Ranked third in the league with seven points

What an excellent achievement this is!
If other coaches had such achievements, they would have been praised as handsome by the media.
Why is it so unpopular when it comes to our coach’s head?
Won the game and was scolded for being tied. The game was scolded for being ranked third in the league and was also scolded.
This is so unfair!
But they all know what style Spanish fans are.
Therefore, they also have to admit that the media said that nine times out of ten it will happen in the future, that is, once Hertha fans think that they deserve to win and win again, the coach may really encounter a crisis.
But how can they solve this problem?
This is not a player-level matter at all.
No matter how hard they try, they can’t make the game look better.
Because they all play in a tactical framework, they have to adapt to the tactical framework and tactics, and no matter how well they play, they will be like that.
And tactical issues have never been something they should or can consider as players.
Before training, everyone in the locker room was discussing this matter, and they all wanted to know how to make the team win the game.
Carlos Campo is worried. "I think the boss really has a big problem this time … I don’t think we can play football like Marca reported …"
Plug Passareira’s face was calm. "I believe the boss."
Carlos Campo was so anxious when he saw him. "What do you believe? What do you believe? Do you believe that there should be evidence? Now the problem is not that you can solve it by trusting him! This is our tactic, and everyone is used to it. Do you think it’s good-looking? Much as I like this tactic … I guarantee that those picky people will not be satisfied! Do you believe … do you believe what the boss said to you? "
"No, he didn’t say anything to me."
"Then you know what the boss will do?"
Passareira shook his head "I don’t know"
"Then you believe it?" Carlos Campo said grumpily.
"When he wants to lead us to avoid relegation, many people also think that he can’t do it, but he said that he will definitely lead the team to avoid relegation. It turns out that he has done what the boss always said, and I believe him." Passareira also glanced at Campo calmly.
This look made Campo very quiet. It was like, "You don’t even believe the boss!"
Campo found that Passareira was such an important boss, and others were anxious, but he was very calm and said, "I believe in the boss" and it was over.
He doesn’t even know how to tell plug, so just shut up.
At this time, Changsheng suddenly appeared at the door of the locker room.
Everybody be quiet.
Changsheng glanced at the locker room and then ordered a little luis garcia.
"Louis, come to my office." He waved and turned and walked away.
Chapter ninety-six Let’s do an experiment
Changsheng threw such a sentence and left. He didn’t say what it was to find luis garcia.
All eyes in the dressing room immediately turned to luis garcia
Luis garcia is probably the most player on the team who has been called to talk by the head coach alone.
Even Carlos Campo and Cesar Passareira, two players who are particularly good with the head coach, have never enjoyed this "treatment"
Of course, other people would rather not get such treatment.
Because every time I am called to talk by the head coach alone, it is not a good thing.
Luis garcia is the only player who has not been able to get a chance to play in the new season.
Not only did he not start, but he didn’t even come off the bench
Three games. When he played
Some people are very sympathetic to him. How well he did when he joined the team? Many people think that he will definitely get the main position in the new season.
However, I didn’t expect that he suddenly slipped before the season and his performance was not good, so he lost the opportunity to play for the team.
Until now, more than half a month has passed, and he has almost been forgotten by the media.
And that player who joined the team with him now frequently appear in Hertha local media.
Charles Andreas and Mista also had an exclusive interview.
This should be the only failure in signing this summer.
If there is no accident, he will stay in Hertha for a whole season, but how many opportunities will France get to play? After the loan expires, he will return to Lide, Balado, and then wait for a loan.
This is the fate of loan players.
Luis garcia noticed the eyes of his teammates, but he pretended not to see them and followed him out.
Soon he was at the door of Changsheng’s office.
He didn’t raise his hand and knock at the door, but at the door.
He doesn’t know what the head coach told him. Does it mean that his training has improved recently?
Even luis garcia himself didn’t believe this.
He thinks it’s good that he hasn’t regressed
Even if there is progress, he doesn’t think he can make it to the starting position.
Since you are not here to praise yourself, you must be here to criticize yourself.
Criticize yourself for making too slow progress? Did not meet his expectations?
But I’ve worked very hard …
Forget it, whatever it is, just go in and you’ll know!
Luis garcia dumped her head, threw all these thoughts out of her mind and knocked on the door.
"Come in"
There was a head coach voice inside.
Luis garcia pushed through the door and saw the head coach sitting behind his desk, frowning and thinking about something.
This expression is not what not bashful …