The words were thrown to the ground, and the emperor’s domineering was exposed.

Nine chicken qiao face a cold laughed "good majesty ~! So domineering ~! I choose a good home, and Jiufeng, accompanied by several witches and spirits, is not lonely … Is it because you two have that thing to keep me? " Speak nine chicken slowly raise delicate and proudly look down at two people.
Burn the lamp and raise the jade ruler in your hand as a pledge to hit Jiufeng and bend your hand into a claw to meet the jade hand. Bring up the filar silk and chill. Burn the lamp and fight in a quiet place where two people fight. Zhuan Xu’s eyesight is to see the figure shaking, not to get angry and explode.
Another explosion, and the two men flew back to Jiufeng’s right shoulder and got a foot of burning lamp, and the left arm was also caught.
Road flyover burning lamp stroked the ice on the wound of his left arm and coughed, "It seems true that Empress Jiufeng got the ancestral witch of Xuan Ming in those days."
Just talking, the right hand waved the jade ruler in the middle and swept it to Jiufeng. The transient length of the ruler was so long that Jiufeng was about to be broken into two pieces.
Nine chicken ready eyes flashed a disdainful left hand punch boom although it was a few steps back, but great power will also burn the lamp to make his hands numb.
The burning lamp is surprised that Jiufeng sneers into the burning lamp ear. "The road flyover burning lamp has such a trick. Can you make a ruler in your hand or something secret?" Even if you don’t know that this treasure is burning a lamp at you, few people will take it lightly. Ha ha ha ha … "
Nine chicken saw the victory in sight and laughed at the sky. At this moment, a gray light smoke brushed Zhuan Xu and pulled out his waist and shook out several swords to attack nine chicken.
Jiufeng was caught off guard and missed the right shoulder sideways, or was hit by a sword. Suddenly, Jiufeng was wounded and injured in his right arm by a violent shock wave. The whole right arm was almost unconscious. He looked at people with horror and asked, "Are you from?"
The bearer replied leisurely with a ceremony, "Being original and teaching Taiyi has seen Jiufeng Empress."
At this time, Jiufeng has suppressed the firm but gentle and breathed a long sigh of relief. "It turned out that it was realized from Pangu Zan’s firm but gentle. What’s the name of this?"
Taiyi reality indifferently said, "It’s called Taiyi Gang Qi."
Jiufeng praised, "It’s not bad. I didn’t expect to explain teaching and you are such a talented person. I often hear people say that Penglai Gate is surprised and only admires you, and it’s not bad."
Is it only natural to be a genius … Taiyi’s reality is indifferent, and the dragon golden whip with blue light comes to mind.
At this time, before the Taoist priest recovered, he said, "Jiufeng, you are not bad. Everyone in the world practices Xuan Ming’s magical powers, but unexpectedly you still have a strong and powerful magical power."
Jiufeng sneered and disdained, "It must be hidden that everyone knows that Jiufeng was born in a strong tribe, but you are ignorant."
Burning the lamp is as fresh as turning the wall. The pseudo-gentleman smiled and was laughed at by Jiufeng, saying, "Let’s talk less and see each other."
Taiyi reality also vibrates the sword and lights in his hand to attack Jiufeng.
Chapter seventy The third brother
Burning the lamp and measuring the sky ruler, Taiyi Tengjian should deal with two opponents who are a few miles apart at the same time. Even the ancient Wu Jiufeng was killed in a hurry and suddenly got a foot in the lamp.
Nine chicken was knocked down by dust and coughed up a few mouthfuls of blood. Zhuan Xu flew to the front of nine chicken and looked down at her. Her eyes were full of pity. The original elegant and long stick on her forehead was a little harsh and deep red, and it was particularly weak to be stained with dust again.
Zhuan Xu was about to say something. A Sandy jade handprint was overbearing on his chest, and mana poured into his body, wantonly destroying everything. Zhuan Xu suddenly spit out one mouthful blood and fell to the ground.
