Silence in the healing battle was presided over by who am I and Tiankui and others, and soon the demon brother of the building was captured and slaughtered. When they took Wudang brother to the building, Bailong was lying at the table drinking and groaning.

Who am I? I naturally know who this person who is exactly like cabbage is. He respectfully said before, "What should I do with these people, boss Bai?" Bailong said, "Didn’t Choi tell you how to deal with it? Just do what he wants, and let him live with ease. "
Who am I? I nodded and shouted, "These outlaws attacked the court officials and sent them to the execution ground to be beheaded according to the law." Behind him, Wudang brother should take these 100 people to the execution ground and behead them one by one. These demons are all sensational figures in the Jianghu, but now they have not even been dragged to the execution ground. Being beheaded in the execution ground has become their eternal shame.
Bailong came to the front of the guardrail of the restaurant and looked out. It was hard to count the players. There were wu-tang clan, other famous families, decent people and some magic doors. They were all more excited than watching the cabbage and seeing him speak. They all cried excitedly.
"Magic vegetables-!" "The enemy of green vegetables-the enemy of green vegetables!"
Bailong waved his hand and looked at the crowd with a faint look and said, "Xiangyang City has me and wu-tang clan, and no one can make trouble here in one day, no matter he is a person."
This sentence on this side is that Cai told him in advance that Bailong had a meal and added that Cai didn’t tell him in advance, and he said coldly
"wu-tang clan has my green vegetables, and no one can disrespect wu-tang clan in one day. My magic dish is that the patron saint of Wudang has to deal with Wudang before passing me."
The white dragon’s cold face on the floor is like a god. The streets of the building are full of cheers.
"Magic green vegetables are enemies of green vegetables-!"
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The body of the Chapter 37 Escape
When Brother Long was in Xiangyang City, Cai was trapped on the island waiting for them to come and rescue him. Help should arrive soon, but he obviously miscalculated that the brocade thief took him by boat by water, while Ximen Qing and Dongfang Piaoxue didn’t prepare the boat in advance. As a result, he waited all afternoon.
Ximen Qing, they pretended to retreat and ran to the distance to observe these water thieves. They saw the water thieves with the vegetables in the small wooden boat. They were dumbfounded at once. Which boat followed those water thieves?
Oriental snow looked at them and the boat hurried to Ximen Qing. "What shall we do now? Do something quickly or they will run away! "
Ximen Qing bitter face way "what else can I do? The horse is looking for a boat. If you don’t look for it, it’s no hurry. Let’s go find a boat together. "
Because of the hasty action, more than ten of them scattered along the river to find a boat. By the time they found the boat, the group of water thieves had already gone and disappeared. Little birds blew them to hurry to row, but all of them were half-way monks. At best, they could only swim and row. As a result, the boat kept swinging in circles on the shore, but they didn’t go forward. When they looked at the water thieves, their boat had completely disappeared from the horizon.
Ximen Qing was frustrated. He was the commander of the follow-up strategist. Unexpectedly, he was stumped by a boat on the shore, which made him feel ashamed?
Seeing that they have been tracked, they can be discouraged. The ship has mobilized a large number of players to collect ships nearby and recruit np boatmen to row.
It took them several hours to collect a total of 100 wooden boats, and after a little rectification, a fleet of more than 2,000 people set out to swim in search of a dish.
The only way to contact Al is to rely on the wrist communicator, but the effective range of the communicator is not large, and it must be close. They can spread out and search along the banks of the river in a carpet way, sending messages to Al constantly.
In this way, if you want to find a vegetable, it is estimated that the day lily is cold.
A Cai felt at ease to take a nap and wake up, but she didn’t wait for their support, knowing in her heart that there might be something wrong with them, and she could do everything on her own.
He was tied to the bed with cowhide tendons. Two thieves stared at him at the door. A Cai smiled. "Brothers, I’m thirsty. Give me some water to drink!"
One robber went out to carry water, and the other robber still stared at him firmly, as if he were afraid that he would suddenly jump up, as if Cai looked at him and walked over and said, "Aren’t you tired after a long journey, brother?" Sit down and have a rest! Rest assured, I won’t go. "
The thief shook his head and said, "Don’t rest until you change people."
Just as he was talking, the thief outside came in again, and Cai hurriedly said, "I’ll do it myself. You can finish my water first and then tie it for me."
"I let you go now. Are you sure you want to escape? Do you think I’m stupid? My intelligence is at least 4. Aren’t you looking down on people? "
The thief personally took the water bottle and poured water into the mouth of the dish. The dish was secretly stunned. Wow, 4 intelligence is higher than me! It seems that it is not easy to miss Monta.
The thief immediately shouted, "I need the toilet now. Let me go, or I’ll sue your leader for abusing me."
It’s not difficult for the two thieves to listen to it. They tied it tightly and then untied it from the bed and escorted him to the toilet. They watched it go into the toilet, and they were relieved at the door because one end of the rope was still in their hands. They would know if it was there if they pulled it.
A Cai muttered his grandmother, two idiots, so that I could be tied up? When the old man came out on his first day? He took out a sword and easily cut the tendon of the cowhide, then tied one end of the rope to the board of the toilet and made a big hole in the board behind the toilet to escape.
The two thieves didn’t know that the people in the toilet had already run away. From time to time, they pulled a rope and felt that people were still in it. Although it took a long time, they didn’t take it too seriously, so that the vegetable slipped away without disturbing people when it was valuable.
A Cai slipped out of the toilet to avoid walking from time to time. Patrol thieves rolled over from flowers, trees and houses along the grass in the courtyard and ran to the shore of the island. The island was covered with deep vegetation.
He succeeded in reaching the shore of the island, but there was a reed swamp in front of him. He walked around the island and found a small bend and docked three ships. But there were five people guarding the three ships, and I’m afraid they would have to be killed to get them.
A Cai adjusted her messy clothes and swaggered over to them with a big smile on her face. "Hey, brothers, it’s really hard. Good afternoon, everyone!"
These thieves are chatting. When they meet Al, they don’t know who he is. Because Al came from the island, their first reaction didn’t treat him as an enemy. Although Al’s clothes were obviously different from them, they greeted Al warmly and responded, "Hey, who are you? How come I have never seen you before? Are you new here? "
A Cai hurriedly said, "It was I who joined recently. Please give me your advice."
And he has approached five water thieves, looking around as if he were here to have a casual look.
The water thieves didn’t react much, so they called him to sit on the edge of the boat and said with a smile, "I want to take a boat to see the island, okay?"
"This leader knows that he will swear."
"No, you don’t say how did he know? How about we stroll around the neighborhood and come back? I don’t know much about the nearby terrain. Anyway, there is nothing to do. Let’s take me around! "
Han, a leader, said, "Why don’t you show this brother around? We can’t all go. We have to stay here in case the leader wants a boat."
A Cai was so happy that he didn’t expect to get it so easily. He jumped into a wooden boat and went to a dull boy with a bamboo pole to paddle the boat out of the water and bend A Cai to the depths of the reeds.
The body of the Chapter 30 Burn the ship
I especially recommend "My Star Road" Long Feiyan.
The wooden boat swung away from the bend of the water and rowed to the depths of the reeds. Looking back, the thieves had been blocked by the reeds, and he was relieved to chat with the two leng.