Dong Zhong Liu Xie Qi Qi knelt down and thanked "Xie Long En!"

Dong Zhong is Dong Taihou’s nephew. This promotion is better than General Sangong’s title of generals in ancient times. I don’t know if he even jumped a few levels. It’s a miracle!
"Things are over. It’s better to retreat from the DPRK." Liu Bian looked at the side and said that there was no movement. It seems that nothing happened. Liu Bian waved his hand and said, "Retreat from the DPRK!"
When the emperor retired to the imperial palace and retreated to the hall, he suddenly entered the hall and walked away with a sullen face. He still remembered that Dong Taihou was a spaghetti pangjin who had no idea and was going to discuss with his sister what to do.
After Cui got the news, he immediately overturned the teacup on the table and cursed viciously, "Is it not enough for this old bitch to collect money and scrape food before?" I have to come out and make waves! "
Dong Taihou’s love for talents is well known, and even the official purchase of Emperor Han Ling is fueled by Zhang Rang and other ten constant attendants, but Dong Taihou’s encouragement is absolutely inseparable
Now entering Dong Taihou’s bedroom will definitely be dazzled by a room full of jewels. Perhaps it is also because of too many poor days in Dong Taihou that I am so fond of talents now.
Cui didn’t want to face it, so she gave a banquet. Dong Taihou came to the table and wanted to talk to Dong Taihou. It’s not too late to face it again.
Xi Cui and Dong Taihou don’t talk about the DPRK when they drink with each other. Instead, they say it’s a trivial matter until after three rounds of drinking, Cui thinks it’s time to get down to business.
Dong Taihou first filled a glass of wine before smiling and saying, "You see, we are all women. Since ancient times, the Queen Mother has been forbidden to interfere in political affairs. You should learn from the past!"
Dong Taihou also laughed and replied, "I naturally know what I’m doing, and you don’t have to say much. Will I watch you in trouble?"
"I’m afraid you’re the queen mother!" Cui Xiao has long since disappeared. "I heard that you encouraged the young emperor to buy an official again, yes or no!"
"That’s like I cultivate my own confidant." Dong Taihou was unaware.
Cui nu said, "You really want to fight me!"
Dong Taihou tit-for-tat. "If it weren’t for your brother’s big hand, what qualifications would you have to tell me what to do in front of me? Believe it or not, I’ll let General Dong Zhong, a title of generals in ancient times, behead your brother!"
"Hehe, let’s see if you die or I die!" Cui broke the cup and went to Dong Taihou to leave with a smile.
Lu Cui said to the eunuch beside him, Call Jin.
Entering the palace overnight, Cui embellished his dialogue with Dong Taihou’s seat, and said it again. He immediately became angry and actually wanted to kill himself. This has to be done quickly.
Immediately after returning to the office, I called the officials to discuss that Dong Taihou Dong Chengyou had no intention of seeking it.
It has always been the case in all dynasties. Officials have only a handful of high ability to handle affairs, but if they want to move to a person, it is definitely an eye-opener, and someone will immediately come up with their own plan.
Although Dong Taihou is the mother of Emperor Ling, she can also be called the adoptive mother. Because Emperor Ling Liu Hong was able to ascend to the throne and claim the throne, it was because of Emperor Heng that Dou Taihou, the queen of Emperor Heng, made Liu Hongshou his own son Liu Hong. Only in Dou Taihou did the general Dou Wu support the Emperor Ling of Han.
Later, the eunuch in Dou Wu failed to fight and ended up in the necromancer, and the Empress Dowager Dong received what Luoyang said. Strictly speaking, this Dong Taihou can be regarded as the wife of a captaincy and can’t enjoy the scenery in Luoyang.
After hearing this opinion, I was overjoyed at the second day of the Korean dynasty. I secretly sent troops to kill the Dong Cheng mansion and ordered the chickens and dogs not to stay.
In the early dynasty, Liu bian was still saying that something had to be started and something had to be retired from the dynasty.
