"You understand very right! If Vietnam is completely occupied, this restriction will be lifted and you will be free to catch wolves freely! "

"Good that I’m white! Thank you! " Nine heavy reunification helps Chou Chou, who collapsed to the ground and was dying for wolves. "Hey … it’s not easy to let Vietnam fall completely!"
Chapter four hundred and forty Eradicate the roots
Jiuzhong glanced at the broken Sirius City, which was on the verge of collapse. It was really important for him to come in person. The Guild Channel said to Shuang Lu Bu, "Lu Bu, I want to catch wolves, but I must first wipe out Vietnam. You take someone to push Sirius City to me!"
"No problem! Do you want to raze the ground directly or cut the grass? !”
"Of course, we must eradicate the roots and eliminate the future troubles!"
"I know!" Say double lyu3 bu4 immediately to the people of the command to attack again. Just now, the sacred alliance forces of the fire line quickly pressed against the Wolf City again, and it didn’t take a moment to surround the whole Sirius City again.
After the completion of the camp, Lu Bu once again ordered "the original plan to execute the killing! !”
"Kill! ! !” Tens of millions of sacred alliances are embraced, and like a dumpling pot, a Sirius city is filled in an instant. The rest of Vietnam is still fighting, and the player department is covered up and surrounded, and finally it is surrounded near the resurrection point.
"The sacred kill but head point! Didn’t we just go to your Huaxia District for a walk? ! I didn’t do anything to you! Are you really going to kill them all like this? ! !” Players in Vietnam gathered in the crowd near the resurrection point. Sirius looked at the east of the city in despair and shouted at the top of his lungs.
"Then who do you blame? !” Nine-fold-sized ears are also expanding in proportion, and the radio effect is better than in the past. Although the head is almost rushing to the cloud, I still clearly heard Sirius’s propaganda. "If you didn’t have that Jin Gangzuan, don’t take that porcelain job. Since you have taken it, you must have the consciousness of bearing the consequences! Even if you don’t keep this consciousness, you will make a fool of yourself in the future. It is better for me to kill you directly now! Children are all experienced. Don’t mention it! !”
"Ha ha ha kill! !” Here, the players of the Holy Alliance should be nervous when there is no battle at this moment, and their mood has become more relaxed. They have not regarded this as a battle but a hunting, and now it is time for them to share the fruits of victory.
The players of the Holy League swarmed and robbed the Vietnamese players like a shopping mall. It was in full swing and almost didn’t fight. It was called a lively event.
At that time, the players in Vietnam became fragrant buns.
Players in Vietnam are now in a low level of fighting spirit, and there is nothing left to kill them. It can be said that there is no difficulty at all, just as they straighten their necks and wait for someone to cut them.
Therefore, the battle ended in less than half an hour. With the new round of killing, the players in Vietnam never appeared from the resurrection point, which means that their level has fallen back to the tenth level and they have been killed back to the novice village.
After exterminating the online recalcitrant players in Vietnam, Shuang Lu Bu quickly led the troops to Sirius City without stopping. In less than two minutes after the joint offensive of tens of millions of people, Sirius City was destroyed with a collapse.
The last territory in Vietnam has also been taken into the hands of the Holy Alliance. Although the players in Vietnam will be able to recapture Sirius City in the next three days, it is obviously impossible to achieve it.
Although there is no news that Vietnam has been completely destroyed, the fall of Sirius City has actually marked the demise of Vietnam.
The capture of Sirius City did not mean that Vietnam was completely destroyed, but it was at least temporarily occupied.
Nine important is this result.
"Done!" Destroy Sirius city heart double lyu3 bu4 immediately informed the nine heavy.
"I know!" Nine-fold attention has regained its focus on the greedy wolf. Some greedy wolves asked, "The Vietnam area you guarded is no longer there. Now I will ask you for the last time, do you want to accept my proposal?" !”
"Roar …! !” Greedy wolf is still refusing to roar as usual.
"Then it’s no wonder that I!" Nine heavy didn’t use the horse to capture, but "bang" according to the greedy wolf’s head. Two punches came again, which made the greedy wolf into the dying state with the weakest will resistance. Only then did the capture technique be used to capture the greedy wolf.
"Capture failed!"
"Capture failed!"
Even if everything is ready, this last trembling is still a hundred times before finally "catching success!" "
A dazzling black light rises, and the wolf’s huge mountain body fades away and finally turns into a pet egg the size of a hot air balloon.
Compared with wolves, other pet eggs are turned into pet eggs. In addition to being particularly big, there is one point that is the biggest difference. The shell of wolf pet eggs is not a hard shell in the general sense, but a mass of strong and not black gas.
As the saying goes, if a person has a strange appearance, he will have a strange collar. This sentence is equally suitable for pet eggs. The more strange a pet egg is, the more extraordinary the pet in this egg is.
"hmm!" Catch the wolf’s pet egg and nod. "Luan Er and Feng Wu both have mounted beasts, and Yue Er has wings for the time being, leaving Xiang Xiang with nothing … Then give this stuff to Xiang Xiang!"