Day two people fell to burn the lamp and flew out of the measuring ruler to hit Zhuan Xu at Jiufeng. Zhang stopped in front of Jiufeng and looked at the lamp indifferently and said, "The teacher let him go."
The other three people in the field were startled. Nine chicken one leng flew away through the cover of Zhuan Xu.
The burning lamp looked straight at Zhuan Xu’s eyes and said, "Do you know what you are doing?"
Zhuan Xu turned and watched Jiufeng leave and breathed a long sigh of relief and said, "I’m very conscious, teacher. Now that the overall situation has been decided, a Jiufeng can’t change anything. I’m sure you know very well that since I acceded to the throne, I have always been a woman who is high above the interests of the king. Let me consider all the basis … Let me be a woman for the first time …"
Burning the lamp, staring at Zhuan Xu’s back, shaking his head is a big difference for Zhuan Xu? Can’t understand these yourself? Or …
Taiyi reality returned Teng Jian to Zhuan Xu and said, "All things have been decided to be original." Micro-records set foot on Xiangyun to leave.
Zhuan Xu handed Teng Jian to the burning lamp and smiled, "The teacher is a failed king, so I won’t go back. Please give this sword to Kun and tell him that Zhuan Xu fought hard and fled, and he would manage the day." He paused and passed a thrilling deep red face, and immediately gathered it up and continued, "He is still young and troubled. When the teacher wants more students, he will find a buried place to bid farewell to the teacher."
With that, I leaned down and walked away with a ceremony to light the lamp, and my steps were erratic and I couldn’t say how easy it was.
Yang Jian finally set foot on Penglai Island’s apprentice. Since childhood, he has often heard that his mother in the holy land is going to be stronger and waiting for me …
The cloud patted Yang Jian on the shoulder and smiled, "What are you thinking? Come with me to visit the teacher." He said that he was busy going to Yang Jian along the forest path.
Before they walked in the Sun Palace, there was a silent saying to the cloud in front of the palace, saying, "I’ve seen a big brother, a teacher and a martial uncle order me to come and greet them and order me to go to the throne without informing them."
The cloud should move forward and say, "Is ShiShu back? I went to visit. "
Silent words say with smile "more than that, there are plans to recruit two demon saints to hear that the teacher has to accept his brother’s special congratulations." Then he turned and caught a glimpse of Yang Jian.
The cloud is also smiling back. Yang Jian is indifferent as marble. There is no fluctuation in his handsome face expression.
"Visit the teacher, ShiShu met the two Great Sages". Before entering the main hall, Yunzhong saluted all the people in the temple.
6 long cool nodded and stretched out his hand in the cloud ceremony 6 pressure smile plan MengYing recruit two people are hurriedly reciprocate have turned their attention to stand at the door of the temple indifferent man.
The cloud said to Yang Jian, "Don’t visit the teacher yet."
Yang Jian looked at the young man from the moment he stepped into the Sun Palace. He attacked Tsing Yi without any momentum or mana fluctuation, and he didn’t see it at all. Compared with the man with similar face around him, he seemed to be more like a top in the Three Realms.
In the eyes of everyone, the first few steps were cold and said, "Can you make me stronger?"
Everyone was startled. Only for six long, they were indifferent and silent.
"Can you save your mother by worshipping your teacher?" Yang Jian continued.
6 long silence still sitting silent 6 pressure frowned meter MengYing recruit two people is glared at Yang Jian stuffy hum a huge coercion to Yang Jian chung.
Cloud center cuhk nasty drink a way "bold don’t visit the teacher? !”
After 6 years of looking at stubbornness and standing upright, a faint appreciation passed through Yang Jian’s eyes. He reached out and stopped the cloud and said to Yang Jian, "How much you can achieve by worshiping my teacher depends on your own efforts. Do you understand this?"
Yang Jian kept a close eye on the 6-year-old mind for a while, as if heaven and earth were pressing on their knees with a soft thump, saying, "Brother Yang Jian visited the teacher for his previous disrespect and asked the teacher to punish him."
6 long show smile nodded meter MengYing recruit two people face also ease.