_’ Ghost words Daisy couldn’t help but recall that Zongming would rather be seriously injured than hurt herself a little. Daisy was very happy and excited, but at the same time she felt very sad. It was her "sex" for several days. If Zongming didn’t hurt herself, she wouldn’t have almost died. Daisy was extremely self-blaming! I love you. Promise me an inch! "Daisy serious sincere see ZongMing.

Tess suddenly appeared so’ _ _ _ to engage in a cult, and for a while, she "touched" the north and made fun of it, but when she saw that Tess sincerely asked herself to be too expressionless, she said seriously, Go ahead, no matter what you want me to do, I will promise! "
"I want you to be stupid enough to make fun of my life. I want you to protect yourself, you know! If anything happens to you, I won’t live, either. _ Silk looks up and looks at Zong Ming devoutly, but she doesn’t do anything in her eyes. It’s sincere love.
Zong Ming didn’t expect Daisy to ask him to promise. It was such a thing to look at Daisy carefully and see her strong determination in her eyes. She was so excited that she held Daisy tightly in her arms and caressed Daisy’s blonde hair too gently. I should be stuck. I will cherish my life. Do you know that?/You know what? I’m really touched. In fact, I’ve always been a joke about my life. I’m not stupid, but I think it’s worth it to pay for the woman I love! "
"What are you promise me or not? Promise me and say that the beloved woman is worth it! You! You! You really piss me off, Tess. She doesn’t know whether to be angry or love the ghost.
"Ha ha! Baby! I didn’t promise you! In a word, if I live in the ghost, I won’t let my beloved woman get a little hurt. At the same time, whoever wants to live in the ghost will die, regardless of whether he is a god or a demon! And dare to blame me’ ghost diviner I can’t let him live! "
Zong Ming held his head high and held out his chest for a long whistle! "I! Zong Ming! No one can take my life, and I am no exception! Live by yourself! More ii, I have to love and live!
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The second volume The first volume Chapter 19 Tang ambition
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It’s good to knock on Zong Ming. It’s great to look at the imposing manner, just like God Zong Qiu Xin Bei’s heart churning, so I can’t calm him down anymore! Zong Ming! Arrogance Like a devil, but he is more worthy of respect than those who respect the gods because of love! Family! Friendship! ….. See more than life _ Daisy boiling wet meng!
Oh! "ZongMing gently erase daisy glittering and translucent tears i_ii daisy forehead deep feeling a kiss.
Daisy’s forehead felt’ the lips are warm, the warmth is thick, the love is sweet, sweet! Very sweet! Sweet to the deepest part of my heart, sparking layers of sparks in the deepest part of my heart. Tess felt that it was like this kiss when she stopped at this moment.
Daisy’s face is full of sweet joy, but at the same time, there is something in her heart. She really hopes that the warmth on her forehead will never disappear.
Gently picked up Daisy Zong and moved to the basin created by Tang and himself. Tang was smiling at himself. That smile was always so fascinating, so beautiful, so fascinating, and broke the hearts of millions of girls, but it didn’t work at all. That smile was disgusting and ugly in Daisy’s eyes.
"Eldest brother, you really hurt me. No, you can’t. I didn’t expect you to recover so soon, and it seems that your skill is very good. I’m really a little afraid. _ _ Tang’s mouth says that fear can be betrayed by the peaceful smile on his face, and that smile is full of enthusiasm and looking forward to fighting!
Zong Ming smiled at Tang Weiwei. "Fear _ can’t you see that I have a strong desire to fight!"
"Ha ha …!" Tang Yang head laugh "’boss you taste is not! "
The ghost held the "spirit axe" in his hand and gestured, "I don’t think we can control our energy when we hand in hand. Let’s work together before we enter the boundary. However, Vietnam will be finished and the earth will be" chaotic "again.
"My boss, you are so kind to these Vietnamese. You should know that the Vietnamese didn’t soften their hearts to us at that time, but they did a lot of harm. At that time, we in China looked at them piteously and gave them rice and weapons, but the result was that they were not grateful but picked up our weapons to help us. Many people in China died in their battlefields!" Although Tang was chosen by the Four Demons to speak for himself on the earth, he didn’t forget that he was in the middle of it. Now, it’s purely because the Four Demons are around him that the Four Demons are altruistic and he is also benefiting. The Four Demons told him that he and _ Ghost are facing the surface because of hostile interests. In fact, he’s embarrassed because he has no opponent, and the person who is his opponent on the earth has a ghost.
"I can’t see that you are still patriotic, just don’t know why you want to get together with those magic people in the underworld. Isn’t it good for everyone to let China unify the earth!" Zong Ming smiled indifferently at you and said I was kind? Don’t get me wrong. I’ve never been a kind person. I’m cruel to myself. I won’t do such a thing. I think of the earth, and you and I are both people with divine power, and they are both very powerful. If we create too much killing and abuse, too much divine power will be cursed and sealed. You don’t want your divine power to be sealed! I will come to extreme measure to pay back the ungrateful Vietnamese.
We just benefit each other, but I won’t cooperate with you in these things that make China unify the earth. I won’t be as stupid as you, patriotic and stupid, but I won’t do it myself instead of letting others do such stupid things. I will be the ruler of the earth myself. Of course, I will unify the earth as Mrs. China.
"Your ambition is really big enough. I think you are too arrogant. What do you want to do _ Supreme Ruler I have to ask me first. I didn’t expect that Tang Zhou had such a big ambition. He was the ruler of the earth. Didn’t he want to live in him himself? I don’t want to appear about this incident.
Tang Xiaoxiao is not angry and said slowly, "I’m not arrogant. I’m very measured about myself. Before I won’t win what you did, I consciously put up with it first. Now that I have this ability, it’s time to call you high, but I can tell you for sure that I won’t let China be in a war and smile."
