Say that finish to jinfeng arched his hand, although his tone is sincere, but jinfeng is ungrateful. This guy is serious and begging for help, which makes jinfeng very unhappy. She is cold and faint. "I can help you with this matter. Who asked Empress Xuan Ming to entrust us to look after this child?" But that depends on what you give.

Don’t say that your knowledge is good, but he is the only child of the sage’s brother, Empress Xuan Ming. Can this knowledge be less? What can you get if you send something? His magic weapon now is innate or made by saints. What do you think can impress him? Besides, the reason for this is that you took the sun as your home in advance, and it’s hard to resolve it! "
Emperor Guangdi’s face was a little heavy, and he knew that this was the case, but it was still embarrassing to be singled out by Jinfeng. However, at the thought that this matter was really difficult, he thought for a moment, shook his hand, put away the two angels, and then released six treasures in the middle road. "The six things here are the best things I can take out. I taught the door and created the [Light Bible] to give to the fairy and one to give to him.
I have taught many principles and spells in it, that is, the Virgin, the Saint and the seven angels with titles. No one else has ever thought of it. I can learn from the other two crosses for him and the fairy. The other two crosses are two miniature flying machines called the Cross Boat. The manufacturing technology is the same as the angel manufacturing method. I got them from another world and sent them to him and the fairy respectively.
In addition, there are 100,000 angel embryos in each Cross Boat, all of which are unborn and unformed. You can activate them according to the [Light Bible] spell to make them fight or help angels according to your will. Although they are all fairy-level, it is not easy to make this thing, but no one has sent it to us. There are the Virgin and seven angels with titles in our door.
One of the last two holy grails contains all kinds of materials I collected from the era of the wild, and I collected all kinds of exotic things and materials from another world outside the universe and sent them to you separately. These things should be enough for the fairy to help and compensate us for being rude to him and redeem these two guys, right? "
Jin Fenggang wanted to continue talking about Nu Wa Niangniang suddenly chuckled, "Since the Emperor is so generous, it’s just a little thing that has been revealed. Although this incident was an accident, it is also an opportunity. If it wasn’t for this, the Emperor wouldn’t have come to my place to sit here. I want to leave many years of creation and present. Why don’t we talk about it, Jin Feng? You put these things away and go back and talk about it!"
Jinfeng knew that the empress had agreed not to push too hard, and she also knew that all these things were good, but she was a little greedy when she saw them. She could take the Bible and give everything else to Song Changgeng, otherwise she would not return the favor but really be a lobbyist. I wonder if Song Changgeng was satisfied? He didn’t know how he was refined in the chaos tripod.
Chapter six hundred and ninety-two Tidy up the money
At this time, Song Changgeng didn’t know what was going on outside. He was thrown into the tripod by Nu Wa. Although Nu Wa gave protection to the defensive ball, in this loneliness, he tried many ways and couldn’t get out. Even the protective ball couldn’t be broken. He cultivated a stable spiritual realm and sorted out his own possessions while practicing.
In fact, he sorted out a lot of his own things, inherited a few treasures from the sorrow door at first, and then got various treasures one after another, including ancient Taoism, Buddhism and Mohism. Finally, he was picked and refined by the master of Tongtian Saint in the light, and many of them were finally left behind but experienced the help of newborn mothers, which can be divided into nine categories.
The first category is to take root. Of course, the "life is true", "spiritual brand" and soul all belong to this category. These are his roots. Other things can be destroyed, but these can’t be destroyed. Without Song Changgeng, this person will be erased from the world. In fact, this is the root of life.
The second category is’ Chaos Fetus’. This baby is condensed from the essence of Pangu’s spinal column. It is vast and has yin and yang airflow, which can absorb external forces and transform them into yin and yang aura. The power that can last forever is that saints have to be greedy when they see it. Unfortunately, they know that there are only three people. This is his root baby and it belongs to the unique’ magic weapon of life’.
