Wang Qiuchan also nodded with a smile. "I’m your aunt. You shouldn’t remember me. At that time, you were young and came to my house all day, laughing sweetly. My aunt told me that my heart was breaking. Unfortunately, you didn’t come home later."

Shang Tang lotus glanced at them lightly. If it wasn’t for each other, Shang Tang lotus didn’t want to look at them.
At present, two people, Shang Tang Lotus, still have an impression of coming to Shang Tanglian. I don’t know, but years ago, Fu Huamei was not disappointed for a long time. Shang Tang Lotus naturally turned over a memory. When she was ten years old, Shang Tang Lotus still remembered how to say that she was right with the two people in front of her.
Even if Shang Tang Lian remembered these two people, she ignored the idea. For Shang Tanglian, these are cheap relatives and not so good relatives.
And Fu Huamei just looked at Fu Linyu and Wang Qiuchan performing there coldly, so she didn’t know how much people thought she was poor and loved the rich, so she wouldn’t recognize her relatives if she had money.
Fu Huamei almost laughed when he saw that the two people were enthusiastic and surprised at Shang Tanglian. If these two people honestly went out, even if they didn’t want to go out, they couldn’t round up and go out. Fu Huamei could look up to Fu Linyu and Wang Qiuchan.
On the other hand, these two people are really lucky to go out and touch their daughter back.
Fu Huamei’s eyes flashed a trace of ridicule. I don’t know what drama these two people are going to play. Let’s just watch. When I think so, my hands suddenly get hot. It turned out that the merchant Cen was worried that Fu Huamei was too sad and held Fu Huamei to give her support.
Fu Huamei couldn’t help but smile at the merchant with a warm heart and say "nothing"
Shang Tanglian went to the sofa and sat down as if she didn’t hear it. She knew what had happened at first sight. It’s a good thing that the couple came according to their urine.
See Shang Tanglian didn’t speak Fu Linyu and his wife were embarrassed again. Fu Linyu reacted quickly and said angrily to Fu Huamei, "How on earth did you teach your children any manners and shame? You won’t shout when you see your uncle, or did you tell them that you didn’t tell us the truth because of what happened at the beginning? You really let me down. I was a little unreasonable. I didn’t expect you to be so right and wrong."
Said Fu Linyu as if very sad, take a deep breath, then smiled at Shang Tanglian and looked at Shang Tanglian with sad eyes, as if she were sad. How could Shang Tang Lotus have such a mother and Shang Tang Lotus become inseparable?
Fu Linyu said to Shang Tang Lotus, "Shang Lian, I’m your uncle. No matter what your mother tells you, I’m your uncle. If you have something to do, just come to my uncle, you know? My uncle has something to do today and left first."
I don’t know what a kind and kind elder Fu Linyu is to Shang Tang Lotus with so much width.
Wang Qiuchan also disapproved of Fu Huamei’s way, "Huamei, I think I should also talk about you as a sister-in-law. No matter what the feud between the two families is, we can’t get involved in a generation. Isn’t this teaching your child not to kiss us? Of course, this is your child. You can be casual, but have you ever thought that children will need relatives before they are pregnant. What you say and do can be regarded as angry words, but I really can’t find an excuse to speak for you. I think you should really think about it. It’s not only a child, but
Fu Linyu tugged at Wang Qiuchan and said, "Let’s go and tell her what she can say clearly. She will think that she is developed and afraid that we will take advantage of her. Let’s go."
Wang Qiuchan busy way "take charge, I believe this is not a flower plum, she is just angry, please don’t be angry, flower plum is not that kind of person":
Chapter 35 Happy
Fu Linyu insisted on leaving Wang Qiuchan, but they didn’t. They just pandered there and finally saw that no one kept them. No matter what they said, no one responded. Fu Linyu and Wang Qiuchan finally left, just for ten minutes.
When Wang Qiuchan left with Fu Linyu, Fu Huamei relaxed and straightened his back, felt a little tired and pinched his forehead. The merchant cen patted Fu Huamei’s hand and said, "Don’t be sad. It’s not the first day we met them. What are you doing with them?"
