Hu Yingxue and Hu Rui have a lot of old scores. She intends to make a complete end with Hu Rui this time. If there is no fate, she would have found Hu Rui. Now all she can do is to pay attention to Hu Rui’s movement while killing zombies. If the thunder doesn’t split Hu Rui to death, she will take Hu Rui’s life.

A crashing explosion has appeared for a while. After the explosion, an arm’s thick red flash emerged from the cloud. Although it fell slowly, Hu Yingxue’s eyelids jumped and her scalp tightened.
Hu Rui walked slowly to the location of the heart. In that flash, she was about to fall in front of her. A person had already appeared nearly 20 meters away, so she just hid in the past. The flash fell in front of him and paused for a small position, immediately adding a pit with a depth of ten meters and a width of ten meters.
The Armageddon has been hiding in the past, and Hu Rui has been mumbling. He smiled, "I am the protagonist, and such a thunder is like a dream."
The words sound just fell as if in response to Hu Rui’s words, a flash of finger thickness suddenly rushed from the robbery cloud. Hu Rui wanted to hide, but this time he just turned around and was chopped red-handed.
This flash is very small and the color is not as bright and powerful as before, but even so, Hu Rui is very embarrassed. From head to toe, the black body and black gas are instantly thick, but it can be seen that the extra part is actually black smoke.
Spit out a mouthful of smoke Hu Rui actually pointed to the cloud in the sky and laughed. "I knew I was the protagonist. Look at others. Du Jie’s thunder reduction is less thick than a bucket, but I have fingers."
As soon as she said these words, the sky roared again, and then a thunder pillar was as thick as a bucket, and the color was bright and dazzling.
Hu Rui show some unhappy "how to become so thick again? Are you kidding me? "
Mouth complaining that Hu Rui didn’t forget to dodge, I guess I also know that Leizhu is not so good. It will not survive this time. Soon Leizhu will hit the place where she just stood. It is another big pit. This time, the pit is much bigger and deeper than the one just now.
Hu Rui actually ran back and took a look at it. After reading it, he left the corners of his mouth and said, "Why is there nothing in it?" I am the protagonist, what baby should appear at this time, and then my baby robbery will become as simple as playing house. "
Hu Yingxue just released a sword and stumbled when Hu Rui’s words stimulated her feet. She almost stabbed shuriken to jump in front of her at this time to stop a flying zombie Mu Tianxuan from stabilizing her body. Her mouth was violently pumping. "Hu Rui, why is she so persistent about being the protagonist?"
Mu Tianxuan has also been paying attention to Hu Rui’s movement over there, and she has also smoked a "such a person, you still don’t do it yourself, too fall in price".
Hu Yingxue raised her eyebrows slightly. "She worked so hard to death. Do you think I will have a chance to do it myself?"
When Mu Tianxuan wanted to answer Hu Yingxue’s words, Hu Rui suddenly shouted, "Ling Tianzun … er, no, Mu Tianxuan, Wei Chi, Hanyu Cliff, where have you all died? I was in Du Jie, and you didn’t come out to help me? "
This time, even Weichi Hanyu almost stumbled. Holding the sword tightly and tightly, he finally split into the zombie group in front of him. Of course, he really wanted to split the woman with a sword, but it would probably make Armageddon misunderstand that he was trying to help her. Du Jie, he was not interested in taking the top thunder for that woman.
Another thunder came and she was still waiting for a handsome boy hero to save the United States. Hu Rui quickly flashed a short cry and then she screamed, "What is this?" It’s disgusting! "
It seems that I don’t want Hu Rui to have another chance to flash a robbery cloud and just hit a robbery thunder, but the horse just hit another robbery thunder. Hu Rui just jumped out of the falling pit and looked at it. I don’t want to really throw something in my hand at the thunder column that was hitting her. An accident happened. The thunder column was directly shocked into the sky and the thunder shadow disappeared without falling to the ground.
Chapter 16 Hu Rui End ()
Hu Rui cocked his head and then pinched his waist and looked up and laughed. "Ha ha ha … I really am the protagonist."
