Actually, the referee is in favor of Lazio, and this is the only time.

And judging from the slow-motion replay, ledesma didn’t foul the tackle. He shoveled the football cleanly first and then brought Messi down.
Messi’s claim that ledesma fouled him is untenable.
Of course, if this is a match between Barcelona and other swimming pools, such as Real Madrid and Chelsea, the referee will call it a foul in nine cases out of ten.
However, Barcelona and Lazio are both UEFA cadres, so it is natural for the referee to enforce the law impartially.
Messi is really in a bad state in this game, because he doesn’t have many chances to get the ball, and he can’t get many balls in a game. What state can he have?
Messi is the main weapon of Barcelona’s attack. In many cases, when ikiaka can’t play the game in Barcelona, Limeisi’s personal skills are needed to break the deadlock.
That’s why Barcelona is so powerful. They have a whole, and they also have individuals. When they can’t afford it, they benefit from their super personal ability, while when they are in poor health, they have a strong whole.
Most of the time, this is enough.
But it happened that today they were restricted by Lazio as a whole, and Messi was in a bad state personally.
Barcelona sleepwalked with Lazio for more than ten minutes, and then they lost the goal game for the third time.
This time Lazioli is a standard ikiaka.
Tear the Barcelona defense completely with a continuous kick, and then Klose receives a direct ball from modric in the restricted area. He doesn’t stop the ball, but turns around and volleys directly!
The football went past Valdes’ foot and went into the goal!
"klose-! ! !” The German TV commentator was particularly excited "Klose! ! His 11th Champions League goal of the season! He has tied Messi in the Champions League scorer list! I want to score another goal! He can surpass Messi to become the top scorer in the Champions League! "
"This is unbelievable! Klose is about to turn 33 and still has a chance to win the Champions League top scorer! "
"When he left Bayern Munich, many people thought that he was in self-exile. In the highly competitive Lazio team, he definitely got too many chances to play … Who would have thought that cavani’s injury completely liberated Klose! He is not only the main force, he can also compete for the top scorer in the Champions League! "
"Before the game, it was said that this game was a competition between Messi and Klose for the best shooter. Now it seems that Messi is in a low state and Klose is in a hot state! If Messi can’t come up with anything to say in the past, then the honor of the top scorer in the Champions League will belong to German veteran Klose! "
The commentators were very excited.
Klose is also very excited.
Klose, the top scorer in the Champions League, has never been involved.
I didn’t expect that he would have a chance to compete for this honor in Lazio.
After the goal, instead of running to celebrate, he rushed into the goal, picked up the football and ran back while waving his fist.
In fact, even if he doesn’t score in the future, he can become the top scorer in the Champions League with Messi with this goal.
However, Lazio players have the same temper as their coach.
That is never to share honors and records with others!
Soklose also hopes that he can take the lead and squeeze Messi into the second place.
A Lazio player must have such ambition!
Chapter four hundred and twenty-six Top scorer
When Klose scored, the TV broadcast specially gave Messi a close-up because Messi had always been ahead of Klose.
As a result, now that he has been tied, what will Messi do?
Messi’s facial expression
He was panting with his mouth wide open.
At this time, he probably doesn’t care about the top scorer.
What’s the point of having a top scorer without a champion?
But it is too difficult for Messi to win the championship.
Because Lazio are now three goals ahead of Barcelona.
In fact, the suspense of this final has been killed.