It’s different to go to a crow. This time, Shaofu knelt down and said, "I have something to tell you!"
"Oh, love Qing, please speak." Liu bian was a little surprised. This was the first time before, it was all handled in secret.
Shaofu bowed their heads and said, "I want to say that Dong Taihou is a vassal’s wife, a vassal princess, which is inconvenient for Kurumiya. This has a bad influence on the imperial court. Please ask Dong Taihou to return to his own river as soon as possible."
"I still need you to point my finger at doing things without restraint!" Dong Taihou didn’t know that this spearhead was directed at himself and immediately became furious.
"Please send Dong Taihou back to the river!" All the officials bowed down and shouted, and several others immediately saw that everyone else knelt down and hurriedly knelt down. The only one was General Dong Zhong, a title of generals in ancient times, who didn’t wait for Liu bian to answer, and immediately shouted, "Send Dong Taihou back!"
Immediately, eunuchs left with Dong Taihou, ignoring Dong Taihou’s screams and swearing, pulling Dong Taihou away from his bad attitude, and not treating Dong Taihou as a queen mother just like a prisoner.
"Do you want to rebel?" Dong major drink a way
Into immediately said, "Dong Zhong pocketed evidence come! Escort and go to prison on the same day! " Dong Zhong is finished.
And Liu bian can also say that he can look at his uncle Weifu and blame his hands for having no power at all, only being pushed around by people.
Chapter two hundred and fifty Gone with nearly
A group of people are talking about the next step in the future situation in a mansion in Luoyang city.
A 1.9-meter-tall man suggested, "Brother Chen, the situation is very prosperous now. I’m afraid that Dong Zhuo’s chaos will come soon. After we fall in, we will lose our backer. Should we follow Dong Zhuo or Yuan Shao?"
This is also a problem that all players must face in Luoyang, and np is no exception.
When Dong Zhuo was in trouble in Kyoto, all the scholars were really divided into these two factions. Most of them were inclined to Yuan Shao, the young man who raised a young Junjie, but in practice, those scholars were inclined to go to Dong Zhuo. The arrogant people in Dong Zhuo dared to say anything to those who had soldiers in their hands and were not in the capital, and they dared to confront Dong Zhuo. Then there were the ten-way princes who begged Dong.
Bai Jiayin Gunman, Chen Wu, thought for a moment and said, "I dare not jump to conclusions. After all, with our players, the historical trend is likely to change. Even if Dong Zhuo’s disaster did not happen, it is not surprising that we can take it one step at a time."
One person said, "Brother Chen, I don’t think it’s like this. It’s always too passive to be led by history. We should think about our future before we are timid."
"Why don’t we just follow Dong Zhuo? Dong Zhuo’s power is the strongest, and then it will be great to seal any state animal husbandry," said the big fellow earlier
The man who just spoke echoed, "Then we will become a vassal and in turn beat Dong Zhuo to win the limited name, right?"
"Yes! Yes! That’s what I mean! " The big fellow said happily
The man suddenly scold a way, "I said you have a brain, ok? We’re not royalty. How much credit does it take to be sealed by Dong Zhuo as a state shepherd? How can this credit come from? Those scholars have already hated us. Do we have a way out? You don’t want to think about those who have followed Dong Zhuo! "
"I just read less, but I’m not stupid. Don’t insult my IQ!" The big fellow is in a hurry
Chen Wukou said, "Come on, if you talk about Dong Zhuo, we can never help him, or our name will be ruined. Just like Cao Cao, Dong Zhuo did something at first, but he almost lost his life to save his image."
Chen Wu said that nature was Cao Cao’s offering of a seven-star treasure knife. Everyone said that the Romance of the Three Kingdoms wrote Cao Cao as a traitor, but the midfielder of the Romance wrote Cao Cao righteously. But Cao Cao was really selfish in his later actions, especially when he killed his uncle’s family by mistake and said,’ I’d rather be negative than negative!’ It is eternal.