The most exciting thing is Valencia media.

The strength of La Coruna in the past two years has been seen by everyone, but such a strong team was beaten by the winning team in Mestalla.
Surprised the Valencia media
After the game, the provincial newspaper published such a photo in the headline. In front of it, Valencia players were excited to celebrate the goal, while behind him, La Coruna players were dejected and depressed. La Coruna players gave Valencia a background and foil.
The photo has a title "Their time has come"
This means that the Valencia era has arrived.
But there is also a subtext that the era of Super Laco is over …
Of course, it is hard to say whether the era of La Coruna is over, but at least the appearance of winning has changed history.
Deportivo La Coruna will no longer play against Real Madrid at the Bernabeu Stadium.
The King’s Cup in the era of Super Laco vanished.
The next night, another semi-final of the King’s Cup was decided.
Real Madrid lost 12 away to Athletic Bilbao.
But that doesn’t mean that Real Madrid can’t make it to the final of the King’s Cup.
The situation of losing a goal away from home and scoring an away goal is actually beneficial to Real Madrid.
I believe that returning to Real Madrid will definitely beat Athletic Bilbao and reach the final.
The media have met for the third time in YY Valencia and Real Madrid season.
It’s not that enemies don’t get together to come to Real Madrid and Valencia, and there’s nothing too much hatred. Although it’s not right, it’s not like this. However, since the victory, the hatred between Valencia and Real Madrid has escalated rapidly, and now it’s close to the state of "sworn enemies"
Obviously, the winning streak brought his hatred for Real Madrid and then influenced Valencia.
But this is actually what the media like to see.
If Valencia and Real Madrid can meet in the final of the King’s Cup, it will be very interesting!
There is no suspense in Valencia’s away game against las palmas three days later. las palmas has no resistance in front of Valencia.
Although the game always won, the rotation was chosen, so most of the main players got a rest. In this way, Valencia still beat las palmas on the road 31.
Valencia and La Coruna meet again in the middle of the week.
This game is the second leg of the King’s Cup semifinal.
Valencia go away to La Coruna.
Although there is little hope for wisdom, Irueta sent the main force of the Ministry.
Changsheng did make some rotations and changed some main players and substitutes, but Valencia didn’t reduce its combat effectiveness much.
Substitutes have more fighting spirit and desire than the main players.
Finally, the two sides shook hands at Riaso Stadium 22.
Valencia eliminated La Coruna with a total score of 62 and advanced to the final of the King’s Cup!
After the game, Irueta shook the winning hand again and said to the winning hand, "Spain knows that if Real Madrid wants a King’s Cup champion to celebrate their birthday, you know what to do, right?"
Changsheng smiled. He thought that it had been decided that La Coruna had captured the Bernabeu in the final of the King’s Cup and stirred up the birthday party of Real Madrid …
A day later, Real Madrid lived up to expectations, beating Athletic Bilbao 3 times at home and advanced to the final!
The two teams finally met again in the King’s Cup final.
Real Madrid won the qualification of the King’s Cup finals again and applied to the Spanish Football Association for hosting the King’s Cup finals at the Bernabeu Stadium!
It has been ten years since the final of the King’s Cup in 1992 that the venue of the final is the home of the participating side.
Ten years ago, there was a special reason for that game-when Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid reached an agreement, the final of the King’s Cup was held in the Bernabeu, and then when the two teams met again in the final of the King’s Cup, Real Madrid asked Atletico Madrid to bid for the final.
At that time, Real Madrid’s idea was to beat arch-rival Atletico Madrid in the final by taking advantage of home court.
But unfortunately, the abacus is well played, but the reality is cruel
Real Madrid was finally kicked by Madrid in the final. It’s really a loss of wife and soldiers to watch their bitter rivals celebrate the championship at home.
Since then, the final of the King’s Cup has been held in a neutral venue. In the second year, Real Madrid broke into the final of the King’s Cup again. Their opponent was Zaragoza, but this time they didn’t ask for the final to be held at the Bernabeu, but at the home of Valencia, Mestalla. Finally, Real Madrid defeated Zaragoza in Mestalla 2 and won the 17th King’s Cup in the club’s history.
This time, Real Madrid took the initiative to apply to hold the King’s Cup final at the Bernabeu Stadium, but it was not unexpected.
As Irueta said, it is well known that Real Madrid wants the King’s Cup champion to decorate their centenary celebration.
Real Madrid didn’t want to hide it-they just said they wanted to hold the final in the Bernabeu because it was part of Real Madrid’s centenary celebration.
There was confidence and disdain in that speech, as if they had won the King’s Cup, and they didn’t care about their opponent Valencia.
This is also the reason why many teams think that Real Madrid is arrogant. In fact, they are only confident to the extreme. They have no subjective intention to offend anyone and despise anyone. This is the pride and confidence of their best team in the 20th century, but this kind of pride and confidence is a great insult to other teams!
Chapter one hundred and four Bullying Real Madrid
In the past ten years, in order to ensure the fairness and justice of the King’s Cup final, the final venue is arranged in a neutral venue, even if there are teams in the same city, the stadium is not their home.
Many people even think that the final of the King’s Cup should be played in a neutral venue in this way.
However, Real Madrid’s request has awakened people to the fact that the final of the King’s Cup is not forbidden to be played at the home of the participating teams.
Real Madrid made this request, though not necessarily reasonable, but reasonable.
However, the media criticized Real Madrid for this practice.
Apart from supporting Real Madrid media, other media believe that the final of the King’s Cup should be put in the Bernabeu.
"if you make such a rash move just to celebrate your centenary birthday, can all the teams participating in the finals ask the Spanish Football Association to hold the King’s Cup final at their own home for all kinds of interesting reasons?"
The Valencia media is Depth Charge, who took the lead in this matter.
Of course, they have to protect their own interests.
If the final is really held in the Bernabeu, it will be very unfavorable for Valencia.