"Sister, you won’t wear it?" Chen Xiao asked with a blank face in red.

Red in red nodded his head.
"No, I’ll teach you. Please sit on the bed first." Chen Xiaoxiao said with a smile.
Red nodded, put the clothes in his hand on the bed, and then sat by the bed himself, then looked at Chen Xiao blankly.
"All right, lift your feet." Chen Xiao took the clothes, first put on pants for the red dress, and then took a look at the small squab in the red dress with a bra. She was a little frustrated and said to herself, "How can my sister be older than me?"
Seeing Chen Xiao staring at himself in red and hearing her talking to herself, her face turned red and her hands blocked the hill on her chest.
"Okay, sister, put your hands up." Seeing the shy appearance in red, Chen Xiao couldn’t help but smile and said with a bra.
Red hesitated a little, but still raised his hands and even his ears were red.
"Sister, will it be a little tight?" Chen Xiao asked softly again for wearing a bra in red.
Red face shook his head.
"It’s time to wear a dress," Chen said with a smile, and then he dressed himself.
"Are you two ready?" At this time, Jiang Picturesque had changed his clothes and hit the door and asked with a smile. He just saw Chen Xiao and both of them in red changed their clothes and smiled and said, "Let’s go upstairs."
"I’ll put on a pair of shoes for my sister later," said Chen Xiaoxiao gently, and then took out a pair of brand-new red women’s sandals from the closet to wear in red. She stepped back and smiled and praised, "My sister is so beautiful. My brother will be fascinated by you when he sees it."
"Well, I didn’t expect a smile to be quite good at choosing clothes." Bian Jiang nodded his head picturesque and appreciative.
It is very happy to hear two people admire the red face and bow their heads to the heart.
"Well, let’s go to the building." Seeing that the two little girls have changed their clothes, they smiled and said.
"Good sister, let’s go." Chen Xiao nodded to the red dress and said.
Red nodded again and smiled hand in hand with Chen went downstairs.
"Brother, come and see if my sister is beautiful." Jiang picturesque walked to the front and Chen Xiao took the little hand in red and walked behind Jiang picturesque. Chen Xiao shouted at the sofa flying in the living room.
Hearing Chen Xiao’s cry, she was sitting on the sofa and flying in the sky. She turned around and saw that the three girls had just finished taking a shower and their faces were all flushed. Their clothes were also well matched and their good looks made people shine at the moment. She smiled and said, "It’s beautiful and picturesque, and it’s also beautiful to smile."
"Thank you, brother." Chen Xiaowen immediately smiled and walked to the front of Feiyang with a red face. He jumped into his arms and kissed his side face.
"Well, that’s lovely." Feiyang hugged two little girls and smiled from ear to ear. Then he looked at Jiang picturesque and raised his eyebrows and smiled gently. "I just praised you for not kissing my brother."
"I hate going shopping." Jiang picturesque face blushes and flies in the sky with a JiaoChen.
"Well, we went shopping." Two little girls in Feiyangsong’s arms then got up and said to them, "You two just stayed at home and watched me and your picturesque sister go shopping."
"Go early and come back early." Chen smiled and said.
"Well know" float in the sky and picturesque promised to hand in hand out of the house.
Chapter 512 Method of Eating
When Feiyang and Jiang picturesque came back from buying vegetables, they saw that there were more Hu Mei Hua Xuan and Han Jin Huan in the living room, and they smiled and asked the three women, "Mei Jie Xuan Jin Huan, why are you here?"
"Why can’t we come?" Hu Mei asked with a smile.
"Well, of course, but I didn’t come here until you were late." Feiyang was choked by Hu Mei and almost speechless, and said quickly.
"That’s good. I’m not allowed to come in your house." Hu Mei got up and walked beside Feiyang with a smile and asked softly, "Listen to the smile and say that you are a girl and gave her a name."
"Yes, what’s the problem?" Asked Fei Yang, seeing Hu Mei’s strange expression.
"No problem, just asking." Hu Mei smiled and shook her head, then walked to the front of the sofa and sat leisurely drinking tea.
"Elder brother, you stay here with Mei Jie and let me cook." Jiang said with a picturesque smile that he took the dishes in Feiyang’s hand and went to the kitchen to prepare lunch.
"Are you really going to recognize red as your sister?" Asked Han Jin Huan, who was sitting on the sofa for flying.
"Of course, I have already accepted the red dress as my sister because I want to tell you one in the evening." Feiyang nodded and then looked at the three women and asked, "How do I feel that you three are a little strange today and want to ask me this question?"
"Flying, are you really a sister in red?" Hua Xuan cut to the chase and asked two women to ask questions directly.
"Of course it is. Otherwise, how can you and me?" Feiyang said in vain that the three girls were worried about their evil intentions and said, "Do you all recognize me as that person?"
"Yes" Hu Mei nodded to confirm.
"Almost" Korea huan also gently nodded his head.
"That kind of thing has also been done. It’s normal to take her in, isn’t it?" Hua Xuan also spoke her mind
"Hey, she is still a little girl. How can your thoughts be so dirty?" Feiyang was very angry. Is it such an image in the hearts of all the women that I have always been pure?
"I don’t know who’s dirty. Everything can be done." Hua Xuan muttered grumpily.
"I really don’t know about that." Feiyang felt more wronged than Dou E.
"Who believe this? You were awake at that time, but you enjoyed it and didn’t debunk it." Hua Xuan turned over a supercilious look and didn’t good the spirit said that Hu Mei and Han Jin Huan also nodded seriously
"I I don’t want to play with you." Feiyang directly hid his face and ran to the floor in tears and didn’t want to chat with these three nasty women.
"Sister Mei, what are you talking about?" Chen Xiao and the two little girls in red took a look at each other left and right. In the end, they didn’t come to float in the sky in vain. What were the three girls talking about? Chen Xiao was curious and asked when they flew to the floor.
"Go to adults to talk about what children are asking about" Hua Xuan pinched Chen Xiaoxiao’s face and made a threatening expression.