Fu Huamei wry smile "that’s true, but when I see them like this, my heart still feels bad. You say that people like them really don’t have a little affection in their hearts. Before you see us down and out, they are afraid that we will stick to it. Now that we are developed, we will gather together again. You have forgotten the original things. I really don’t know what they will become like this."
Businessman Cen was silent and said, "Maybe that’s what they came for. Don’t be sad if they don’t change."
Fu Huamei nodded. "Well, I know you’re right. In fact, their sex is just like this. I should have seen it when I was a child. My parents always prefer boys to girls. In fact, I have long given up on them. It’s hard to give up again today." Fu Huamei really felt tired when she came back to deal with things in the factory today. When Fu Linyu performed with Wang Qiuchan, she just looked at them without refuting or saying anything. She was so tired that she even quarreled with them.
Having said that, the merchant Cen still didn’t see Fu Huamei’s frown and thought for a moment. The merchant Cen said to Fu Huamei, "In fact, don’t say that it’s your brother’s sister-in-law, just say that my brother’s sister-in-law is not the same, and relatively speaking, your brother’s sister-in-law is not bad, but it’s still a point of face. Look at the merchant’s home and Zhang Yemei, but they don’t even want to be sad, and it’s my sadness."
Fu Huamei couldn’t help laughing when he heard the news. He couldn’t help but beat the merchant Cenyi because the merchant Cen’s words were so interesting. "What’s the good comparison and it’s not a good thing? What kind of life do you say we are? How do we touch our relatives?" Fu Huamei said with a sigh, but the smile on her face did not disappear.
When the merchant Cen saw Fu Huamei happy, he followed the trick. Fu Huamei didn’t have any strength, but he deliberately covered his chest and shouted, "Ouch, it hurts me. You murdered your husband. It’s estimated that you are bruised."
Fu Huamei saw the merchant Cen, and then saw Grandma Yu and Zong Lao staring at themselves as if seeing a peep show. Suddenly, her face turned red and she couldn’t help but choke the merchant Cen and complained, "Just be funny. Everyone is watching."
The merchant Cen went on screaming, "What’s funny? Oh, my God, you cruel woman, you see, I’m going to be bruised. No, I’m sure I’m bruised."
Shang Tang Lian saw that these two people were flirting with each other just like the circumstances. It seems that they are not hungry and full, so people are full of love and water. But she is hungry. So Shang Shanglian got up and said lightly, "It seems that you are full without eating, and you all have the strength to flirt. Anyway, I am hungry and I want to eat. You continue." In fact, I feel warm in my heart, so the atmosphere is very warm.
Grandma Yu had never heard of Fu Huamei’s family before, and it was just a short time since she came here. Where is the privacy issue like this? It is not clear that Fu Huamei and her family said that it was Fu Huamei’s brother, sister-in-law, and when Grandma Yu saw it again, Fu Huamei was coming back, so she let them in.
Who knows it’s a pair of close relatives? Looking at Fu Huamei’s brother and sister-in-law makes people feel sympathy. I think it’s too hard for the couple to have such a blocked relative.
Of course, Grandma Yu knew that the two houses were not good after Fu Huamei came, so she took the initiative to avoid going to the kitchen. Looking at things, she also knew that it was not easy to solve the problem. Grandma Yu had the foresight to burn a pot of water and then put all the dishes warm, which is better than being hot and delicious after a while, and then listening to the noise in the living room. It is no wonder that Grandma Yu eavesdropped on who made her ears listen neatly.
Grandma Yu is not relieved to see the couple recover now. You know, this family is actually very simple, except for Zong Lao and herself. There are three of them. If the couple are in a bad mood, the whole family will be much heavier.
See Shang Tanglian coming. Grandma Yu is busy bringing out the food. Shang Tang Lian also came to help.
And Fu Huamei blushed for it, and then let Shang Tang Lian say it, but she felt that she couldn’t burn her face and didn’t know what to say. Looking at the merchant Cen, she was so unrepentant and smirked that she finally went to the restaurant with a stamped foot.
Businessman Cen saw Fu Huamei go and knew that Fu Huamei was a little angry this time. He put a funny hand around Fu Huamei in the past and was careful. In fact, he was thinking about his wife’s face of shyness just now. It was like painting rouge, which made him have an impulse to put her on the spot. It’s not too late to eat first and then eat.
