Belle couldn’t believe raising her hand over her mouth.

"So I said that you don’t know anything about big sister. She is sometimes serious, but it’s also to let us go less astray. You can never imagine the belle carried by a big sister. Even if you can’t love her as much as we do, I hope you respect her."
Belle leans gently on his shoulder, and I’ll talk about it
In the long and quiet corridor, they just stayed together quietly.
Belle may never understand something, but she believes that she loves this boy.
And not far away, some people in the ward can’t sleep. Yun Jian opens his eyes and closes his eyes. They are all in the ladder when he is with tenderness.
Gentle belly seemed to move. He was startled and said gently that it was her and Teng Yunhai.
She said she loved Teng Yun very much, but he died and loved him.
In the other ward, while watching the daughters fall asleep at their bedside, their hearts are also heavy. Can she still come to the operating table for this operation?
I never thought I would die in the hospital one day.
The last thing she wants is to die in the hospital.
She wants to leave her well. When she wants to leave, she should not be too old and ugly.
She hopes that this life has no worries.
But in fact, she doesn’t worry. First of all, she doesn’t worry about these two unmarried daughters. On the contrary, Wen Liang is the most reassuring one of these four children.
And tenderness. In fact, what she fears most is tenderness. Paying too much is the hardest one in the end.
Marriage, after what she experienced, she realized that most men in this world are affectionate.
Say it’s exclusive, but how long can it last?
They just got married now, and everything seems fresh and passionate, but in a few years?
Too many young couples can’t stand those seven years of itching, and even seven years and three years can’t pass.
And Teng Yun, a woman who is high beside the great man, is hovering in front of him like a butterfly. Can tenderness stand it?
Especially after giving birth, she is worried that the tender heart will manage two people’s feelings and let others get away with it.
However, tenderness has given birth to a little life before guarding this feeling. Tenderness can’t sleep at night. Teng Yun also got up and leaned against the bed and gently held her in her arms to let her rest on her shoulder and think about mom’s surgery.
"Well, I’m always uneasy," she said and found a comfortable position in his arms
"Even if again how worried also want to rest is not? You still have three in your stomach, and you can’t sleep over and over again. They won’t be better in your stomach than you have the heart to sleep badly in your stomach? "
Gentle nai smiled a TengYun when do you think these three children will come out?
"Don’t worry too much," he whispered and smiled.
The doctor said that gentleness is easy for multiple births to be premature. In fact, both of them are worried that the child will suddenly run out one day at the slightest warning.
"Of course I’m not in a hurry. I’m afraid they’re in a hurry."
"Shall we think of names for them?"
Gentle thought and then continue to chat with him.
I can’t sleep anyway. Manager Teng smiled. Well, what’s your good name?
"Xue Nan said that we can have a good relationship, but it’s better to call jiujiu one by one for a long time?"
I can also agree with Teng Yunxiao’s nickname.
Look up at him tenderly. What do you say you have?
"Well …" Teng always frowned slightly and thought seriously.
"chenchen gave me an idea that day, but I don’t think it’s reliable. It’s called Teng Bao Teng Bei Teng!"
Manager Teng …
"What’s on your mind all day?"
Besides love, it’s love.
Gentle smile is their advice, not mine.
"I’m sure you can’t think of such a cute name."
"Are you saying I’m not cute?" Gentle pouting
"I mean, you’re … silly and cute!"
Bow your head and block her soft lip for a long time