Xiao’s family has been in the limelight, and the four top forces still dare not move. Xiao’s family knows when they will take action. Xiao’s family can’t wait and die, and can’t completely expect Gu Dajie to stay in defense. Xiao Lingyu knows very well that unless it is strong enough to shock the four top forces, it is impossible to achieve real security.

The ancient elder sister has gone, and Sun Dasheng has shown that it is impossible to be a guard for the Xiao family. The Xiao family can count on their own.
It’s hard to forge a star dome Dan in a short time, so it’s impossible for Xiao family to have a star pole summit master. Then Xiao family has to have more star pole masters, especially Xiao Lingyu himself must advance to the star pole as soon as possible.
It is the best choice for Xiao’s rapidly growing team of celestial masters to hunt celestial beasts in the Tianxing Forest.
Xiao Lingyu’s wives have the same foundation as before Milling. What they lack is the astral boundary, which can be solved by the celestial beast’s life beads.
After flying for more than ten years, the bowl-shaped magic weapon entered the Star Forest. It did not stop, but continued to fly to the depths of the Star Forest.
It took Xiao Lingyu a thousand years to put away the bowl-shaped magic weapon. The Star Forest is so vast that it takes a long time for even the bowl-shaped magic weapon to fly into the depths of the Star Forest.
First, we chose a valley surrounded by several mountains to stop, and then Xiao Lingyu arranged a large array. Then the center of this large array searched all directions for traces of the star-studded beasts.
Hundreds of Xiao Wei divided into ten teams, and each team didn’t move very fast. Their current combat effectiveness would not be in danger unless they met the star beast in the polar region or the star herd with a large number. If they met these two special situations, they would retreat decisively.
However, if it is too bad, they may not escape if they encounter a star beast with extremely fast speed or a star beast with too strong strength. The best result is to persist until reinforcements arrive, and the worst result is to be killed several times.
Everyone is prepared for this. Xiao’s family lets them worry about it after practicing, and naturally needs them to take risks when necessary.
But Xiao promised that Xiao would do everything to make every Xiao Wei advance to the star pole.
The great temptation of those with strong stars also makes them willing to take risks. It is not very likely that they will meet the powerful Star Beasts in the depths of the real danger of Star Forest. However, because it is very close to the core area of Star Forest, ordinary Star Beasts dare not get too close to it, and there are few groups of Star Beasts here.
After waiting for nearly a hundred years, it was finally that the star beast was attracted by a Xiao Wei detachment
This Xiao Wei was ten monks when he went out, but when he came back, three of them lost most of their lives, and even these three were seriously injured.
Although this star-polar star beast entered the array, it was even crazier than before. Unfortunately, when it was bombarded in the array, it was hidden in the array, and it was sneaked on. Xiao Lingyu soon lost his life and left a life bead.
Soon after, other Xiao Wei teams came back one after another, but one team brought back a star-studded beast, but these nine Xiao Wei teams actually lost nearly 50 Xiao Wei.
Chapter 11 Ann Hunting Law
? But Xiao promised that Xiao would do everything to make every Xiao Wei advance to the star pole.
The great temptation of those with strong stars also makes them willing to take risks.
It’s not in the real danger depth of Tianxing Forest, and it’s unlikely that it will encounter a powerful Tianxing beast, but because it’s close to the core area of Tianxing Forest, it’s very common Tianxing beast.
Chapter 12 Xiao Wei’s first war
? It is not enough to have a star beast’s life bead, but every star beast also has a star-shining fire. Although it is a demon fire, it can also be used by monks if refining.
However, refining Star Beast Demon Fire is dangerous and the possibility of failure is great. For this, Xiao family, who is rich and has the power to ban the array, still has a safe way to proceed …
Chapter 13 Star Beastmaster 1
? There are three powerful star-polar star-studded beasts brought into the kill array by Shine. Unfortunately, these three animals look almost like two star-studded beasts. They can be combined together, not only with strong defense, but also with strong attack power. The kill array arranged by Xiao Lingyu is almost against them.
Xiao Lingyu decisively gave up blocking array while …
Chapter 14 Star Beastmaster 2
? Shine the Eye of the Ghost makes the strength of the Star Beast weaken a lot in the very late stage of the star, and it is difficult for the Star Beast to exert its great power even if it is furious. It can’t get rid of the devouring power of Shine Eye Avatar and the constraints of Taiji Diagram.
However, Shine and Taiji can limit the star beast in the late stage, but the root method will destroy the star beast in the late stage. The defense of the star beast is too strong.
In order to win this battle, it is one of the necessary means to divide the three-star beast. Xiao Lingyu and Xiao Wei also need to destroy one of them as soon as possible.
Now the two Xiao Wei brigades are all occupied by the wind, and they will keep bombarding like this for two days, and the star beast will certainly not last long.
In the middle of the two-star polar period, the star beast seems to realize this. After persisting for a while, they frantically impacted the two Xiao Wei formations and tried to get together again to improve their combat effectiveness.
