"Come back and sit down," Professor Teng shouted, but no one listened to him.

Teng mei also went back to the door.
He sat in the dining room and watched a table of dishes cooked hard, but he didn’t move his chopsticks much, and that’s it.
Tenderness back to the room TengYun pushed the door and followed in tenderness.
Section 51
He grabbed her hand, turned her over and held her arms tightly. Come on.
"That want me? Let me smile at a woman who wants to starve my son? " Gentle questioning is not gentle at all.
"You can ignore her."
"Teng Yun, you disappoint me so much." Gently say that finish and raise my hand to push him.
"Don’t go gently, please" but he hugged her tightly.
Gentle and motionless, he suddenly held her so tightly, but there was no emotion in his eyes
"I can’t see her turning around in front of my eyes every day as if she were not here, you know? You know my sex. You always know it better than myself. "Gentleness can’t help whispering."
Then I am disappointed, close my eyes and feel cold in my heart, and tears will flow.
But when I closed my eyes, I found that my eyes were dry and there were no tears.
"Don’t go," he said. Hold her tighter.
She doesn’t have any strength in her hands. She wants to hug him.
"If your aunt and I let you make a choice, who would you let go?"
Gentle question
Teng Yun doesn’t talk gently but smiles more than sadness.
"I know it must be your aunt, but are you really happy after she left? You’ll just smile at me, won’t you? "
They all know each other too well to make each other angry.
He slowly loosened her and couldn’t help looking at her like that.
"Teng Yun, I can accept living with her now. I can do it that day. I don’t want to make it difficult for you. I don’t want to disappoint my parents, but I will never make do with her again after tonight."
The gentle voice is not high, but it is so realistic.
Teng Yun just looked at her straight, looked at her and said those words from her heart so easily.
"I don’t want to hide my emotions any more, and I can’t be a pretender. Please let me go out for a while and let us all think about it when we give each other a little, okay?"
"Don’t go back to Wen Liang’s place. That place is too small to hold so many people."
He said that he gave up after all, and that she would stay, even though there were several floors here.
Gentle one leng, then he has gone to tidy up clothes for her.
Gentle watching there don’t understand what he really wants?
He folded her clothes. He packed her suitcase. Where do you want to take her personally?
"Teng Yun …"
Gentle look, he also packed a set of his pajamas, and he couldn’t help calling him inside.
"Don’t you intend to even don’t husband? Are you going to live with your children from now on? "
He questioned her.
Gentleness can’t say anything.
How could she not want him?
Teng Yun packed the suitcase.
"Let’s go together if we want to go."
"I took the children away, and then you left. Isn’t this to say that we have to drive away our parents? It’s hard for you to stay with your father. It’s not so exciting. "
"But before they make a choice with you, you know I will choose you."
He loves her, and she knows it.
Gentle looked at him so stubborn and then lowered his head.
"But what’s the point of us being together if you’re not happy?"
Will both of them reluctantly get together with regrets?
She doesn’t want to.
And in fact, she is very sure that she will walk out of that fear and live with him again soon.
Because she loves him as much as he loves her, how can she keep him waiting too long?
But now he doesn’t want to leave her at all. She can’t be alone and calm down and think about it.
She needs someone to pass by alone.
It’s hard for them to laugh when he won’t let her go, isn’t it?
"I am not happy? Or are you unhappy? " he asked
Dark eagle eyes have gradually presented a haze.
"I’m not happy and you won’t be happy. Why won’t you give me a little alone? TengYun I … "
The mouth was suddenly sealed, and the big room suddenly seemed unusually cold.
He hugged her tightly and suddenly blocked her mouth and kissed her so madly.
Gentle, almost breathless, but pushing him
Seems to have forgotten how to respond, and he doesn’t seem to need her to respond.
He wanted to express his heart for her.
However, she is on the verge of collapse and feels that she doesn’t know when she will endure it.
If two people continue to live together, she thinks she will be tempted to take Teng Mei to court one day.
The child disappeared too long. Fortunately, he was still young, but when she thought of being hungry and crying, but no one cared about her, she felt that it was dark at the moment. How could she let the woman who hurt her get away with it without remorse and repeatedly provoked her?