"compensate? Look at you. Can your mother afford it? I am a brand-name limited edition. Believe it or not, I will let you lose everything? "

Lin Yao domineering let Lin Hao couldn’t help but shrink into Fu Ruliu’s arms, wipe away the tears and some trends.
Children are vulnerable groups, and Lin Hao is still such a sensible child. When I hear Lin Yao’s aggressive tone again, people around me feel distressed about Lin Hao’s understanding.
Just after Lin Yao’s words, a girl with fashionable clothes came out and pointed to Lin Yao and said to Fu Ruliu, "Aunt, don’t blame this younger brother. This woman herself has to pass through the children’s area and accidentally kicked down the small stool skirt with milk to be splashed with milk."
Fu Ruliu didn’t speak immediately as soon as he came, just wanting to know who was responsible for this matter. I didn’t expect that the woman in front of me turned out to be even a child to frame her, and she was angry and pointed up.
Although good cultivation makes Fu Ruliu unable to say anything difficult to obey, cynicism has made Lin Yao angry.
At this moment, Lin Qiao is still in a daze because the woman who caused this chaos is Lin Yao, her half-sister.
Ears filled with children’s distress sound Lin Qiao soon came back to god. When he was a fool, Lin Yao had already had an argument with Fu Ruliu.
The cause of the dispute was that Lin Hao and Lin Qiao sat on the side and heard clearly. She quickly got up and came to Fu Ruliu’s side.
"You’d better save some noodles for yourself when you talk!" As soon as Lin Qiao arrived, he heard Lin Yao say those ugly words and couldn’t help saying, "You are a girl at least. If your father knows, won’t you be reprimanded when you go back?"
Lin Qiao’s equipment is very neat because he is afraid of being surrounded by others because he wants to go shopping. He has not seen Lin Qiao for three years and did not recognize him at the moment.
"Have you what thing? Don’t get in the way if you have nothing to say! "
As soon as Lin Yao’s words were finished, Lin Hao stretched out his hands and said to Lin Qiao pitifully, "Mommy!"
Fu ruliu smell speech hurriedly handed Lin Qiao her arms.
Looked at Lin Yao Lin Qiao accepted the event that said, "I am now qualified to talk about this matter with you? If the skirt is dirty, just pay you compensation. Why is it difficult for a child? "
Lin Yao didn’t feel embarrassed place is looked at a Lin Qiao contemptuously said "compensation? Can you afford it? Don’t forget that I just said that this is a famous brand and it is very expensive! "
Looking at Lin Yao, Lin Qiao felt very interesting. This woman is really as explosive as Lin Yao.
Section 13
"Compensation is no problem, but I don’t know what milk will be given to children’s areas in your skirt. Didn’t the mall staff tell you that adults in the children’s area are not allowed to walk through? "
Lin Qiao’s personality has changed a little after being honed abroad, so she won’t allow her children to be framed and take responsibility.
Lin Yao expression became ugly "you are provocative? If you don’t have the money to compensate, you don’t have to kneel to apologize. "
"It’s not picking bones in an egg. I just heard it when I was around. You have to walk through the children’s area to dirty your skirt. Why? Dare not admit it now? "
Lin Qiao’s victory made Lin Yao very angry, but pointing around made her angry.
Just as she was about to make a move, she took a step forward with Fu Ruliu’s bodyguards, and her tall and strong figure made Lin Yao daunting.
"You are lucky!" Losers can’t lose momentum. After Lin Yao finished this sentence, he restrained his emotions and stormed off.
Looking at her mess away from the figure Lin Qiaonai shook his head and held Lin Hao and Fu Ruliu away from here.
Sitting in Chelinyao, remembering the scene just now, I always feel that the woman’s figure and voice are familiar.
Just as she was wondering, she picked up her mobile phone and prepared to investigate, she suddenly remembered that that kid just now was not the Lin Qiao kid she saw on the news the day before. Isn’t that woman Lin Qiao?
Lin Yao consciously wanted to make a phone call to tell Lin Yao about it, but after picking up the phone, he hesitated again and again.
If this matter is told to dad, he will definitely want to take that woman home.
With this idea, Lin Yao called her mother Lin Zhao.
"Mom, I’m Yaoyao Lin Qiao. What shall we do when that bitch comes back?"
Hang up the words after Lin Yao face a rather grim smile "Lin Qiao! I see how you can stay in the country this time. "
Although Lin Zhao meant to tell Lin Yao not to make a move, she was also white in her heart. Mom meant to wait for an opportunity, and then Lin Qiao must be in trouble.
On the other side, Lin Qiao doesn’t know that Lin Yao has recognized her and has been thinking about how to calculate her.
Because of a dispute just now, Fu Ruliu took Lin Qiao and Lin Hao to a sweet shop with exquisite decoration. After ordering some sweets for Lin Hao, Fu Ruliu accidentally saw Lin Qiao’s expression.
"Did you know that girl just now?" Fu ruliu handed Lin Qiao a hot drink and said
The body of the Chapter 15 "Wolf ambition"
Lin Qiao Zheng face look quite bitter nodded "just that girl is my half-sister"
Looking at Lin Qiao’s ugly face, Fu Ruliu was a little embarrassed and said, "I’m sorry aunt didn’t know such a thing. Forget it. Don’t talk about such a topic."
"Aunt, I’m sorry that things are so complicated that I don’t know what to say." Lin Qiao’s heart is also in a mess and he doesn’t know what to say.
Rejected Fu Ruliu’s kind invitation, Lin Qiao returned to the hotel with Lin Hao and looked at the spotless room. Lin Qiao learned something about the hotel.
Lin Qiao was looking for something when she was backpacking, but suddenly she found that a necklace on the side of her backpack was missing. When it was in Italy, a fan specially made it for her, which was of great significance.
When the manager was called to communicate, Lin Qiao decisively reported to the police to make a reservation. Didn’t you say that this hotel had a high security? Why would such a thing happen?
The hotel manager looked at Lin Qiao disdainfully and said, "Miss Lin, although you are very famous, I still want to say that there is no evidence, so don’t talk nonsense. It will be more trouble after calling the police."
Lin Qiao’s face is red with anger. It was just this manager who made rude remarks and now he threatens her!
The manager who hurried to the hotel just heard the manager’s words and turned very embarrassed, which made the manager say, "Miss Lin is really sorry."
"There is nothing to be embarrassed about. I have already called the police. Let’s wait for the police to come!"