This time, Lazio didn’t have the situation that the strong team played heartily and the weak team fluctuated.

Lazio almost beat their opponents at home 31 times this time.
The only fly in the ointment is that the defensive line was inattentive and let the opponent sneak into a goal.
But getting three points is more important.
Now that five rounds of the league have passed, Lazio have scored 12 points, which makes them ranked fifth.
The fifth place is certainly not enough for Lazio. You know, the former Lazio are all in the top three rhythms of the league. From the season, this ranking rarely falls out of the top four.
Everyone once joked that Lazio is the "always top four" team, and their fans are not worried about whether Lazio can qualify for the Champions League this season.
They wonder whether Lazio can win the championship.
After this season, Lazio has encountered many problems, injuries and ups and downs, and other teams have also performed well.
I don’t know if knowing that Changsheng will leave Lazio has given other teams confidence and impulse.
Or maybe Lazio decided to leave because they didn’t win the championship for two consecutive seasons, which made many teams think they had a chance.
Anyway, a combination of factors is that Lazio has played five rounds in the league before ranking fifth.
Lazio away to Modena in the sixth round of the league. It’s a newly promoted season, and it’s still in Serie B.
Modena was also away from Serie A for many years. She played in Serie A once before, and then was demoted. After the demotion, it was found that there was a match-fixing case, and then she was demoted to Class C.
Since then, although I have been promoted to the second division, I have never been able to break into the first division.
It’s not easy for them to be promoted to the first class this time.
After the first division, the team didn’t perform very well.
After five league matches, Modena suffered a four-game losing streak before winning the season, and only drew Naples 11 times in one league match, which stopped the losing streak.
It has been acknowledged by the media that Modena has booked a relegation quota for the season before, and it is no suspense that they will be extremely popular this season.
This way, opponents will have no problem even if Lazio take them away from home.
This is also the case.
Lazio beat Modena 3 away from home, which made the media more accurate in judging Modena.
At the same time, Lazio jumped to the third place with this victory.
Finally entered the Champions League.
However, the first place in the season so far is not the giants, but Naples.
Cannavaro coached Napoli and ranked first in the league with 16 points. They beat Juventus on goal difference.
Juventus and Naples ranked second with 16 points.
Then came Lazio, which ranked third with 15 points.
Inter Milan ranked fourth with fourteen points.
Stramaccioni coached Florence and ranked fifth with eleven points.
Verona, another newly promoted horse, ranked sixth with a score of ten points, which really made many people fall below their glasses …
AC Milan, the giant of Yutong, has had a bad time in the last two years.
After six rounds, it is currently ranked ninth, only points …
This is the ranking of the first six rounds of Serie A in the new season.
This shows how fierce the competition is this season and how chaotic the situation is …
Although Lazio, the former overlord, is still entrenched in his throne, those restless princes and ministers can’t wait to replace the old king.
The old king naturally can’t give in easily.
So the fierce battle for the throne began.
Chapter 31 This is the death group? Ha!
After the match with Modena, Lazio went back to the road. This time it was the Champions League. They played against Dortmund, a third-class team, at home in the second round of the Champions League group match.
When Lazio was first assigned to this group, many people thought it was UEFA’s intention to blacken Lazio and assign them to the most powerful death group in order to let Lazio die.
As a result, Lazio easily won the first group match against Real Madrid, the strongest group!
This has caused many people to fall below their glasses.
So whether Dortmund can successfully stop Lazio away from home is now doubted by many people.
In the future, everyone knows that Lazio will play very hard in the death group. Even those who have more confidence in Lazio think that Lazio may qualify, but it will cost a lot.
I didn’t expect Lazio to beat Real Madrid 2 away in the first game.
Let the atmosphere of this death group become a little weird.