Fu Huamei doesn’t know the idea of the merchant Cen, otherwise it is estimated that the merchant Cen can sleep on the sofa directly at night.
However, Fu Huamei didn’t know where he was after dinner. In view of the good behavior of the merchant Cen, he was generous enough to forgive him. Then the merchant Cen said that he would discuss with Fu Huamei some reasons to trick Fu Huamei into being executed on the spot.
Shang Tang Lian looked on coldly and knew her father’s initiative, but she didn’t say anything. She didn’t dare to do such bad things and good things, especially bad dad’s good things.
Although the dinner was delayed due to the attack of close relatives, the family was closer because of this incident, and it was quite enjoyable.
Shang Tang Lian helped Grandma Yu to wash the dishes and chopsticks and asked a question about the training of special forces. Although those recruited special ex-soldiers have been on duty now, it is a hurry. Every day, three factory workers will take out two to come over for training, which can be more targeted and better train special forces to make them a higher level:
Chapter 351 Brain hole big couple
Zong Lao told Shang Tanglian that each security guard would almost reach their original goal after two more trainings.
Shang Tang Lotus is in a very happy mood. Recently, although things are numerous and complicated, they are still going well. Even if there is an accident of being the top student in the college entrance examination, three factories have not been exposed because of proper measures to prevent it.
Lying in bed, Shang Shang Shang Shang Shang Shang Lian stared at the ceiling with his head resting on his hand. address unknown suddenly heard the phone ring in his head. It seems that Shang Tang Lian is in a better mood. How can Shang Tang Lian be in a bad mood? It couldn’t be better.
Fu Linyu and Wang Qiuchan had to go out of the villa, but they just kept the pulling posture until they were out of the gate, so they let them go.
Wang Qiuchan couldn’t help complaining, "Can’t you keep your smelly temper down? Now that your sister is really angry, we don’t know if there is any chance to come over."
Fu Linyu couldn’t help saying, "Why don’t you blame me when we made this plan together? Besides, where did I lose my temper? Didn’t you see my sister didn’t even say anything? This is obviously not our problem. Maybe we are right. She is afraid that we will take advantage of her."
"That can’t be that big. Come on, it’s me. She has the same temper as before. Who knows that she has changed so much? In fact, some oil and salt don’t go in. In fact, I still blame you. If you had been better with her, it wouldn’t have happened."
Fu Linyu was a little angry. "Why is it my fault again? Can I decide? If I could decide, I would have asked Fu Huamei to send us more things. Besides, you didn’t fight with her at the beginning. If you hadn’t fought with her and I helped you, would there have been something later? It’s also your fault."
"Well, what do you mean by this? You don’t know what I fought at the beginning. You blame me. If you didn’t earn any money, did our family need to support your sister at the beginning? I would like to support my sister-in-law. After you look at it again, your sister is poor like that. There is no money in our family. You don’t want to think about who I am. I saved the money. I was greedy for your sister’s things. I didn’t spend them at home. Now you quit and blame me."
Fu Linyu is still a little angry, but also a little guilty after hearing it. She is also her own wife. Although she is so bad, she is sincere to herself and her children. Of course, Fu Linyu directly turns a blind eye to her parents’ unfilial behavior.
Fu Linyu couldn’t help saying slowly, "Okay, okay, I was wrong. Don’t be angry. I’m so angry. I should feel bad. I know. I know everything."
Wang Qiuchan was satisfied with this, but seeing that Fu Linyu was weak, he continued to criticize, "I thought I came to my mother to marry the rich man at the beginning, but I looked at you and liked to stay with you regardless of my family’s opposition, so I didn’t give me a good look when I returned to my parents’ house. As a result, how did you tell me that you have not been well-off at home for so many years? Do you have any conscience?"
Fu Linyu listened to it, but he didn’t have any gas in his heart. He was honestly scolded by Wang Qiuchan until he got out of the west side of the roundabout.
Fu Linyu breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Wang Qiuchan resting. As a result, he continued to be busy and changed the subject. "Qiu Chan, do you think we should go now that we have made such a mess with our little sister?"
"Don’t we show our guilty conscience if we go or not?" Wang Qiuchan didn’t want to say anything.