She nestled in Ni Haodong’s arms, sipping water, her eyes kept turning, her hands clenched tightly into fists, and her mind was heavy. Should she tell Ni Haodong about it when she heard it from the doctor?

Text 4 The little guy is tenacious
"What happened to the two men I smashed?"
Ann looked up and asked him after drinking a few mouthfuls of water.
"Ni Shao, I may"
Ann screwed up her eyebrows and put her hand over her lower abdomen. Suddenly, I caught a glimpse of an Huancheng at the door. Her black eyes blinked wildly. She was wrong. How could Ni Haodong appear in the same box as her brother? She pushed NiHaoDong himself back to the hospital bed, pulled up and left a pair of eyes to narrow An Huancheng. She also tried to make herself and NiHaoDong even less aware of how to face An Huancheng.
"Eyes into the shit? Blink for what? I told you to find a normal job if you quit modeling. Why don’t you listen? I almost died this time! I don’t think you have a long memory this time! " An Huancheng yelled at her and approached Anluo and pulled it again, which made her shrink into the quilt so that he wouldn’t see her.
"Come out and let me see if you are hurt!" An Huancheng growled at the bedside and was moved slowly, tugging at her face and revealing her little face.
"I’m fine."
An Huancheng put his hand into Anluo’s soft long hair, and his rare expression was very serious. He said, "It’s bad that I didn’t prop up this family and let you be wronged."
Anluo listened to the eye socket fever uncle! Don’t be so sensational in front of outsiders!
"Ni Shao, can you let our brother and sister say a few whispers?" Anhuan’s prejudice Ni Haodong has been sitting beside Anluo, never moving and can’t help but swear.
Ni Haodong looked up at An Huancheng and said, "Go ahead, I’m not interested in eavesdropping."
""An Huancheng inclined NiHaoDong at the sight of his roots, there is no evasive meaning. Well, some questions are still reserved before asking, and there is an opportunity. The most important thing is to keep Luoluo healthy and get out of the hospital early with his parents. He can’t hide it for long. If Luoluo doesn’t always go over, his parents will definitely find clues.
An Huancheng’s lip angle flashed a narrow light in his eyes. He threw his mobile phone at her hand and deliberately asked, "Are you still connected with He Yan?" He just called you, and I told him about your injury, and he may be there soon. It’s not bad for you. "
Ann’s eyebrows are trembling. When will her brother’s fear of chaos be changed? She secretly glanced at Ni Haodong’s expression, which seemed to be faint. Generally, he was sitting on the side, concentrating on typing with his mobile phone.
In less than five minutes, An Huancheng’s mobile phone rang. When he looked at the number, his expression became very serious. After picking it up, he respectfully said a few "yes, yes, yes, yes."
It’s a little hard for him to watch Anluo after hanging up. "I have something urgent in the bureau, so let me go back quickly."
"Then you go. Slow down."
"I’ll go and have a look, and then I’ll come and see you when I’m done."
After An Huancheng left, Anluo smiled at Ni Haodong. "Did you get my brother away?"
"It’s me? Isn’t he leading? "
An Luoxiao still overflowed in the lip corner, and NiHaoDong bowed his head and kissed her without taking it back. He was strong and quick to suck her sweet, and her eyelashes trembled, and she stretched out her hand and took hold of his waist and responded gently.
Ann suddenly changed her mind. Once she thought that a male elder brother like Ni Haodong had better stay as far away as possible, but just now she heard the doctor talking in a coma.
A male doctor was surprised and said, "It’s a miracle that the fetus is fine when it falls from such a high place."
Another doctor echoed, "Yes, this little guy is really strong."
She’s pregnant! According to the passage of time, it should be the first time they are pregnant! Without this experience, I’m afraid she would take off the child immediately after she knew she was pregnant and then stay away from Ni Haodong completely at the right time.
But now she won’t do that. What reason does she have to deprive the child of his life for trying so hard to stay in her belly? Anluo felt that she was full of maternity aura when she grew up. She made a bold decision to have him! Whether Ni Haodong will marry her or not, she will try her best to keep him and protect him.
NiHaoDong reached into her patient’s hand, and his kiss gently landed on her earlobe, panting and tempting her. "Why are you so good? Hmm? Miss me? "
"Brother Dong!"
Chen Shuai didn’t knock at the door, pushed the door and came in to see such a scene. I really wish I could poke my eyes! NiHaoDong stared at his eyes and couldn’t wait to chop AnLuo directly, like a mimosa with a red face, shrinking herself into the quilt.
"I have to practice with you more. I don’t think you are in a state when you are loose."
Chen Shuai scratched his head and sneaked to the door with a bitter face and said, "Don’t worry, Brother Dong. I’ll just buy a bottle of pulse later."
"get out!"
"Hey, Brother Dong, the car is ready and the hospital is connected. I’ll go and wait."
Anluowo secretly laughed in the quilt. Ni Haodong covered her face and was lifted to see her smiling face.
"What are you laughing at?" He frowned in doubt.
"I laugh that Chen Shuai is so cute."
Section 29
"Shut up! Is it itchy to say that other men are cute in front of your men? "
When He Yan arrived with a bunch of big red roses in his hand, there was no figure in the ward. He grabbed the nurse who was making the bed and asked, "Where are the patients living here?"
The nurse replied with a smile, "I just left and transferred to another hospital."
I still have some problems. When An Shu got off the bus, he fell asleep again. In the past, the words of He Yan came in and instantly NiHaoDong hung up. A minute later, He sent a letter of He Yan. He said, "Kannika nimtragol, I’m late. It hurts to know that you’re hurt. I’m very worried to see WeChat call me back."
Ni Haodong frowned and stared at this WeChat for a long time, and finally deleted it directly with his thumb.
He was in the most famous heart and brain hospital in Sioux City. She booked a senior vip ward. She strongly stated that she was not in hospital after finishing her illness, but Ni Haodong insisted that she stay for seven days.
There is a feeling of being released from prison on this day of discharge
He took her directly to Longtan Villa, where he lived, and let her sit on the sofa and rest. He personally went to the kitchen to cook soup for her. Looking at his knife posture and expression as serious as a battlefield, he couldn’t help laughing.
"I didn’t expect you to cook for a woman for a day!"
A sarcastic tone broke the warmth of this room, and my heart sank and I turned to look at it.
Text 41 You bastard!
A middle-aged man with a similar appearance to Ni Haodong appeared in her sight.
Ni Haodong came over and stood in front of Anluo and asked, "Uncle, what are you doing here?"
It turned out to be Uncle Ni Haodong! No wonder she thinks they look a little alike! Ann felt that they should have something to say, so she wanted to go upstairs and leave it to them.
Is she hasn’t moved NiYuan bypassed NiHaoDong body in front of the Ann fall eyes look at her.
"Oh, I heard that you have a new lover. I don’t believe it. I didn’t see her today. You just missed Su Lin!" Ni Yuan laughed at An Luo for a while, and suddenly he was stiff all over. His heart seemed to be pricked by a blunt object. What did the two of them say later? She didn’t listen to the sentence "You just want to find her and miss Su Lin!" She is serious. What if Ni Haodong is so serious about her that she can’t refute Ni Yuan? Does this mean that Ni Haodong really doesn’t care about her at all? At this moment, she suffocated and breathed.
"That’s enough!" NiHaoDong came and held Ann fall cold hand cold face to blunt NiYuan growl "SEC. Uncle is in the wrong place? Longtan Mountain Villa is my home. You are not welcome here! "