"I’m sorry, Lu Xia. I heard that Ji Yu said that he was going to Italy to study. He made a claim and booked three air tickets." Yuan Hong blinked at Lu Xia, and his tone was soft.

Liu Xia caught a glimpse of Yuan Hong and complained, "Who knows whether you are interested or not, but where you two love to travel is your business. I won’t play along with Jiyumen, do you hear?"
At this time, Liu Xia’s heart was occupied by anger. These two dogs and men are too shameless. Let’s sing together. Does Liu Xia’s language have no temper? Although it is agreed that it will no longer be a matter of season and who, at least dignity can’t be trampled on.
"You want a car in Lu Xia’s language, but I can tell you that I won’t attend the birthday party." For Lu Xia’s excited expression, Ji Yu’s face is still flat, but his words are threatening and cold.
Sure enough, Ji Yu’s words had an effect. Liu Xia’s words stopped moving and his expression was sluggish. The man had promised her to have dinner with her, but now he threatened her to trample on her.
Lu Xia’s language hand tightly wrote the skirts, and his heart was full of resentment. Seeing that Lu Xia’s language stopped so crazy, he immediately started the engine and headed for the airport. It was difficult to be resentful in his heart. Lu Xia could squeeze his arm again and again by self-mutilation, hoping to calm his anger with physical pain.
This is since the abortion of Lu Xia’s language. Keep a clear head and calm mind. She has to suffer physical pain again and again to cover up what she has suffered in her heart. In her body, there are many bruises and knife marks. All these seasons are unknown to all the people.
Along the way, Ji Yu and Yuan Hong seem to have restrained themselves without making too many intimate moves, but their eye contact is like stabbing Lu Xia’s eyes with handfuls of arrows. Lu Xia forced himself to close his eyes, hoping to enter his dream in these four minutes without being worried by these two annoying dog men and women.
After boarding the plane, Lu Xiayu sat behind Yuan Hong and Ji Yu, and there were three of them in the whole first class. It seems that Ji Yu has packed the first class.
"Hello, would you like something to drink, miss?" The well-trained crew showed their white teeth to Yuan Hong.
"Let’s have two lattes first, one with sugar and one without sugar. It’s my boyfriend." Yuan Hong said freely to the passengers. Of course, the boyfriend she was referring to was Ji Yu.
I’m afraid Yuan Hong is alone in front of other people’s wives who claim to be boyfriends. It’s shameless to think that Liu Xia is indignant, but Yuan Hong really knows Ji Yu’s habits and even knows what kind of coffee he likes. On the other hand, she really doesn’t know what kind of dishes Ji Yu likes and drinks, but it doesn’t matter if she knows it now, does it? Then she is so shameless that she decides to shift her position to the last row.
Sitting in the last row, Lu Xiayu tilted her seat and told her sister to put on an eye patch and get ready to fall asleep.
As soon as Lu Xia left Ji Yu, the horse pulled it tightly on his arm and said coldly, "It’s not going to be played now."
Also Liu Xia language is simply a toilet, but he frequently looked at the palm watch and corner unconsciously drifted back Yuan Hong. "She has been sitting in the last position and fell asleep."
Although Yuan Hong doesn’t know what happened to Ji Yu and Liu Xia, she is still secretly glad to have this opportunity to get in close contact with Ji Yu. Of course, she also knows that even though Ji Yu and Liu Xia have been at odds, she still loves landing Xia Yu, but she is just stimulating Liu Xia to play a chess game. Sometimes she is jealous of what charm Lu Xia has hidden in her body to make Ji Yu so deeply in love.
"Hello, miss, wake up. I’m sorry." The passenger bent down in front of Lu Xia’s position and whispered Lu Xia’s words in a deep sleep.
Liu Xia’s eyes are wide open, and she has a face of apology at present, and she has some doubts.
Seeing that Lu Xia’s language has woken up, the crew judo "I’m sorry, miss, you can’t sit here. Would you please go back to your seat?"
Liu Xia winked and asked, "Will there be guests here later?"
The passenger’s expression was sluggish and apologetic. "No, miss, but this place is covered by a gentleman. You can’t sit here without the permission of that gentleman."
At the bottom of my foot, I want to know who the passenger said that the gentleman meant. Liu Xia Yu Nai got up and walked in the direction of the toilet. This man is really enough. I have to ask her where to watch their love performance. Liu Xia Yu has just woken up. It’s really annoying to be woken up by people. The taste is really bad
After walking into the toilet, Liu Xia language sat the toilet lid on the head cabin. The toilet was fairly clean. Even if she was hiding in the toilet, she didn’t want to go out and face the disgusting king egg of Ji Yu. Liu Xia language was sleepy and leaned against the toilet wall to continue to finish. She had not finished the big thing and slept.
This woman is really enough to hide from him, and now she stays in the toilet and doesn’t want to come out.
"Hit it" Ji Yu’s face is cold and his eyes are like knives staring at the passengers.
The passenger’s face is reluctant. Is it "this"
"She has been in for two hours. Do you think it is difficult to open this door now?" Ji Yu said coldly.
After thinking for a moment, the passenger finally found the key and beat the toilet door.
