When he was judging, he felt that the protective light outside his body was touched by a spirit. Song Changgeng knew that the other party wanted to talk, but he was afraid of another mental attack, especially the other party’s body shape seemed to be a mental attack, which made him have to guard against. When the angel who just came out saw that Song Changgeng did not accept his inquiry, he could not help but have a flash of anger in his eyes, and the angels around him also hated looking at the two.

Slowly walk out of the light door and stand in the void. Behind him, the wings converge and show one pair to two pairs. When the third pair is also shown, Song Changgeng suddenly turns white. These angels are ranked as wings. How many times do you say that one pair of wings corresponds to the fairy? Two pairs correspond to the fairy. Now this guy is three pairs, and from the feeling that the other party is stronger than himself, it should also be the primary or intermediate level in Jin Xian.
I just don’t know how many wings there are in Daluo Jinxian and how many true immortals there are, but now these are not important. Now Song Changgeng is wondering how this western light force came from. Why do you behave so wildly and the saints don’t care? Although there are doubts, now is not the time to think about it. Song Chang-geng gave my little girl an idea to come back and fight later is not suitable for her.
My little girl is very reluctant, but she also knows that she can’t help. She flew back into the gourd and then flew into Song Chang-geng’s chest. Even those Zi Long flew back. In a blink of an eye, there was Song Chang-geng alone here. The other dozens of angels looked at him, but Song Chang-geng took a rest and straightened his sword to continue fighting. She felt that she was once again touched by a protective light outside her body.
He tightened his sword and put some defense on it so that the god could read it and listen to a beautiful and clear voice, "Ah! Praise the great Lord, your glory is not in your majesty, which can make the earth bow in your glory. I will judge this sinner, please witness it! Now let me ask you, sinner, why do you desecrate the fruit of my Lord? And kill my Lord’s messenger? "
Song Chang Gung couldn’t help feeling that he was an abnormal guy. With such a religious fanatic, there’s really nothing to say. He cut off the other person’s spiritual feeling with a condensate of protective light, and then his body and sword became one, and he rushed directly to the other side. The golden long guy’s eyes flashed a smug smile and then instantly recovered his solemn expression.
Chapter six hundred and ten Titles angels
At the same time, this Seraphim hit the golden ball in his hand and immediately sang a hymn. At the same time, he also read aloud. As he recited a faint white light fog that was not offensive and dangerous, many beautiful female angels’ illusory images danced in the virtual white fog, as if there was a quiet and pure place calling people.
It’s that Song Chang-geng has a protective glow in his ear, but there always seems to be a if-if hymn singing in the air that makes him feel a little trance. Song Chang-geng knows that this is the other party’s mental attack. He suddenly clenched his hand and immersed some of his heart in the sword to kill, concise and conscious of it, and let the murder spread.
Before his new life, he once entered a strange state of mind. This state came from the Buddhist scriptures given by Amitabha, and he had a very strong understanding and resistance to murder. Only after his new life, he could make the’ Tongtian shattered sword’ as he does now, and he could also let part of his mind let the sword kill and invade to destroy the opponent’s mental attack when necessary.
After his murder intention condensed, Seraphim immediately felt the change of the other party. He suddenly stopped singing and flashed bright white light in his eyes. He stared straight at Song Chang-geng. When he saw that he had integrated his sword with his own interference, he couldn’t help but wonder that the other party could resist his heavenly voice. Seeing his sword light coming at him, he didn’t even mean to dodge. He continued to sing as if he didn’t look at each other at all.
Song Chang-geng’s sword light just rushed into the white light, and he felt a delay. This seems to hinder the white light, but it is also a hidden danger. At the same time, those illusory female angels are also surrounded to attack, which is not even a fairy. Song Chang-geng can’t help but marvel at each other’s wonderful spells. But if you attack like this, you want to stop yourself. Isn’t that child’s play? Although this spell is wonderful, it is also wonderful.
