Unexpectedly, in the end, it was a win and a loss, and the result was better than he thought. Naturally, he would not have any dissatisfaction.

Moreover, losing a game after winning in a row will help release the pressure and emotions of the players and let them recover from the tense state. A rubber band that has been stretched all the time will break sooner or later, and it will lose its elasticity because it is stretched for too long. The pool is full and needs to be released. It will be released by itself.
That’s the truth
Surplus means deficit means overflow.
A relaxation will help the team prepare for the next game with a better attitude.
Changsheng didn’t want to lead this team to an unbeaten end of the season …
That’s too unrealistic.
Too much suffering is not a big picture performance that a head coach should have.
The head coach should focus on winning or losing one or two games throughout the season.
Anyway, he has seen it since he won Seville.
Even though he lost the game in the end, he still gave the team a day off.
After a day’s holiday, when the team resumed training, the shadow of failure seemed to have disappeared from them.
Even Manuel Garcia came out of failure.
Everything seems as usual.
There is a person who still smells of failure …
This man is Rudy Gonzalez Diaz.
Ever-victorious looking at Rudy Gonzalez’s face doesn’t seem to be relieved.
His opponent is still upset about losing the game, so he plans to find a chance to comfort him.
Although the two of them often bicker, isn’t this a sign of intimacy?
When one day’s training ended, Changsheng stopped Rudy Gonzalez to "go and have dinner together".
Rudy Gonzalez looked at him without saying anything, and there was nothing in his eyes, thinking that this failure had really hit him hard …
So he added, "It’s my treat."
Seeing Rudy still didn’t respond, he simply took the other person’s hand and dragged it away.
In the "Egg Potato Pancake" bar, the winner always sits in his own place, while Rudy Gonzalez sits opposite him.
Chang Sheng has come here less and less now, because Aunt Maria often drags him home for dinner.
But when Chang Sheng doesn’t want to bother Aunt Maria any more, he will come here directly for dinner and then go back, so that Aunt Maria can find him again and he can say that he has already thanked her for her kindness.
"This pancake is their specialty. I think it tastes good. Try it?" Changsheng is holding a big pancake in his hand, chewing something in his mouth and pointing to the pancake in front of Rudy with the other hand, saying
So Rudy took a bite and said, "Not as good as my girlfriend …"
At this point, he realized that Catherine was no longer his girlfriend.
Changsheng didn’t know this, but suddenly he became interested. "When will you invite me to your house to try it?"
"That won’t do," Rudy shook his head and said.
"Don’t be so stingy … I promise to be interested in pancakes!"
"We have broken up."
Rudy’s plain words startled Chang Sheng.
Rudy’s girlfriend, Catherine Lopez Rodriguez, always wins because she knows that after working together for so long, she will always hear some other people’s divinations.