Welcome to Ji Yu’s eyes turned out to be Liu Xia language sitting in the toilet and fell asleep. At this moment, he was really angry and distressed. He strolled forward and picked up Liu Xia language and said to the passengers beside him, "You can go."
The crew looked at Ji Yu’s back at a loss, and their hearts were full of doubts. These three people are really strange. Who is the girlfriend of this cold and handsome man? She is a little confused.
Gently put Liu Xia language into the back seat, Ji Yu also sat down beside her, quietly hubris her for half a ring before he left Liu Xia language and returned to his seat.
Lu Xia, who was awakened by hunger, opened her eyes and found herself back in her seat with a blanket. Why does he suddenly treat her well every time she wants to hate this man?
"Miss, this is your dinner." When the crew saw Liu Xia, they immediately brought the food, snacks and juice that had already been prepared to Liu Xia.
Liu Xia nodded. You’re welcome. She’s really hungry. Now she won’t go to explore whether it’s the season or the crew’s intimate preparation.
w w w
After an hour’s flight, the plane landed firmly at YouMisino Airport. After the plane landed, someone had already waited there for Jiyu, and the three of them took a commercial car and went to the hotel directly.
Rome is particularly cold in winter, especially in January, the outdoor temperature is 6 degrees, which is much colder than that in A city. Although the commercial cars have been tuned, they are naturally afraid of cold. Lu Xia still feels very cold, and Lu Xia can’t help but cringe.
It’s already 1 o’clock in the morning because of the time difference. Lu Xia took the room card and luggage and hurried behind the man who received them.
As the man guided Liu Xia language into his room, Liu Xia language hurried into the room, turned out his pajamas from his suitcase and walked into the bathroom.
Lu Xia language only came to observe the hotel facilities after washing away a whole body of fatigue. The whole room made Lu Xia language seem to have an illusion of time, as if it had returned to the luxurious crystal lamps of ancient Rome in the first century, the ancient striped bedside decorated with European retro tables and chairs, and a portrait of an ancient Roman knight inlaid on both sides of the bedside. All this does not show the Italian aristocratic demeanor:
Chapter 7 Douyan
Lu Xia Yu took out his mobile phone, plugged in the charger and then connected his mobile phone. It was strange that some episodes happened, and I forgot to call Linda’s sister. I thought that I would see Linda’s sister early in the morning. Lu Xia Yu forgot all the unhappiness that happened before.
However, it’s past two o’clock now, or I woke up early in the morning to contact Sister Linda, but she doesn’t know the secret of this trip at all, so she always feels that she is really terrible in handling work, but Ji Yu always doesn’t play by common sense, and she can’t care so much. Come and be safe.
The jet lag really made people sleepy. Lu Xia fell asleep until the first day and the next day. Happy mobile phone Ling woke her up from her dream. Lu Xia rubbed her eyes and quickly picked up her mobile phone from the bedside and said "hello" in a hoarse voice.
"Give me one minute to wash up and then come to the first floor of the hotel." It was obvious that he was already very angry when there was a sharp voice in the receiver.
The spirit of Liu Xia’s language was immediately invigorated by this sharp sound. She immediately said "Oh" and hung up.
Looking at the wall, the European clock is already 11 o’clock. No wonder Ji Yu lost his temper. She overslept. Who told this plane to sit for a whole day? Lu Xia quickly got up and went to the bathroom, then washed and changed quickly.
After Liu Xia’s language was put in order, he just wanted to leave the room. He suddenly paused and thought for half an hour. After that, Liu Xia’s language turned back to the dresser. Why do you always let others take the lead while you always have to be willing to put on the peak? Isn’t she just charming? So can she.
Liu Xia took out some makeup from the suitcase and quickly put it on the dresser. How long did she care about her appearance? She looked pale in the mirror and brought some sallow. Her eyes were hollow and her eyes were weeping. Her heart secretly said, Is this her original self? No wonder Yuan Hong looked at her eyes so cocky. Who would care about a yellow-faced rival in love?
Lu Xiayu first applied some lotion to her skin, then applied some cream, and then went to a series of processes such as foundation and powder cake. All the sallow on her face was blocked, but this was not enough. She also did detailed treatment on her eyes. Although she applied it to her face as quickly as possible, makeup was really a technical job. It took two whole minutes.
Looking at the mirror, my skin is fair, my eyes are bright, my cheeks are red, and my lips are like flowers. I am satisfied with Lu Xia’s language. I look left and right, but I always feel that there is still something missing. That is, my clothes are aware of this. Lu Xia Ma turned over her suitcase because she brought some clothes and didn’t study the weather in Rome carefully before coming. The clothes she brought were also in accordance with the weather zone in A city.
Sighing, Lu Xia decided to wear this suit. Keeping warm is the most important thing, and there is no other way. We can see if we can buy some clothes in Rome. Lu Xia’s black hair is venting and he wears a white scarf. Just when he wants to go out, there is a quick knock at the door.
Liu Xia language Mr Make signal with the lips quickly hit the door and sure enough Ji Yu looked very angry with a cold face outside the door.
"Liu Xia language if you come to work with this attitude, you can go back." Ji Yu closed his sexy lips and said that the whole facial features were still that high and cold.