"Great-grandfather Hengheng likes painting." Hengheng looked at Master Meng and looked at him again. Gu Sheng was not afraid of life, perhaps because he was a great-grandfather, but he was not so enthusiastic.

"Hengheng, this is Uncle Gu." Meng Xin took Hengheng’s hand and introduced him to Gu Sheng. "Gu Sheng, this is my son. His name is Hengheng. He is almost six years old."
"Gu uncle good mother I go to wash your hands first dad? Dad just called to go home for dinner. "Hengheng suddenly thought that everyone was back. This horse is going to eat. Dad hasn’t come back yet.
On hearing the word father, Master Meng’s face suddenly changed without eating. "What father? Hengheng dad found it? "
At that time, no matter how they asked Meng Xin Meng Xin, they avoided talking about Hengheng’s father. Anyway, they kept saying that it was her fault. She humiliated their Meng family and asked Grandpa not to investigate who Hengheng’s father was and asked him not to ask.
At that time, he was really angry with their family of three. Although he didn’t particularly like Meng Xin, he didn’t regard her as their Meng family’s palm bead, but she was Meng Haidong’s daughter and that was his granddaughter.
How can he not like her at all Being strict with her is also a hope that she will take fewer detours in the future, but it turns out that she is not only taking detours, but also being stupid all the way.
I don’t know what kind of man gave birth to a child, but he didn’t say anything about it. Even Meng Haidong didn’t like it.
This is the first time after so many years that he has taken the initiative to move forward with the old people. If Gu Sheng hadn’t asked for his share, he wouldn’t want to come out of this face.
Now Gu Sheng’s request is not so important, but he thinks it is more important. He wants to see whether this constant father is protected by the sacred Meng Xin, and forget it. Meng Haidong and Qi Xinglin also watched their daughter be so wronged and silent.
"I didn’t find him. He’s been too busy all the time, and now he’s back." It’s a long story for Meng Haidong to compensate for his smiling face. It’s good to say so simply.
"It’s really strict that you still keep it." Master Meng snorted.
Meng Xin bowed her head and didn’t dare to face Master Meng’s majestic eyes. It was indeed that they were wrong, and she couldn’t say anything in front of Grandpa.
"I’m sorry, grandpa, let him propose a toast to you later." Meng Xin came over and was also a flattering tone.
"He abandoned your mother for so many years, so you forgive her. No wonder people don’t want to have girls." Master Meng stared at Meng Xin with no backbone at all, and there was no girl integrity in their Meng family.
Look at people’s dream, Jing Yao is the same body, and their Meng girls’ moral integrity is much higher than Meng Xin’s. Cheng Ming is Kyoto’s brother, but in front of Meng Jing Yao, that’s an obedient little rabbit. That’s what they Meng girls should have.
How can you be as weak as Meng Xin and let a man come to his bosom friend so easily? He has no opinion at all, which really makes him feel quite stuffy.
"Not great-grandfather, dad didn’t abandon me and mom, he was busy with his career. You see, he won’t leave as soon as he came back from a busy job, and he promised that mom and I would never leave us again." Heng Heng is very protective of his father, father, family, great-grandmother and grandparents all regard him as a baby, but great-grandfather never takes kindly to him and always says that mom and grandma are not, and he doesn’t like great-grandfather very much.
"What do you know? Adult world you a kid what all don’t understand "Meng master stare at constant constant more didn’t good the spirit even if he is their Meng home this generation grandson, but after all, there is a character.
Some traditional ideas are deeply rooted in my mind, which is not easy to pull out.
"Hum, I’m not a kid. Grandmother said that I don’t respect the old man if I don’t respect the children." Heng Heng suddenly said loudly and ran to the door.
"You-"Master Meng was furious. "What’s grandma saying? Who are these two people? Can a child with so little quality teach like this?"
Master Meng was so angry that he swung his crutch directly and stood on the ground so heavily that Qi Xinglin could silently mourn her floor after seeing it. Alas, her poor floor was hit hard by her father again.
Section 12
Meng Xin was trying to explain that the door had been refreshed from the inside when he entered the room and saw Hengheng’s wronged little face without a guest at home. "What’s the matter? Hengheng was trained? "
Li Ziyu looked at Meng Xin and noticed some serious expressions on their faces. "What’s going on?"
Master Meng naturally heard Li Ziyu’s voice. Can he not know this man? Is he Hengheng’s father? If it is that Meng Haidong and Qi Xinglin are hopeless, he must end up with the dignity of his parents and elders.
"Nothing’s wrong, my grandfather is here," Meng Xin said in a low voice.
Hengheng pouted and interrupted, "Grandfather said I was a kid. Grandmother said that children also need to be respected. After Grandfather didn’t respect me, I didn’t respect him."
"… grandpa didn’t mean it. Heng Heng, you misunderstood grandpa. Okay, you come first. Dad will apologize to grandpa for you." Liziyu put Heng Heng and strode towards the living room.
This just see Gu Sheng also in Gu Sheng watched him come in and shook hands with him "Shirley always long time no see"
"Hello, Mr. Gu." Li Ziyu reached over and shook hands with two men. After appreciate each other, Li Ziyu sat opposite Master Meng. "Hello, Grandpa."
"Hum-"Master Meng didn’t even want to look at him with a cold hum.
"Grandpa, I know that Meng Xin and Hengheng have wronged my parents in recent years, which makes you sad. Yu said that it’s too late for you to be angry, but please believe that I sincerely give me a little. Let me prove it to you. I will treat Meng Xin well. This will never happen again after we have some misunderstandings in the past. Grandpa, I can ask you to calm down."
Li Ziyu’s words are humble and respectful. No one can think that he has been standing high in front of Li’s Qian Qian employees, and Li is so small and humble in front of Grandpa Meng Xin.
In the shopping mall, he never needs to look at people’s faces. He is arrogant, and others look at his faces. But now he is Meng Xin, but he is willing to look at the faces of an old man and all the faces of Meng Xin’s family.
"… how can I punish you?" Master Meng asked 1
Liziyu was just about to say that Qi Xinglin couldn’t help but walk over. "Dad, it’s getting late and Hengheng is hungry. Let’s have dinner. Say something after dinner. You forget that you can’t be hungry."
"Hum-"Master Meng was so angry that her mother-in-law was really distressed by her son-in-law. Didn’t she feel distressed by her own daughter?
You’ve been wronged for five years for no reason, and that’s it
"Dad, this is our own family business. Besides, the original Meng Xin will take Ah Yu back to my old house to make amends for you. It’s a problem when people Gu Sheng have big things to do. Let’s not delay him." Meng Haidong also came to help persuade Master Meng to return to absolute being. It is indeed Gu Sheng that matters are more important now.
"Then let’s eat first." Master Meng finally let go.
Lunch was quiet. Master Meng forbade people to eat at the dinner table. Heng Heng also knew that he was quiet. He never dared to violate this rule.