Throw the wolf’s pet egg into the dry Kun bag, and cancel the skill effect of "hiding the golden body in the ground" nine times. After a brief explanation with Double Lyu3 bu4, the function of sending the ring at a fixed point is directly returned to the misty city.
When I came back, I thought about giving gifts to Xiang Xiang, and I called Xiang Xiang for the first time. As a result, I learned that Xiang Xiang and Shen Yue all went to the misty city after the battle and sent them to the colorful magic capital in the ten layers of hell for recreation.
"It’s a detour!" Jiuzhong hurriedly called out the virtual door with a snap of his fingers, but just then the voice communication suddenly rang. It was Apple.
Nine heavy through "apple what is it? !”
"Boss, all the sites occupied behind enemy lines were occupied by All Saints Alliance and Hongwu Alliance during the decisive battle in our four districts!"
When Jiuchong went to Vietnam to clean up the wolf, the players in the Holy League had already finished clearing the players who ran away from the four districts in the misty city war and tried their best to kill the department.
After clearing the players who fled from the fourth district, the players in the Holy Alliance left some players to clean the battlefield and pick up all kinds of equipment and weapons that the players in the fourth district exploded. This is all money. In the first world war of the misty city, Apple bought the behemoth of the twelfth war in one breath, burned it without burning money, and made up some by cleaning the battlefield.
Some players cleaned the battlefield, and the rest of the players rushed into the enemy-occupied areas and swept to the fourth area to occupy the territory in Huaxia District, but it was a step late. When they entered the enemy-occupied areas, the enemy-occupied areas had already changed back to Huaxia District.
All saints alliance and Hongwu alliance have captured all the four player cities in the enemy-occupied areas and completely occupied the enemy-occupied areas.
Apple reported this situation to Jiuzhong immediately after learning about it.
"Oh, I see!" Jiuzhong nodded and said, "Take it if it doesn’t matter!"
"But the boss, we worked so hard to win the four-zone players but were robbed of the fruits of victory by the All Saints Alliance and the Hongwu Alliance. This is really a bit irritating! Isn’t this a fish in troubled waters? !”
Chapter four hundred and forty-one Efficiency enough
"All right, all right!" Jiuzhong exhorted Apple to say, "If you’re not so angry, it’s just a little bit of territory. Just give it to them! You should take a long view. How many war zones are there in the world in the whole era? If we want territory, we will invade. Then we will have as many as we want. ! Although the map of China is not small, it is nothing but a drop in the bucket compared with the whole world map! "
"So that’s it!" After listening to Jiuzhong’s words, Apple was relieved. "Hehe, then I am white ~!"
"White is good to call the brothers to withdraw! Save your strength and soon we will have another century war to fight! "
"What century war? !” Apple is interested.
"Hey, you’ll know! Wait! " Jiuzhong deliberately sold one that tickled Apple’s heart. "If you have nothing to do, you will hang up!"
Hanging up the voice communication, Jiuchong turned through the virtual door and entered the tenth floor of hell, speeding all the way to the colorful magic capital.
However, halfway through the fenglei beast breeding base, the voice call rang again, and the signature was a machine.
"Machine hair? !” Nine heavy didn’t stop, while on the road through to the machine asked.
"… boss, I repeat, my name is machine, not machine. Please call my name!" Machine tone some excitement and nai way
"Good machine!"
"… forget it, I admit it!" Machine shook his head "eldest brother don’t go! You have something to do! "
"Oh!" Nine heavy and turned back to fenglei beast breeding base around has been planted in ten layers of hell like Optimus prime Yun Lei number hovering ChiLi in front of the machine "machine what’s the matter? !”
After getting the wind-eating cloud-thundering trees in Lei Shou from the celestial thunder pool, Jiuzhong handed over the number of the wind-thundering beasts and the cloud-thundering trees to the machine and asked him to be responsible for the breeding and breeding of the wind-thundering beasts.
"What else can I do? Of course it’s a fenglei beast!" Machine refers to the captive in several Yunlei trees. Feng Lei Shou said, "Although these fenglei beasts have solved the problem of eating and drinking, they just don’t match! We racked our brains and tried our best to get the boss! You know everything. See what you can do? !”
"hmm? !” Nine heavy smell speech is also one leng. "I remember that I didn’t call the demon son to cast a * * method on these fenglei beasts, so that they could post posts to point west to beat dogs and drive chickens out?" !”
"Oh!" Machine suddenly turned to the but again way "you are doing this is doing it! However, because of the lack of food at that time, you were busy with food for fenglei animals. As a result, you didn’t let the demon sister-in-law ask these fenglei animals and horses to make a match! "
"Er … it seems that there is such a thing!" Nine heavy cocked his head and thought suddenly, "I really didn’t let them match on the spot!" That’s easy …! "
With that, Jiuzhong came to the fenglei beast and called the little demon out of the pet. "Do me a favor, demon, and let the fenglei beast, which has been confused by you, make a match now!"
"Ahem … demon son you wronged me! I’m in a country where there is absolutely no personal idea mixed in. I’m absolutely pure! "