He fixed his spirit in the sword heart and entered the state of thinking. There was a concise intention to kill the sword light, and the golden light immediately became sharp. The illusory female angels were all shattered, but with the disillusionment, there would be new ones that made him feel that he could not be killed. His mind moved. Suddenly, it turned out that these female angels were born out of these white fog and rooted in that golden light.
In an instant, he realized that it was the foundation, or the fog wouldn’t disappear, which could limit the angel of metaplasia. After understanding this truth, Song Chang-geng once again realized that many sword tactics flowed through his heart. As soon as he whispered the golden sword light, he suddenly shivered, and then a brilliant golden light exploded. Counting the golden sword light and flying out of the light, it instantly killed the illusory female angel in the fog, so fast that the other party could not give birth to new ones.
Moreover, many sword lights fly out of the fog and rush to the angels near the light gate to kill them. This is exactly what he just realized, that is, the’ differentiation sword tactic’ is to absorb and condense powerful forces and then release these sword lights. Sixty percent of the strength is absorbed and condensed, and the strength and the degree of tolerance of the sword body determine that if the sword is good, it can withstand a lot of power, and then the amount of sword light can be released.
Song Chang-geng’s "Tongtian Broken Sword" materials have been refined and integrated by saints, and finally realized that the murder of the four swords of Zhu Xian is condensed into a sword, which can absorb the majestic power. The sword body has condensed many materials into a crystal shape, and further it will be turned into reality. The strength it can bear is very great. As Xuan Ming said, now he is not bad in strength, magic weapon and spiritual understanding.
Now, as soon as he realized the pure and single-minded realm, he immediately swung out the power of the sword. Although the sword light was not lethal, the angels could resist it, but he couldn’t drive many Song Chang-geng’s brilliant golden light, as if the power was poor. The sword light exploded like water ripples, which constantly wounded those angels, but these Song Chang-geng didn’t care, and their opponents didn’t care.
He now feels as if he has entered a wonderful state. As this understanding deepens, his sword light becomes sharper and sharper. An angel has been injured, and the opposite Seraphim looks pale and sings.
When he sang, every word was turned into white light, and the characters danced around him to form layers of defense. Although he was constantly broken by the sword light, he kept adding it. Although he could still support it, there was a flash of worry in his eyes. Just when he was a little unstoppable, suddenly a sound sounded in his heart, and then his face became happy and then he suddenly became stronger and more radiant.
When the light character burst and briefly resisted the random shooting of sword light, he had six wings and one shock, and a white light flew to the light door. Song Changgeng didn’t understand what he meant. Suddenly, he felt that his heart trembled and there seemed to be great danger. Before he could respond, a white light flew out of the light door and plunged directly into the brilliant golden light, and then the golden light exploded.
When Jin Guangsan dispersed, he saw a white jade pike stuck on Song Chang-geng’s shoulder, with a long spear point and a light white light from the back shoulder. But Na Wei pressure actually made Song Chang-geng unable to move and even pull out his gun. This humiliating feeling filled his heart with anger, but the pressure of the gun was that he had the strength of Jin Xian and could not resist him. He didn’t know what level the other party was.
When other angels in the distance saw this scene, they all raised their weapons and saluted the pike. It seems that this gun is something that they respect, and then they automatically split into two sides to let the passage in the light door pass and stand upright and respectfully. At this time, the hymn broke through Song Changgeng’s heart, meaning that it was full of praise for the Lord and determination to fight the Lord.
At this time, a deep man rang out in Song Changgeng’s mind, "The Oriental Godsworn and several powerful men have made an agreement that we will settle near the sun and will not set foot in all walks of life, but we can help the people in charge of heaven here. We have been fulfilling the agreement, but why do you want to come to our residence to destroy and shake our home? But also killing angels at will. Is it really a shame to be in heaven? "
With the words, a faint figure emerged in the light door, and at the same time, it became stronger as if it were a mountain. Song Chang-geng’s turtle-shaped Yuan Shen also burst into a golden light, barely protecting his body from the collapse under the pressure, but there was no other movement. This was its limit. Yuan Shen, after all, was not a special defense, but came to bear the magical power.
