The hemp rat replied, "Ha ~ ~! I know it! "

The word [number] has just finished, and the sports car will come back for a while.
"~ blare ~ blare ~"
Hemp rat twist a head back scold a way "mom! Damn it! "
Kabi asked urgently, "What happened?"
The hemp rat slowly closed the sports car and said in a gray voice, "It’s the traffic police! He gestured me to stop! "
Chapter 47 punishes you! It’s not your foul!
"~ ~ cough up ~ ~"
When the car is together, the hemp mouse first presses the window key to raise the window, and then slams the handbrake lever next to the thigh with one hand. This red two-door sports car also obediently stops at the side of the road.
Kabi felt that the situation was very bad. After turning his head, he saw the traffic policeman jumping off the police motorcycle and coming towards the car. The mounted policeman wore a black and gray helmet, his hands wore gloves and black sunglasses on his nose.
Kabi looked at the wrist watch again.
Fortunately, the fashion is enough, and I thought that I should not be late for the meeting with coach Setazi later.
Just unbridled hemp rat at this time is a lot of frustration, but Baomian actually said to Kabi while touching his wallet, "Don’t worry! Little things! I’ll handle it! "
You never know, Kabi didn’t expect the hemp rat to come to the rescue, and even more unexpectedly, he was stopped by the traffic mounted police now. However, it’s not the first time that he saw the hemp rat speeding before the express train. It was a hemp rat’s personal trip, and this time the hemp rat was racing a little bit like himself.
Kabi felt ambivalent when the back of his head bumped against the soft seat.
He has always opposed speeding and racing, but if we don’t hurry up just now, the reporters will have a good chance to catch up.
Entanglement and conflict made Kabi’s throat burn very uncomfortable.
"~ dong ~ dong ~ dong ~"
Mounted police came to the driver’s door and knocked on the window with their right hand.
Hemp rat for a pretence one leng asked in the car "officer! What is it? "
The mounted police shouted "Press the window down" outside.
The hemp rat made the window and was dominated by the hemp rat like his plaything, and then slowly slid into the door.
The window was open and a cool breeze blew into the car unexpectedly, which made Kabi shudder.
The mounted police bent down and looked at the driver. The rat didn’t look much and said, "Turn off the engine!" "
The hemp rat did as he did. He turned the car key and the sports car was quiet.
Mounted police continued "driver’s license! Id card! Thank you! "
The hemp rat did so, took out the driver’s license and ID card from the prepared wallet and handed it to the mounted police.
Mounted police then put two certificates in the palm of their hands and carefully checked them.
The hemp rat turned to Kabi and said, "Nothing! It’s a piece of cake! "
Kabi didn’t give much response, but smiled naively. Maybe he really said it was a small matter or that the hemp rat would take care of it.
"here! Get your certificate back! " Mounted police said forcefully
The hemp rat did as he did, took back his certificate with both hands and put it back in his wallet, then asked, "Officer! Are you all right? "
Mounted police mouth "~ hum ~" said "nothing? Are you all right? "
Hemp rat startled a guilty stare at the mounted police seems to know that they are doomed.
Then the Mounted Police dialed the button on the waist bag, took out a square speedometer from the bag and handed it to the hemp rat.
"You see for yourself! How fast did you exceed? "
The hemp rat stretched its neck and looked at it. The screen of the speedometer showed that the number was 95 km/h.
See hemp rat a fake mounted police "~ hum ~" again.
Then he said, "The speed of this road is km/h! There are more signs on the roadside, but you still dare to challenge the traffic laws. Do you call this nothing? "
The hemp rat sees that the details have been uncovered, so put away the slick and see what the mounted police do.
In this case, the mounted police will not draw a gun, and at most they will be rewarded with a ticket.
Mounted police draw on the ticket paper with a pen. If you want to get rid of this ticket, you will be suspicious!
Kabi didn’t say much in the process of a series, not because he was timid and afraid of things, but because he felt that he was stopped by a traffic policeman for the first time in his life to see how it felt to be given a ticket.
The hemp rat is not cheeky enough to make a final rescue.
He said urgently, "Officer! Give it a chance! Ok? "
Mounted police ignored him, holding the bracket on the bridge of the nose, and the black sunglasses continued to pay the ticket unhurriedly.
The hemp rat never gave up and said, "I am the star of Granada-Van Kakit!" "
Mounted police suddenly stopped his pen and pointed it at the ticket paper and said to the hemp mouse
"Even if speeding is a ticket from the King of Spain, I want it!"
When the hemp rat was completely defeated, he put his hands on the steering wheel and exhaled in disappointment.
Mounted police took aim at this and said, "If you hurt other passers-by because of speeding, how dare you say’ give me a chance’?"
The hemp rat also said, "Hum ~" "I recognize you and continue to pay the ticket!"
In Pangkabi, he approached the hemp rat and said, "What’s the matter! Just buy a lesson! "
The hemp rat replied, "~ ~ ~ Shh! Don’t talk! Let him! He can get as many tickets as he wants! "
Kabi was shut out and returned in ashes.
Soon the mounted police tore up the ticket and handed it to the hemp rat, saying coldly, "Remember to pay the fine on time! Otherwise, the number of fines will double! "
Without turning his head, hemp rat hastily received the ticket and asked, "Can we go now?"
The mounted police said, "But! But no more speeding! Let me catch you again, huh ~ ~! The consequences are not as simple as a ticket! "
The hemp mouse didn’t answer, and pressed the window button hard, and the window was slowly raised by his play again.
He twisted a car key, and the red coupe was started. From the car engine, it sounds that the sports car will change its style and keep a low profile.
The mounted police nodded slightly, satisfied with the situation, and went back to the front of their police motorcycle.
The hemp rat let go of the brake lever and drove away from the [punished scene]
The sports car was obedient, and the speed said it was not very slow, but it didn’t exceed the speed limit again.
Chekabi wondered that the annual salary of the hemp rat was over 4 million euros, but he cared about a mere speeding ticket?
Is it too good? Or do you just want to cheat in front of the mounted police?