Hu Yingxue is too lazy to go to see Hu Rui’s snake disease performance again. Focus on the thing that Hu Rui threw at Leizhu. It was wrapped in that thing and scattered in Lei Guang. Only when everyone saw its true face, it was dark as ink and braved repeated black smoke. This heart is not a dead thing, but it is still plopping.
Although Mu Tianxuan didn’t see this thing with his own eyes, he can be sure that it is the magic thing sealed by the collapse matrix. This magic thing can show its whereabouts on the jade slab when they search for evil magic, which should be the same as his talons and broken arms, that is to say, they should be one.
First, fenglin town, then the village where Jiangzhu lived, and then this time, there are signs of seals in every place in the plain. From this, we can draw a message that there should be similar places, but I don’t know who sealed these things that will affect one side’s fortune, and I guess the other side’s eyes.
Obviously, this time is not the time to explore this problem. After the heart appeared in the line of sight, those zombies and zombies were like a sudden chicken blood. Low-level zombies and zombies can compete with intermediate zombies and zombies, but the strength is very different. This change did not bring Hu Yingxue trouble to them.
Change This has just been followed by a new change. Those zombies and zombies are just like being guided. They are swarming around Hu Yingxue. They suddenly turn around and take care of killing each other. To be precise, they don’t kill each other but devour each other.
Although those zombies and zombies used to be ordinary people, they have been nourished by evil spirits for a long time, and their evolutionary ability is very strong. In the original foundation period, my brothers were able to destroy a piece of low-level zombies and zombies by themselves. After devouring each other, they grew up rapidly and soon appeared, which could make those real people have a headache.
Hu Yingxue and others are stunned by the amazing evolution speed of zombies and zombies. They are staring at Hu Rui by Armageddon and getting snake disease again. At this time, she doesn’t dislike that heart. She jumped up and grabbed it and then put it on her face. "I’m really amazing. I just grabbed it and grabbed such a good baby."
Boom is another thunder exploding. When the thunder column falls again, Hu Rui throws the heart out again without thinking about it. As before, when the heart thunder column collides, it gives off dazzling light, and then it turns the thunder column into the sky again without any threat from the other person.
Hu Rui has survived four robberies safely. Hu Rui’s face expression is getting more and more proud, but her eyes are getting more and more chaotic. A little bit of white eyes are infected by black, and a little bit of red blood is gradually revealed in the black. Every time she shakes her neck, her face will look weird. She often talks to herself and often says that the most frequent sentence is’ I am the protagonist’.
At the same time, the heart is changing again and again, and Hu Rui throws it at the skin carrying a lot of thunder and fire, and there are many tiny mouths. Although it will recover soon, it will not be as dark and shiny as before twice, and the black smoke is much thicker than before.
It should be because of the influence of those black smoke that zombies and zombies eat each other and become more crazy. At this time, there are more changes. Zombies and zombies eat each other and move to Hu Rui’s place. Hu Yingxue can turn around and chase and kill. It didn’t take long for them to see that they will enter the scope of Armageddon.
After cruel devouring each other, the zombies transformed by ordinary people and their ancestors or relatives and friends in the small plain quickly shrunk from 35,000 to 35,000, and it became even more cruel to devour each other at the place where the apocalypse was about to enter.
This three or five hundred can be said to be a zombie and the elite in the zombie released alone. One of them can be combined with a real person in a heartbeat for half a day. The fighting capacity is definitely not weaker than that of the three or five yuan infant groups. Hu Yingxue and their two armies directly blocked each other, such as temporarily learning that they have entered the coverage of Armageddon.
Unless you want the other side to perish together because of a deep hatred or friendship to help Du Jie, no one will come forward when others are in Du Jie. If you want to step into the coverage of Armageddon, you will be counted in. Although there will be no more person, the difficulty will be doubled directly, but Du Jie is like walking a tightrope. There is little difference between increasing the difficulty and doubling the difficulty.
