There is not much suspense about the extinction of the evil spirits faction, because almost all the great forces in the celestial world have participated in the siege, and even the top evil spirits faction can escape.

However, it is the most important thing for these clansmen who besieged the evil spirits to get enough benefits after destroying the evil spirits.
The Evil Ghost Sect is the top immortal sect, which occupies a lot of cultivation resources, but there are a few rich veins and some caves, which are indispensable resources for many immortal sects.
However, there are too many forces to besiege the evil spirits, and the distribution depends on the means of each fairy gate.
Evil spirit school
The Evil Ghost Sect is in a miserable situation at this time. The whole evil ghost swamp is surrounded by all the top fairy gates, and it is hopeless for the evil ghost Sect to escape.
Many evil spirits sent their brothers to despair.
At this time, all the high-level officials in the hall of the Evil Ghost Sect also got together to discuss countermeasures.
There is a statue of the Great in this hall.
In addition to the top emperor, there are seven emperors whose strength is no small matter. It is the evil spirits who can become the top immortal gate.
But at this time, even the faces of several emperors are worried.
"What should the Great Emperor do now?"
The ghost emperor sat in the first of the seven emperors in his face, and the dark star emperor sank his mouth and asked
"Alas, now several top fairy goalkeepers are firmly surrounded by evil spirits, even if they are determined to destroy me, it is not easy for evil spirits to escape this robbery."
Ghost emperor said with a frown
"It’s all Lu Yue’s doing. His purpose is to get back at us when we destroyed the clan’s hatred. We told Lu Yue’s affairs department. Are these fairy doors going to destroy our evil spirits?"
Among the seven emperors, there is a female emperor named Autumn Emperor, who nibbled at the silver fangs and said clearly.
The reason why many top immortals besieged the evil spirits Sect was that Lu Yue slaughtered several top immortals, which attracted several top immortals to besiege the evil spirits Sect.
"If not, we can seize Lu Yue and hand it over voluntarily, which can also make the evil spirits faction escape, but the problem is that now all the top fairy gates have surrounded the evil spirits faction and are determined to destroy us. Now, with or without Lu Yue, they will not let us go of the evil spirits faction."
Something congenial slightly bitter way
The Evil Ghost Sect was created by him with painstaking efforts, and it can grow into a top fairy gate now. He has devoted countless efforts, but now he is facing such a big robbery, and his heart will naturally not feel good.
Yeah, anyway, it’s been saved by law now
"In this case, the Great Emperor thinks that it is not for us to compete with the fact that there are no less than 20 top immortals outside."
Dark star emperor mouth again
He has a palpitation in his eyes.
This powerful force of more than 20 emperors is really not something that evil spirits can resist.
When I heard the words of the Dark Star Emperor, a group of people in the hall looked gloomy, obviously knowing that the evil spirits faction was run.
The ghost emperor’s face is changing, and he seems to be hesitating. It is difficult to make up his mind.
"Several top immortals outside the Emperor have sent out a war. If the evil spirits don’t surrender, they will attack." When a group of emperors were discussing in the hall, a figure suddenly rushed in and said with anxiety.
Hearing this person’s words, the ghost emperor came firmly with a hint of hesitation.
His eyes with a biting, refuse.
"You top immortals unite to deal with our forces, Pang Dagen. It’s not that we can compete with this plan."
Ghost emperor sink a mouth and said
The words sound just fell and dark star emperor and others are startled.
"Emperor, now the evil spirits faction has been surrounded by a lot. If we temporarily avoid the edge, even if we shrink inside and outside, the strong will attack directly."
Dark star emperor bitter face mouth said
If they could avoid the edge for a while, they would have done it long ago. The problem is that now they are under siege and talking about avoiding it.
Chapter one hundred and sixty-nine Luo Xian emperor
Chapter one hundred and sixty-nine Luo Xian emperor
Hearing the words of the Dark Star Emperor, several emperors nodded repeatedly.
The Dark Star Emperor is right. They don’t have a way to avoid the edge for a while. They are now chopping boards and almost being slaughtered.
But there is no change when I hear several emperors refute the ghost emperor.
"A few Taoist friends, I said that it’s not the whole evil spirit faction that temporarily avoids sharpness, but us."
Ghost emperor’s eyes flashed biting color sink said
The words sound just fell and there was silence in the hall.
The strong people present are not good at it. When they hear the ghost emperor’s words, they will soon be reflected. What does Emperor Honky mean by temporarily avoiding sharpness?
It is obvious that the ghost emperor is going to give up the whole evil spirit school.
He’s going to break through directly with several emperors and give up the whole evil spirit Sect, while they are temporarily avoiding the edge.
"This ….. the Great Evil Ghost Sect, but it’s a pity that we have worked so hard to establish the inheritance and now it’s time to give up."