At the same time, it is also his "true spirit" and "spiritual brand" and his soul’s sustenance. If this "chaotic embryo" does not break the true spirit and spiritual brand of Song Changgeng, it will be destroyed, that is, the flesh will be lost and other treasures will be lost. With this baby, everyone can go, especially the ability of Yin and Yang to attack and defend. It is wonderful that the circulation of Yin and Yang can weaken each other and strengthen themselves.
The third category is’ Golden Tortoise Yuan Shen’, which is not a human form. Because his mother Xuan Ming’s body idea is too strong, he Yuan Shen, especially his inheritance of Xuan Ming’s merits and other strengths, is out of his own control, that is, he didn’t know what the Yuan Shen has in it. He really didn’t want to release this turtle-shaped Yuan Shen.
But after this war, he didn’t know that there was even a mother Xuan Ming in the Yuan God who left herself a white Yuan God. These white Yuan gods have great power and rich knowledge, but they can strengthen themselves without mental imprints. The strange mother said that they don’t lack anything, that is, you can absorb and digest them all yourself. Now it looks really good.
Not to mention the fact that Bai Yuanshen can raise himself to the primary level of pick Jin Xian in a seal, other things can be imagined. He is really grateful to his mother when he thinks that he is not afraid of Yuan Shen’s injury, but he also knows that these are secondary things. What he really needs to do is to digest and absorb all these things into his own part, otherwise the baby will always be himself.
The fourth category is’ Jade Butterfly Gourd’. In fact, the name is that he just started to feel that the green gourd seems to be in this chaos, but no matter how he calls it, he can’t call it back. He can feel that the gourd and the little girl inside are evolving, and even he can’t get out of the situation and call it back to the magic weapon, but it seems that there should be no big problem.
The thought that this magic weapon is four innate spiritual roots’ gourd vines’, seven gourds and one’ green gourd’ as the shell, inside which are four innate spiritual roots’ hibiscus tree’, the residual roots and the newborn hibiscus tree, and the soul that presided over it is her own original ice silkworm in Mangcang Mountain. She sacrificed her body and freedom to make an associated magic weapon for herself. Her name is’ Jade Butterfly Hulu’.
In the wonderful magic circle of mother Xuan Ming, the two spiritual roots were connected together, and the changes of Yin and Yang were integrated into one, and all kinds of living Venus golden fruits were absorbed and sealed in the original’ Jiu Ning Ding’
They are integrated with the hibiscus tree, controlled by the little girl, and can automatically produce new creatures. Even the original nine-tripod many ancient life in the wild have been upgraded, and the life of’ Qinglong Changsheng wood blade’ has been transformed into the fairy strength of Ziwei Tianlong Yuanying, and the life of Asura Magic Soldiers can be said to be strong
But these, together with the hibiscus trees, are all in the big ball of the gourd, and in the small ball of the two balls of the gourd, and they absorb the sun and really cremate all kinds of fire life. Although it is still very simple, the attack power is not strong, but sometimes Song Changgeng believes that my girl will be able to make these fire life sacrifices stronger and become her greatest help.
However, I didn’t look carefully before, but now I have a closer look. It turns out that the Jade Butterfly Gourd occupies the original "Floating Bone Beads" which is the special alveoli in my left chest, and the "Floating Bone Beads" together with the magic weapons inside are thrown into the special magic weapon black gourd by my mother to see if my mother doesn’t like these death or magic weapons.
The fifth category is "Magic Wuding", which is named because Song Chang-geng, after studying it, found that the original innate magic weapon Yu Wang Jiuding-Jinding refining baby had a hundred-mile diameter and was solid as a whole, so it was a little too little to put the innate treasure "Purple Hammer", "Tongtian Broken Sword" and "Green Snake" in the right chest.
Although Purple Hammer can restrain all kinds of evil spirits and the hammer body can move all kinds of attacks and can evolve, its function is not very strong. Compared with the killing root of the’ Tongtian Broken Sword’, Song Changgeng still thinks that this sword is very suitable for him, although there is no worst magic weapon.
