’s like when the master’s family property was unfairly divided, but we didn’t recognize it. Brothers should support each other. Where can they be rich alone?" She nodded or should I say that she didn’t recognize it.
Shangjiayuan rubbed his face and felt even more uncomfortable. It was not as much as Zhang Yemei said, but the words were not so good. Shangjiayuan said, "Sister in law, you don’t say so ugly. Did I ask you to give us all good things? I didn’t expect or dare to think. I just thought that our two brothers were so good at the beginning, but over the years, we didn’t say anything. One was that brothers wanted to support each other. Where did you say that you wanted to give us everything?" So I am willing to you? "Said Shangjiayuan sneer. When I came to see myself in Shangjiayuan, there was nothing wrong. It was because the merchant Cen and Fu Huamei ignored their brother and were thick-skinned enough to occupy the old man’s house and give so much money. Now it is even more impossible for him to listen to Fu Huamei’s irony. He hasn’t taken advantage of anything yet, and he hasn’t given himself anything. Why should he make Fu Huamei so ironic?
The business home is also on fire, so I forget that when the couple come back, they should not only eat people, but also lower their attitude when asking for help.
Fu Huamei is not afraid of business homes. After listening to Zhang Yemei’s words, she can’t help but pick her eyebrows. She thinks that she is also very fond of Zhang Yemei’s heart. She really can’t learn to go out with Zhang Yemei before. When Zhang Yemei was at home, she was like this. When she fell out, people also said so, taking advantage of it. If you don’t say it, you still think it should be like this. In fact, later, Fu Huamei thought that Zhang Yemei’s eyebrows were never small, just because she didn’t see through it at the beginning.
That is, after their family became poor, although they themselves became powerful and would take advantage of others, at least they knew some sense of shame, which was incredible.
Zhang Yemei’s words are straightforward enough. Fu Huamei is still relatively straightforward. Zhang Yemei is so straightforward with her heart.
On the contrary, Fu Huamei, a businessman’s hometown, sneered at this. This is a big heart and still dare not admit that it is a fake gentleman. Is it even a real villain?
It seems that he has some sense of shame. In fact, at the beginning, he didn’t stir up some money, and even his parents didn’t want it. That’s what Shangjiayuan can do. He also had the nerve to say that at the beginning, brotherly love was that he told himself to be the master of the family that he was going to cut off his inheritance and share it with Shangjiayuan again. Now it’s ridiculous to say that the two brothers should support each other.
In this way, Fu Huamei, a merchant’s home, looks down on him more than Zhang Yemei. In Fu Huamei’s view, Zhang Yemei is less ambitious, and she honestly admits that Shang Jiayuan’s heart is too big to admit, which really makes her look down on being a man. Just behave in this way.
Fu Huamei was not brought by the two of them at all, and she was still laughing with anger. It was even colder to listen to Zhang Yemei’s words with Shangjiayuan. She was angry to the extreme, but she was not angry. She suddenly felt that she was so angry with these two people. She was too fall in price to know that their virtue would be serious with them, but it was no good to make herself angry for no reason. It was not too fall in price.
Fu Huamei is not angry, but she should sneer at it, ridicule it or ridicule it. Even if she is not serious with them, she should speak for herself, or she will really be afraid that they are all there.
So Fu Huamei sneered, "Yes, you know that we don’t want any normal person to be willing. You dare to say that you want to, but why should we give you good things? Of course, you want to say that you didn’t say that, right? You didn’t say that, but it doesn’t mean that you didn’t think that you did. Unfortunately, we are not stupid." There is no one in this world who is smarter than you. No one is stupid:
Chapter 21 Most despise you
Fu Huamei said and continued, "I also tell you that this is what makes me look down on you. A good old man doesn’t think about going out all day to earn money to support his family, but he knows how to calculate his relatives. What happened to his brothers? Your bad brothers should be even more clear. How do I remember that when I bought some property, you said that you would die of old age and never contact with our family? Then why didn’t you say that it was brothers who wanted to support each other? Later, your wife came to pull with me. As a result, when we ran out of money, how did you borrow some money from you? At that time, why didn’t you say you were brothers? Seeing that my soup lotus was starving, I told you that if my daughter really starved, I would kill myself to cut you and your wife. "
Fu Huamei was a little excited when she talked about this emotion. She really hated it. She hated that she didn’t know many people at the beginning. At the beginning, the two so-called brothers were heartless. The thought of their daughter crying with hunger didn’t stop her. Both husband and wife begged them so much, even if they gave them a humiliating reward, their daughter would endure it.
Looking at the eyes, it was as if Fu Huamei’s business home was red, and Zhang Yemei suddenly shivered. They knew that Fu Huamei’s words were true, and the couple couldn’t help but be glad that the merchant Cen and Fu Huamei had found another way out.
Fu Huamei continued, "Fortunately, God has eyes, not for you, but for us. Not everyone is as heartless as you are. A friend helped us. Why didn’t you say this was brotherhood at that time? Why didn’t you say anything about these things? Do you think in your heart that you should treat us with thunder and rain? Do you really think that you are an ancient emperor or do you think that we are all stupid? As far as the world is concerned, you two are wise people. What do I despise most is your business home? Son, you are not as good as Zhang Yemei. Zhang Yemei has that idea. She dares to speak it out, but you speak like a gentleman. In fact, your heart is more aggressive and dirty than Zhang Yemei’s. I don’t want to say anything that Zhang Yemei did at the beginning. You pretended to be a good person without your handwriting. It seems that you really know shame. Then why don’t you just pretend that it’s better not to bother us directly? You are a complete fake gentleman. "