The score is still 22.

Look, maybe this score will be the score of a game
But Lazio have not given up, and they are still trying to find the chance to score goals.
Lazio fans have not given up. They keep singing and shouting in the stands to cheer up Lazio players.
From the head coach to the players to the ordinary fans, no one wants Lazio to lose to Manchester United.
Because it means that Lazio won Manchester United by luck, and Manchester United successfully got back what belongs to them. Although they can’t get back the championship trophy, they can make the public think that they deserve the championship more than Lazio …
This is not a simple game, it depends on honor and dignity!
Ten minutes into the game, Lazio players became more and more impatient.
They know how much time they have left …
"There is not much time left for Lazio!" English commentator quite some gleefully said
"There are really not many left for Lazio …" The same sentence was said by the Italian commentator with deep nai and anxiety.
In that thirteenth minute, there was another conflict on the court!
At that time, when Manchester United attacked, cristiano ronaldo was offside from Lazio.
They are going to serve the ball quickly and launch a quick counterattack.
As a result, cristiano ronaldo deliberately blocked the football. When ledesma kicked it out, he stretched out his foot and blocked it. It hit his leg and bounced back!
Lazio fans in the stands blew up their nests, and they issued a furious response.
Ledesma, who was in charge of the ball, turned around and picked up the football. Once again, he planned to serve it quickly. As soon as he looked up, he found that cristiano ronaldo was still in the way. He was angry at that time! The Portuguese tried to punish the ball again.
I didn’t expect the Portuguese to fall to the ground with his arms open and shout loudly after being pushed by him …
He’s waking the referee. He pushed me! He pushed me! Come quickly, referee! Give him a card quickly! Look at how he treats me!
Sure enough, the referee on duty blew his whistle to stop the game.
The players from both sides also gathered around. Manchester United player cristiano ronaldo complained that ledesma had violated their teammate Lazio player, while ledesma supported him and accused cristiano ronaldo of diving.
Push each other more
If it weren’t for the referee’s forced intervention, I’m afraid the two sides would still fight … "diving" is the most hated thing in the stadium because it is a kind of deception and a very bad deception.
What’s wrong with cristiano ronaldo’s reputation? Because he dived in the Premier League, the referees took care of him in the end. After he fell, his first reaction was not to see if he was fouled by the other side, but to see if he was diving. Even if he was really violated by his opponent, the referees would probably think that he was diving and let the other side go and let the Portuguese suffer from dumb losses.
Therefore, the anger of Lazio players is understandable-mom! You’re the one who stopped our normal ball from being pushed and faked it! Tell on the wicked first! Fuck you!
They naturally want Ledesma to get up.
Finally, ledesma got a yellow card for this push, and also got a yellow card, showing off in an ostentatious manner and hitting Rooney Gezer on the head.
Of course, cristiano ronaldo, who deliberately blocked Lazio’s penalty kick, also got a yellow card.
But it’s obvious that his yellow card is worth more …
When the referee stepped in to show the yellow cards to the players of both sides, Chang Sheng was shouting at the scene, "What the fuck are you pestering them for?" Hurry up and play again! Let the game continue, let the game continue! "
He felt heartbroken when he saw that his players actually put the tide in the conflict.
Although this conflict will be taken into account in injury stoppage time, if the conflict lasts for three minutes, it is impossible to make up for three more minutes on the original basis … If you can make up for one more minute, it will be considered that the professionalism of the referee group is high …
At this time, assistant coach dimatteo came to Chang Sheng and said, "Chang ledesma’s yellow card will make him miss the second leg …"