It’s that’ Green Snake’, which is condensed and can be changed at will by several true water elites presented by mother. It’s a very good weapon. Compared with another weapon, this’ Green Snake’ is a little more changed, but it’s still less to install such three weapons in such a big size. Song Chang-geng felt that it would affect things, so he put the 36 highest day, bones, ghosts and four evil complications in it.
In this way, the heavenly sage intercepted and taught the spell-clearing foundation, combined with the cultivation method of Buddhism in the twenty-four heavens, and the auxiliary integration method of magic teaching and magic, and became 991 yuan babies’ strength, bones and ghosts merged into a skull, and 2916 bones and ghosts condensed out 36 plough bones and ghosts, so that they could be brought out of the body at any time as before.
At the same time, the four evils of "Xuan Yin Refines Soul", "Bones Are Wonderful", "Blood Charms Yin Bing" and "Hundred Poisons and Emperors" can also be released in the future. Although Song Changgeng himself can add consciousness to refining and strengthening them, although these magic weapons are not of high grade, they are quantitative and auxiliary, and sometimes they are still very good. After all, they can’t come.
The sixth category is’ undead flesh’. He has carefully observed his body. There are many secrets in the newly born body, such as twenty-four seals in the spine. It is only after a little detection that he knows that his mother has left her life-saving strength and these are faster than other bodies. It is nothing to recover from injuries and regenerate limbs.
Moreover, Song Chang-geng showed a phenomenon that made him laugh and cry. After the freshman, he even practiced the’ Nine Turn Xuangong’, before completing the first turn, the foundation changed, but the second turn turned into nine changes. But the second turn turned out to be the tortoise shape, which made Song Chang-geng really laugh and cry. Not only did Yuan Shen become a tortoise, but even his body could be changed.
Although the’ Nine-turn Xuangong’ changed from nine to nine-nine-eleven, it was able to achieve true immortality, and the fairy began to practice. With the help of the flesh, it can be transformed into birds, animals, fish, insects, flowers, grass, trees, men and women, and the physical strength has also increased a lot.
And each change can generate a life nucleus in the alveoli of the body. Each life nucleus is equal to one more life, which is equal to one more life. After the eleven changes of the elixir, the nine-turn Xuanzhu can be formed, and then it can be freely changed at will. This second turn Xuangui change is nothing, but now there are two changes, which is more conspicuous.
The seventh category, of course, is to protect the body.’ Mirror Armor of Heaven for Science’ was originally a set of golden armor refined by a celestial sage. There is no helmet, body armor and arm armor, and even boots. The form of body armor is a bit like western body armor, but it is more beautiful, smooth and close-fitting. At first, Song Changgeng felt that this armor was very similar to the saint’s golden holy clothes in later comics.
Later, after the new life, mother Xuan Ming added tortoise shell essence and helmet, and even recovered automatically after being stabbed in the shoulder by an’ angel’. Now, it still looks like the glittering jade texture and beautiful mysterious pattern, showing it to the world, but in Song Changgeng’s view, this new armor needs refining, because its defense can be broken.
The first category is the Ruyi Cloud Belt, which has several functional magic weapons, such as Five Flying Clouds Beads, Qingyun Beads, Clouds Beads, Splendid Clouds and Clothes Beads, and the Dharma Order, the Heaven Order, the Call Order and the Secret Order. It should be said that it is very good. After all, this thing is auxiliary and has many functions, such as the Dharma Order.
The ninth category is black and white two’ Gankun Gourds’. The original gourds are two. One is to change to a Lingjiao Palace at Yinchan Reef in the East China Sea. Later, it was refined by Tongtian Saint and his mother Xuan Ming, and the array inside was consolidated. More things are loaded. It is a daily life that each gourd has more than ten thousand meters of white gourds.
Those’ exquisite jade que’, all kinds of pills and other refining raw materials of alchemy furnace medicine cabinet, etc. also include those, all kinds of living clothes, kitchen utensils, tables, chairs, cups and plates, drinks, tea, wine, pulp, food and snacks, etc. And the black gourd is filled with all kinds of jade charms and Leizhu’s’ seven wonders of the stars’, some magic weapons that have nothing to do with it. After this new life, many things have been put by my mother, and the quality is very good.