"Stop! They must be blocked! " Xiao Lingyu’s earth woke up to Xiao Wei. In two days, the star beast went crazy and hit the position. Xiao Lingyu, Milling and Lu Jian were all personally blocking the rest Xiao Wei and constantly moving over to help.
Stellar beams rushed to Xiao Lingyu and Xiao Wei with thick crazy momentum, and even if they were blocked, there would be no small damage.
Although in Xiao Lingyu, three people tried their best to resist the impact of the starlight beam and the star beast, which also made Xiao Wei injured constantly. Then Xiao Wei was blown up and crashed, and then those who had the fighting power immediately re-entered the bloody battle and lost their fighting power were immediately given a pale green liquid to recover quickly.
Xiao Wei’s fighting passion is ignited at this critical moment. If they don’t fight hard, they will not only be looked down upon, but also have no hope of escape.
Meet the brave in the narrow road and win. Nowadays, the struggle is to see who is braver. Some three-star beasts are already struggling. Can Xiao Wei neglect them?
And as we all know, there are nearly 100 life beads of Star Beasts in the magic weapon of home owners. Whether these life beads will be given to them also depends on the attitude of the housekeeper. Maybe the owner will behave positively and bravely in this battle, and he will reward himself with a life bead when he returns home, so that he can have the money to advance to the Star Beads.
The bitter battle lasted for nearly an hour, and it was like crazy. The Star Beast finally collapsed after being hit by the destroyed red blood again.
It didn’t die, but it looked very weak, lying on the ground with its tongue stretched out, panting in its mouth and its limbs twitching slightly.
Obviously, it has exhausted its efforts and insisted on seeing this situation again. Xiao Wei is full of joy and has a higher morale. They also know that if it is not for the light green liquid sent by the owner to help them, they will even fall earlier than this star beast.
If it weren’t for the light green liquid, Xiao Lingyu couldn’t launch the lotus flower bombardment of destruction again and again, and he dared not spell the injury and split Xuanyuan sword on the other side.
In the other two days, when the star beast saw his companions, they looked more violent than Nai Xiao Lingyu, who had asked Miling to besiege them. They were under greater pressure than before, and it was impossible for them to come to the rescue.
Xiao Lingyu didn’t relent. He waved Xuanyuan sword and killed the fallen star beast. He sealed the body, life bead and star Yao demon fire and put it away.
In addition, the mid-term Star Beast fell down when hundreds of Xiao Wei’s three star-pole masters joined forces to attack and persisted in the best interest, and was subsequently beheaded by Xuanyuan Sword.
Everyone’s attention was focused on the last star. In the very late stage, the Star Beast didn’t wait for everyone to attack and realize the danger. Suddenly, the Star Beast screamed in the sky, and when it roared through the golden cave, it fluctuated with a crazy momentum, but it still had a bit of mourning.
The whistling lasted for ten breath periods, which made the daytime stars flood in, but were blocked from the outside. Even if some stars flooded in, it was difficult to penetrate the black-and-white screen of Taiji diagram and enter the star beast body.
After the whistling, it was greatly weakened. Although the Star Beast was glaring and ferocious, its momentum was much weaker.
"Come on, it should be crying for help!" Xiao Lingyu woke up and destroyed the eye bombardment in the past.
Xiao Wei, such as Miling and Lu Jian, also made moves one after another to bombard the Star Beast in the black-and-white screen.
The black-and-white screen trapped the enemy when Xiao Lingyu was defensible against the enemy, limiting the enemy’s attack from the inside out, but not the bombardment from the outside in.
After everyone tried their best to bombard a cup of tea, this star-studded beast was ground to death alive in the late stage. If it had expected that there was shine in the enemy, it would not have persevered in hunting it even before.
Without hesitation, after cleaning the battlefield, Xiao Lingyu once again offered a round bowl-shaped flying magic weapon, and Xiao Wei, who consumed a lot, flew away in the direction of the new city
Xiao Lingyu and Xiao Wei have been away for decades before a large number of star-studded star beasts come in an aggressive manner.
The number of this Star Beast Brigade is nearly 10,000, among which there are nearly 1,000 stars. Moreover, they line up neatly and move in unison, and the unified team is so large that they can remain silent when they stop moving. It can be seen that the elite division is very disciplined and does not improvise.
In the forefront of this Star Beast Brigade, there are two days. The Star Beast is not in the queue. It is the strong one who led the Star Beast. One of them was killed by Xiao Wei before. The appearance of the Three Star Beast is generally two, but its head is a big circle, and it has a forehead.
There are very few people in the growing world who know the star beast very well before the strong know that this forehead has it.
The word "king" means the Star Beast is the Star Beast King, but it is the most powerful in the Star Forest. It is also one of the top masters in the whole longevity continent.
In another song, the Star Beast is shaped like a pangolin with long scales on its back and seven colored spots. If Xiao Lingyu were still here, he would surely recognize it as a foodie.
Being able to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Star Beast King shows that the top three people who eat goods in the Star Forest are killed. The Star Beast King and the Star Beast King look so similar that it can be inferred that if they are not the younger brothers of the Star Beast King, they are also the royal family.