The figure appeared in the light door. It turned out to be a short and lean young man with firm eyes. He was wearing a helmet, white, gold and heavy armor, which made him full of war. What surprised Song Changgeng most was that there were six pairs of ten wings behind him, all of which were in a semi-extended state, dancing slightly in the middle. Every dance seemed to make ripples around the wings.
In the eyes of this armored young man, there was a flash of contempt in Song Changgeng’s eyes, so he stopped looking at him. Instead, he stretched out his hand to the pike and seemed to take it back. At the same time, Song Changgeng said in his mind, "No matter who dares to offend my Lord’s dignity, you must accept a sacred trial. This is our rule. No one can destroy it or help you get rid of it."
The sacred sanction is not blasphemy, trying to help you is our enemy, it is blasphemy against the dignity of our Lord, it is a challenge to our honor, and we will not hesitate to fight jihad with your blood to clean it! Now, you prisoners go to trial with me, loser, and remember my name system. You are seven angels with titles and an’ angel’! My name … "
As he spoke, several of those angels were going to be suppressed by the youth. Song Chang-geng caught Seraphim just now and came out of a set of shackles outside the white light. Just as the young man was about to say his name, he suddenly stopped and looked at Song Chang-geng with a full face of surprise. His pike was still in the other side. No matter how he greeted himself, he could take it back.
At this time, I heard a full-hearted sneer in the minds of all angels, and then Song Changgeng said coldly, "This gun is good and it can hurt me, so I will accept it. I am qualified to do what I am hiding in. I am not interested."
As he spoke, a black-and-white brilliance was released in Song Changgeng’s body, and suddenly the two-color brilliance turned like Tai Chi. In the brilliance, Song Changgeng pulled out his shoulder and held the gun in his hand. After the gun was washed in turn, the black-and-white brilliance gradually’ angel’ could not feel his induction to the gun. His eyebrows were slightly wrinkled, and his eyes exuded a strong fighting spirit. Seriously look at this man who was despised by himself.
The black and white brilliance made him feel a shock, which could perfectly unify light and darkness. What kind of power is this? He suddenly shook his hand and seemed to be affected all around. When he closed his waist with his fist, his wings suddenly opened three pairs behind him, and then he suddenly disappeared and suddenly appeared in front of Song Changgeng and waved out with one punch.
This punch is very common to others, but in Song Changgeng’s feeling, the punch has torn the attack, which turned out to be the balance point of Tai Chi cyclone outside his body. It seems that’ blazing angel’ is stronger than himself in this respect, but he doesn’t know that his balance point is sports and he can’t do it when he comes to voluntary movement, but now he is burning Yuan Shen to stimulate the power in chaos Yuan.
Because he was unwilling to be controlled, he did not hesitate to let Yuan Shen get hurt and forcibly improve his strength. Although his luck was short, he could also fight for World War I. Now he feels that he and the other side are equal in strength, so his strength should be the level of pick Jin Xian. Everything is too smooth before he thinks that he is suppressed by pick Jin Xian’s level.
Whether it is a saint or a true fairy who has interests and needs when he sees himself, he doesn’t have real strength. As a result, he misunderstands himself very badly. But now he knows that everything is not like that. A pick-up fairy will fight for his life to deal with the true fairy. What about saints? What makes you deal with it? Just by living with the four pillars of heaven?
When the boxing of the’ Seat Angel’ came, he suddenly and cruelly broke out with greater strength. In the abdomen, the scarab had already burned a golden flame and its body had shrunk. At the same time, the black-and-white brilliance suddenly expanded outward and instantly circled the’ Seat Angel’, leaving a black-and-white ball of light in the local area. Both of them were wrapped in black-and-white light, and no one knew what was born inside.
