Han Xi …

"Gentleness is not bad for us. Why don’t you give me a message and ask?"
Gentle and direct, I don’t want to talk to him anymore. I either walk up to him and kick him in the knee.
"Ah woman, you …"
"Ask Teng Yun if you dare, and he will fight if he promises me." There is a vicious expression in her gentle eyes as if her husband didn’t have an expression until he made a determined effort.
After that, he turned around and went out, but his face was so arrogant that the staff outside his door were too scared to say anything and bowed their heads and worked hard.
Han Xi held her knee for a long time, then she was angry and put her foot on the edge of her sofa, and then her eyes fell out in pain before she remembered that she had just been severely kicked.
You cann’t live with your sins.
Gentleness directly blackened the man, but soon received a photo.
It was the scene where she sat alone on that stone. She sighed when she saw her face lost, and then put the photo in a document.
Section 176
There are words at the back, but she didn’t see them.
She was upset enough after that newspaper.
Later, I went out with my mobile phone, and the weather became colder every day. When I went shopping, I bought clothes I liked.
The gloomy weather makes people uncomfortable.
When the company called her, it was already noon. She was eating with Jiang Wen at the ramen restaurant in Lamian Noodles. Lamian Noodles wiped her mouth and said that all the documents were on my desk. There were dozens of copies left, not five. Don’t remember wrong.
I didn’t continue to eat noodles until I explained it carefully, and suddenly I thought that girl would feel chatting without her reading the love sutra around.
It’s hancy. that guy is …
Too flat
The building staff counted the documents and then confirmed both sides before holding the building.
Give it to the courier and tell him not to be late.
"I know!" She didn’t turn her head until the courier left.
Han xiwu went to apologize to tenderness and was still angry?
Gentle is working on the report. Listen, I looked up at that time and then I had an illusion.
Tengyun is right in front of her eyes, which makes her look at her with eyes, okay?
Han Xi’s gentle eyes frowned. Do you want me to kneel down and beg you before you forgive me?
Gently recovered and bowed his head to cover up his flustered eyes.
"Don’t apologize!"
In fact, she has already forgotten what she said.
At that time, she was angry, but when she thought of the man who had been away for a long time, she was no longer in the mood to think about others, and even worse, she was angry with others
For a long time, the only person who can make her worry for a long time is her boss and husband.
"Don’t apologize? You haven’t already told your husband, have you? " Han Xi was frightened.
"I don’t chat as much as you do. Go back to your office. I’m busy." I didn’t deal with you
Actually, I’m not in the mood to deal with it
Han Xi was a little uneasy, but she looked gentle and ignored him, so she left, wondering as she walked.
Gentleness looked up at the roof and sighed after he left.
I don’t know where the pressure came from.
Still in a bad mood by that newspaper
She doesn’t care about so many scandals about him before …
Is it true that if you are too far away, your heart will become more and more uncontrollable, unable to grasp it and then lose your sense of security?
Later, when the file was looking for the file, my brain suddenly buzzed, thinking hard and trying to remember something, and then I gave up without remembering anything.
Get up and have tea and coffee.
Later, I received a message from Yun Xiang that I wanted to drink together and asked her if she dared to be gentle. I went to the appointment late when I heard Yun Xiang’s voice was not very good.
Sometimes it’s not a question of whether you dare, but whether you will.
The best friend is in a bad mood. Of course she has to accompany her to death.
They finally quarreled, and Yun Xiang’s eyes were red and swollen, and he kept drinking.
Gentle sitting next to watch, and then to give her the wine made eyes, the student immediately took the wine away, but suddenly hugged tenderness.
"He said he didn’t expect me to become like this. Have I changed? Gentle, can you tell me that I have changed? In order to have children, I keep trying to feel like a machine and let people keep doing experiments. I love him too much. If I change, I am not him? "
Everyone has a hurdle in marriage.
Cutting may be different things.
Some people are cheating, some are changing their minds, and some are too in love.
Hold her gently. "Let us let nature take its course, shall we?"
She knows how indifferent she is to let nature take its course, but it’s been two years since she gave birth to a baby. How long can she carry on if she keeps trying her body?
My heart hurts when I’m snowing.
☆, 14 promote good things
She has done enough. Why should she continue?
Gentleness knows that some women can persist in having children for seven years in a row, and when they have children, they are ecstatic as if they were reborn.
However, some people have worked hard for a generation without results.