I cann’t believe he has to wait for me when I come back. I hope you gain two pounds more.

"What if I get fat after giving birth?" She asked him this question, madam is too important.
"No" but he is very clear.
"What if I’m really fat? And you can’t lose weight? "
"There’s nothing wrong with meat doodle" Teng always says.
In fact, she is too thin, and he hopes that she will be fatter and healthier than anything else.
Gently leaning on his arms, thinking that some people say that if a man loves a woman, he won’t care about her fatness and won’t ask her to lose weight.
Is he the kind of man he is said to be?
In the mind is very much looking forward to.
He should be
Very satisfiedly smile in his arms.
The next day, she still got up first to help him pack his bags. Even though she was pregnant, she still felt that she had to do it herself, because she would feel good in her heart.
After he left, she went directly to the hospital, but at the door of the ladder, she touched Yunjian again. He was leaving the hospital with his bag on his back. He was also surprised to see her, but he came out of the ladder in a short time and passed by her without saying hello.
At that moment, the back was gentle and straight, and it was blown by the wind for a few seconds and then stepped into the ladder.
Is he unhappy about being beaten by Teng Yun?
Gentle in the mind actually also want to apologize to him for TengYun, but suddenly feel unnecessary.
He really shouldn’t think that way about her. If it will sober him up, she thinks it’s good.
So she didn’t feel sorry in her heart, but she was a little confused when she arrived at the door of the ward and heard the laughter inside.
When I pushed the door, I saw a familiar back. He was dressed in a straight silver suit and turned to look at the sound at her mother’s window.
"You’re here." He greeted her with a smile. I heard that my aunt had an operation.
The brothers and sisters all looked gentle and didn’t know what would happen in a moment.
Gentle and faint promise, then I saw carnations on the next table before I left and said that I am not busy recently?
"I’m not very busy just after the New Year," he replied
Gently nodded, and then felt as if everyone was watching her, so she looked up and swept around, and then the brothers and sisters seemed to ask her how she felt.
She smiled naively. "Shall I walk you out?"
"All right, I’ll come to see my aunt another day," said Puyang Ruifeng and then turned around first.
Some children are going out with me, and when they cough, they come back
I’m not willing to go back and hang it outside. What will happen?
"I’m sorry to bother you without talking," Puyang Ruifeng said with a smile.
You wouldn’t be here if you really didn’t want to disturb.
After all, I still have some understanding.
He also smiled down his eyes and then stared at tenderness.
"Thank you for spending it, but don’t come over later. It’s not appropriate."
Gentleness is very direct
They all have families. They almost got married once, but now they don’t like each other at all.
"Are we going to be so determined?"
"I think so."
She doesn’t want her husband to get entangled with other men as soon as he leaves.
If he comes at ordinary times, forget it, but he just picked Teng Yun’s absence.
Moreover, when he looks at tenderness, his eyes also make tenderness feel uncomfortable. It seems that his eyes are very low-key and forbearing, which gives people the illusion that they are intimate in private.
This illusion has been repeated in front of her family, and it must not be repeated after it is forgotten.
"You really have no feelings for me."
"You also know that when we were dating, I thought it was appropriate. Don’t try. I have always been indifferent to emotional things. You also know that Ruifeng treats her well. She is very good and suitable for you." It should be said that it is a perfect match
"What about Teng Yun?"
Looking at Puyang Ruifeng gently, he was not too angry, his eyes smiled and then poured out that he was the most unwilling to obey. He was different.