Chapter six hundred and nineteen Roaring heaven and earth
Then there was a violent quiver of the light ball and suddenly’ bang!’ As soon as the ground cracked, I saw that Song Changgeng’s mouth was bleeding with gold, and he was inserting his pike into the abdomen of the’ seat angel’ with one hand. At the same time, the other angels actually caught the head of the’ seat angel’ with the other hand. When they saw this situation, they froze, but when they just met, they couldn’t breathe, and the subject and object were translocated.
It turns out that just now, the magical flow of Yin and Yang forces after the’ Archangel’ was circled into the Tai Chi cyclone brushed the’ Archangel’ power back and forth. Every time the power of Yin and Yang rotates rapidly, it makes the’ Archangel’ power weaker and Song Changgeng’s power stronger. Although it seems to be short from the outside, it seems to be distorted and extended in the Tai Chi ball.
It was a breath that broke the ball of light because Song Changgeng couldn’t support it, but it was enough for him to hurt the other side to scratch the other side’s head, but he didn’t have the strength. As the ball of light broke the force field and lifted the power of the’ Angel’, he quickly recovered his eyes with a slight contempt. He knew that the other side was already a spent force and could not fight against himself.
The external situation of the companion magic weapon is very clear to the other girl in the gourd, but Song Changgeng knew that her strength could not come out to help, so she sealed the gourd ability. This is that the main and auxiliary leaders in the companion occupy everything, and his will is to absolutely command the auxiliary to accept it without the possibility of resistance
Seeing that the other person is weak and his strength is restored, just as the’ Angel’ is ready to make a move, suddenly there comes a dull roar in everyone’s mind, which seems to come out from the depths of the deep sea and the earth, as if it were blocked and covered by the sea and the earth, but the roar is still indomitable and rushes out throughout the world.
That roar is directly related to the spirit, but at the same time, it is also related to the body. All the four-winged angels present suddenly exploded from their heads, and then their bodies broke into several pieces. Even the light door was broken, and Seraphim, who was holding the golden color, also broke his body, but his head was protected by the golden color in front of him, and there was nothing he could do. At the same time, he felt that there was a crack in his core.
Opposite Song Changgeng, the’ angel’ was directly hit by this roar, which was aimed at him. Ninety percent of his strength was directed at him. His platinum armor immediately split and his body was torn out. Song Changgeng’s hand had been caught in his head, but he couldn’t get in any more. It was blocked by a white halo, and at the same time, his body cracked and blood flowed out.
But he knew that he had succeeded, and now he should have fled quickly. There were seven angels with such titles. One of them let himself burn the Yuan God without saying anything, and he also saved his mother, Yin and Yang, to bring out the roaring heaven and earth. This time it was a big loss. He felt confused and knew that the Yuan God had lost too much to sleep. The last idea was to greet the little girl.
Seeing that his chest rushed out of the green light, the’ angel’ in front of him burst and broke. In Song Changgeng’s hand, there was a scattered white halo white crystal ball floating in the green light, and the little girl flew out of the green light and saw Song Changgeng’s eyes unconsciously shed tears. Her heart seemed to be cut by a knife.
Just as she was about to reach out and touch Song Changgeng, she suddenly felt that she couldn’t move. Then a soft and loving female voice said in her mind, "I didn’t expect things to get like this. I’m afraid a lot of troubles are caused by you two reasons, so let’s go to heaven and be a servant!"
With the words, a soft white light appeared near the green gourd. In the light, a Jin Meili woman full of kindness and gentleness appeared. She looked at the virtual debris and her eyes were full of sadness as if she were sad for the dead angel.
Then I saw that she reached out a little and the sea was full of love and gentle hymns. If Song Chang-geng was not too important in her heart, they would have to go into the woman’s arms to confess her sins and let her heart be judged. But it was because of this hymn that her minister struggled violently.
The woman seemed surprised that the other party was not influenced by her own hymn, but she ignored the little girl’s influence on her while filling her hand with angel fragments. In a blink of an eye, she wrapped the Seraphim and the’ angel’ core in two white light cocoons, and there were no other fragments. Then she saw the green gourd and Song Changgeng’s body eyes flashed a trace of greed.