Seeing a bunch of people shaking or jumping together, Hu Rui cherished the heart and wiped it two times. "Sure enough, the protagonist is different and knows that the thunder robbery will get worse and worse. So many helpers have been sent to help me. These guys are so faceless and have no face value. It would be better if they could be cool and handsome."
Hu Yingxue can say to herself that she doesn’t understand the brain tonic structure of snake sperm disease, otherwise how can she not understand how Hu Rui’s ideas come out? For example, when she sees so many guys running into the coverage of Armageddon, she will never take those guys as people to help.
One more person will increase the power of the natural disaster and reduce the thunder. Together, three or five hundred can trap three or five yuan infants, which means that Hu Rui is equal to the three or five yuan infants. The thunder that reappears in Du Jie is nearly three times thicker than before and the landing speed is twice as fast as before.
Even the hostile Hu Yingxue squeezed the staff for Hu Rui, but Hu Rui didn’t see any panic. When the thunder came, she threw the heart in her hand again, not only without any intention of dodging, but also without any protection. She looked up at the heart at a 45-degree angle and showed her anger again.
Because the thunder column is much thicker, this time the heart feels like a stone thrown into the water. Although the thunder column is still scattered this time, it is not like the thunder shadow all over the sky as before, but the ball of thunder is scattered around the football. Where the ball of thunder falls, there is a whole ear roaring and then a big hole appears in the grave.
A lightning ball exploded in front of Hu Rui and didn’t respond. She wasn’t directly bombed. Notice that there is a deep pit in front of her. I didn’t notice that the place where I stepped on it has become very loose. I plan to take a step back and just lift my foot and it will be light.
Jumping out of the pit again, Hu Rui’s eyes have turned into blood red. Stepping on a bright red jade flying instrument, he raised his hand and threw a bunch of baby fists, big black balls, and then he listened to a roar. Later, he will look at the place where the pit was already full of ground, so it became flat again.
Seeing clusters of black flames jumping on the ground, Hu Yingxue frowned lightly, and Mi Ri and Mi Xing were left behind Kunwu Mountain. As before, she answered questions at any time, and when she needed someone to give an answer again, she felt a little lost in her heart, but it also woke her up. She was too dependent on Mi Ri.
I took out the jade bamboo slips that I made for Mi Ri, and soon found the jade bamboo slips with information about the black flame. By comparing the information with the pictures, I can conclude that it is something called Yin Fire. This Yin Fire is not a high-grade flame, but it is very popular with some evil spirits, because they have a very sinister attachment, and the places they touched will be barren for thousands of years.
Hu Ruigang just left and right and threw out a lot of sinister fire. The explosion covered an area of about seven miles, which means that unless some remedial measures are taken, the seven-mile-long place will be a death in the next Millennium.
Will there be an inch of grass that won’t die? It’s the back now. Whoever gets close to it is unlucky to be attracted by that heart and step into the scope of Armageddon. Zombies and zombies will be close to the place where the heart is.
Zombies and zombies don’t pay attention to their feet. Not only do they not hide from the black flames that jump and shine on the ground, but some also step on those black flames every step forward.
It’s okay to step on it
Stepping on it again seems to be okay.
Then I stepped on one leg and climbed the black flame.
Go on, drag the black flame that quickly spread to your body, take one step, two steps … ten steps backwards.
It took only a moment to pour down a large area and evolve into advanced zombies and zombies. They have already had some thinking ability. When they saw the zombies in front and the zombies quickly turned to ashes in the black flame, those behind them stopped going forward and roared at Hu Rui with threats.
Hu Rui raised his hand and caught the heart again. As soon as he caught it and changed hands, he threw it away. He just threw it not far from his head and became more red, and it was smashed.
Although this time the heart is still very strong, it will smash the thunderbolt, but this time the size of the thunderbolt is as big as two basketballs. Because the thunderbolt density is much higher than before when it gets closer, there are many thunderbolts in front, back, left and right, and there are few two thunderbolts that can’t dodge or not. Hu Rui was finally wrapped up with the explosion.