I have a discussion about whether you are interested in it or not.
"Let’s hear it. Zong Ming can’t admire Tang now. There is no denying that Tang is a very clever man. He is not only honest but also a person who knows himself very well. It’s terrible. It seems that his strongest enemy has appeared.
This _ earth is very easy, but you also know that this is muddy. Why don’t we compare who controls the country more and who controls the country with a large area?
"I agree with your opinion that I want to be the ruler of the earth. I want China to be the only country on the earth.
"Zong Ming, a political game written by Wan, is really not interested in playing it. He wants to let China reach the peak of the world by his own strength and let the world be unified.
"Since you don’t agree to discuss me until there is another discussion about you and me, I don’t want China to fight. We will divide the earth into too many homes and choose one for each person." _ See who can control their own country first … "
"Don’t talk nonsense. I’m not interested in doing this. You’d better beat me first. Besides, I won’t let you rule the earth. I won’t let you have that chance. You let me know your ambition. Then I’m embarrassed to tell you that these people who endanger my ideal and China’s reunification of the earth will make him die in the bud!" It is absolutely forbidden to make the earth become a dangerous place for two powerful forces. Although Tang won’t let China fight, it will be difficult to fight when the earth becomes two powerful forces. For an ambitious man who controls half of the country, everyone knows what he will do next.
Zong Ming doesn’t want to kill Tang. It’s not easy to have such an opponent. Now Tang wants to be the ruler of this earth. This is the other way to endure. It’s strange that Tang himself doesn’t want to live. It’s necessary to give Zong Ming a reason to kill him.
"Eldest brother don’t sample! Why are you so stubborn? It is necessary for you to work yourself to make China unify the earth and then let that idle Hua Jing Cheng rule. Are you stupid? If you want to be a loyal and patriotic hero, I advise you not to do that. You don’t look at the loyal and patriotic warriors and famous soldiers in China history. They all died tragically at the hands of a bad king. There is not a good scene yet. Don’t be confused. Think about Yue Fei! You should know that there are people like Zong Ming in Tang Zhen’s white world. Zong Ming is powerful, arrogant, ruthless, cruel and ambitious … It is too great and foolish to form a powerful army to levy the earth but not to make China at the top of the world!
"alas!" I’m sorry for Yue Fei-are you right?’ Looking at the history, those loyal and famous players have no good prospects, but I’m Yue Fei, and I’m not as stupid as Yue Fei, and Jing Cheng is not a bad king.
"… Huajing is not a bad king now. After the earth is unified, he won’t learn from those bad kings. Many things are predicted by law. What will happen to you if Tianhua Jing Cheng becomes a bad king?
"I believe not even if you should know Luo Guang, Xiang Dong, Kong Xian, Lin Jingdong their field! get away
"The eldest card is a wise man. When you come that day, you are not going to kill Hua Jingcheng himself. Sooner or later, something will happen. I advise you to be wise with me.
"No matter what happens, anyone can expect you to stop fanning the flames here. I’ve decided to do my job. I’ll decide who will do it: change it! Stop nagging! " Zong Ming shook hands with an axe and stared at him with cold eyes. He didn’t want to listen to Tang bothersome. After the event, what he has to do now is to nip hidden dangers in the bud.
"good! I still admire you for nothing. It seems that I admire you for nothing. You are just a stone in the pit. I don’t like to talk about it. If you want to hinder me, you have to die. You are ready to die! " Words fall, the left hand pinches and prints a black "color", which makes the body darker than it is, and his handsome face becomes cold and horrible.
Hold the black evocation banner for a moment, and stop waving it for a moment. A cloud of black fog rises from Tang’s side, and then the black fog covers Bu Yuan for one kilometer. The black fog is one kilometer thick and does not spread. From a height, it looks like a cloud of black cotton.
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The second part The first volume Chapter 20 Spirit axe wei
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In the dark fog, Zong Ming felt palpitations. In this dark fog, Zong Ming was so busy that he felt that his mind was not far away, and he attacked an evil thought.’ I felt dizzy and roared in my mind! Scared that he was busy pinching the mark, "he drank six-character mantra, and a golden flash bloomed in Zongming’s body, which was shocked by the Buddhist sound, and the evil thoughts disappeared.
The evil thoughts disappeared, and Zong Ming felt much more relaxed. In the place where God had been thinking, there were black palms and handprints raining down on himself.
Walking in strange steps, Zong Ming’s figure cried out, and the phantom moved too much. In the black fog, it was like several swimming golden dragons. With the magic of golden dragons, several discerning axe shadows flashed around gold, just like a little cold. The whole thing looked like several golden dragons swimming in the night with cold stars.
The cold stars flashed all over the sky, and the palms, fists and handprints were wiped out one by one. The golden dragon was to be determined. Zong Ming was shining with golden light, and he closed his eyes with his head held high in the black fog. Those black fogs touched his body like iron met a magnet, and the golden awn was sucked in like a black hole, not a black "color". It was also unjust around the black hole. The nebula generation was gold "color" and black fog.
God read feel tang ii cases of ghost tightly hug limbs like claws wrapped around her body Daisy slowly walked to the induction to tang can move position.
Just a few steps, palpitations, movements, counting monsters and monsters, bared their teeth from the black fog and grabbed Zongming.
"Spirit axe! Go! Kill all the demons! "
A discerning flash stroke black spirit axe "dragged away from Zongming’s hand and turned into an axe shadow all over the sky to fly to all monsters and ghosts."
When the "spirit axe" flies out of the Sect, it will no longer take a look, but offer a monty knife to split the black fog and continue to rush to Tang Chong fifty steps away, that is, wave it to the right hand and have a dark magic knife as dark as the black fog, and split it with a knife that tears the earth.