When she was about to seal Song Chang Gung’s body, she heard a noble and cold female voice in her mind. "Sure enough, your family is cheating again, and now it’s amazing that you can make angels yourself." At the beginning, a few saints pitied you. It seems that everyone is in the wild and allows your family to live here. Do you really think you are the masters here? "
With the words, a golden flame rushed around the woman and turned into a stunning little girl in a light yellow dress. Although she couldn’t move, she still had a spiritual confrontation hymn, but she still knew about the outside things, but the golden girl couldn’t help but lose her words when she saw her. Even the hymn was broken and the sound sounded in her mind.
"impatiens? Why are you here? " When the golden girl saw the loss of the dress, she said that the little girl went to Beijing with her master as soon as she heard it. The golden phoenix could not help but feel that her hope was greatly increased. Although she didn’t know whether the other party could help them, she always went all the way and heard that Nu Wa Empress attached great importance to her master. Now she must have come here to help.
She was just about to listen to the fairy called Jinfeng coldly say to the golden girl, "Goddess of Light, can’t I come?" Don’t say that the sun star is our empress who manages your heaven. It is allowed to live next to the sun star. What happened to the sun has nothing to do with you. There is no reason to say that the sun is your home. "
The Golden Virgin looked a little embarrassed for a while before saying, "The fairy’s anger is really as white as everyone else’s, but this guy really absorbs the sun’s real fire. Because of the abnormal situation, we live in the nearby paradise, and the patrol angels come out to ask questions. As a result, this guy fights savagely. Now how does the fairy blame us?"
Suddenly Feng-xian Jin was all imposing, putting the Golden Virgin and two little girls with light cocoons and green gourd Song Chang-geng inside. The little girl felt that she suddenly moved all over. She looked at her eyes, and Feng-xian Jin bowed gratefully and flew to Song Chang-geng on a green gourd, but the two light cocoons suddenly broke and two bodies just formed inside were thrown out.
The Golden Virgin is unable to move. She can’t help but shout, "Fairy, what does this mean? If you don’t like what we’re doing, just say it. Do you want to shelter this guy and make them like this when you come? They have already suffered a lot in heaven, but now they can’t coagulate their bodies again, and their strength will drop. Does that mean? "
Phoenix sound cold way "meaning? What do you say? How dare you lie to my face? Don’t you know that everything here has been noticed by the empress from beginning to end? Things show as the reason, for example, our empress knows clearly, and they are fighting so fiercely in the virtual world. The saints are paying attention to you. Can you hide it? Trying to lie to me? "
"ah? How did this happen? Is there any misunderstanding about this matter, that fairy? I really don’t know that I was shocked by several saints … "The Golden Virgin knew that there were saints watching and didn’t know what to say.
Feng-xian Jin sneered, "You didn’t say anything. You can’t do anything today. I took them all away. Go back and ask your man to go to our empress to solve it. By the way, by the way, I can tell you that this little guy is a heavenly saint’s brother, my empress values human beings the most, and he is also a Xuan Ming empress child. Go back and talk to your man."
With a roll of golden light, the little girl next to Song Chang Gung and the broken cocoon of light are ignorant of the situation at the scene. Seraphim and the’ angel’ are all put away and then turned into a golden light. In an instant, I don’t know if the missing scene is to leave the Golden Virgin standing in the void. She doesn’t know how to clean up this mess. Everything can see her husband.
As for how to tell her husband when she went back, Jin Fengxian did not care, but took the four of them across the barrier for 33 days and went straight back to Nu Wa’s residence. She threw them at the door and let two six or seven-year-old boys and girls watch as they were about to go in and talk to the empress. The two girls suddenly asked, "Who are these sisters Jin Feng?"
Jinfeng’s cold and proud face suddenly bloomed with a soft smile that year. She spoiled and scraped the little girl’s nose and pretended to be angry. "Why do you ask so many questions just because you have more things to do?" Say! Have I been lazy in my homework these days? Seeing that your skill has not improved, you must be lazy. I will call you back to little ass to see if you are still distracted? "