Chapter six hundred and ninety-three Mountains and rivers country
After sorting out his possessions, Song Chang-geng had a definite understanding of his own things, and he was faced with the current problem. He was trapped here and couldn’t get out. I really don’t know what to do. He just wanted to test his baby and see the performance of all kinds of magic weapons. Suddenly he felt a wave of fluctuation outside, and before he could react, he saw a green light rushing into his shield.
Song Chang-geng wanted to fight back, but suddenly he stopped because he felt a sense of intimacy from the green light. In an instant, the green light entered the body. He didn’t know that it turned out to be a green gourd. Just now, the gourd experience also entered his head. Song Chang-geng had guessed from its description and his own experience that Nu Wa was behind him. As soon as he put the gourd away and comforted the little girl, he felt that the surrounding area fluctuated again.
After the grating changes around, I feel as if I have fallen to the ground. When I look up, I can see that the jade beams and columns around me are magnificent. Obviously, it is a palace. Before he can see it clearly, I heard a familiar voice saying, "What are you looking at?" If you don’t come and give the Empress a gift, you can toss it into this kind in a blink of an eye. If you didn’t have the help of the Empress, you would have had an accident now. "
Song Chang-geng looked up and saw that Feng-xian Jin was not far away. Next to her was a misty jade couch. A beautiful woman was looking at herself with a smile on her face. Song Chang-geng was surprised that he had never felt a strong breath or even a breath of life until now. If he hadn’t seen it with his eyes, he wouldn’t know that someone was in front of him.
When Jin Feng called the Empress, he immediately knew who the other party was. He quickly tidied up his clothes and bowed respectfully. Then he solemnly said, "It turned out that it was Nu Wa Empress. Please forgive me for being careless and reckless. She always said that she would come to see the Empress and prepare gifts. Although the Empress wouldn’t care, it was also an expression of our people’s wishes. I don’t want to see you here in a hurry. Please forgive her."
As soon as Nu Wa raised his hand, Song Chang-geng couldn’t help but get up from the ground. He didn’t force himself to get up. Then he listened to Nu Wa’s kindness and clear voice, "Get up. I don’t have so many etiquette gifts here, and it’s good that you don’t have to mind it. Because something happened, Jinfeng will tell you."
Song Chang Gung felt that he had done the ceremony and wanted to be humble. Just listen to Jinfeng’s side saying, "We don’t need these gifts. To make a long story short, just now the Emperor Guangdi was coming, and it was also to avoid being known by other saints that the Empress put you in the chaotic tripod for the time being, so that you can help hide the magic weapon while refining it."
You know, Empress, you have done everything you can to hide your trace, but it can’t be hidden much. When you inherited everything from Empress Xuan Ming, there are many things that Empress can do. That’s all. I sent your magic weapon to Chaos Ding for refining because you once set up a temple for Empress. Empress thanked you.
I helped you cover up because of the friendship between Empress Xuan Ming and our Empress. Now Empress Xuan Ming entrusted me to send you to the mountain and river country map for a year, and Lishan River country map has a function that allows you to practice in it. Don’t disappoint Empress’s thoughts. Empress can help you. After coming out of the map, it’s up to you.
It’s the most basic function that the innate Lingbao’s’ Landscape of Mountains and Rivers’ creates illusion and traps creatures. In fact, there is another function that can absorb aura and accumulate a quantity in it. If the empress, the master, personally casts spells to seal this treasure for one year, it will be 365 times faster in one year, and one day outside is equal to one year.
This time, I’ll let you in and give you some magic tricks and magic pills. One year is 365 years outside, and there are magic tricks and magic tricks. How can your strength rise to the perfect state of picking Jin Xian?
But as soon as this function comes out, you can’t accumulate a huge aura in this treasure for a yuan meeting, so everything will be consumed. You and Emperor Guangdi have just been here and sent you some treasures. I hope you won’t pursue angel affairs. Now that you are in a lot of trouble, don’t make more troubles. The empress has promised to help you. Has this matter been revealed?