Xiao Lingyu is neck and neck. The monk in the fitting period glanced at Xiao Lingyu. He was very curious about the young monk who first arrived here, but he couldn’t see through Xiao Lingyu’s strength because Xiao Lingyu struggled to control the boat and kept drinking spiritual fluid. He could tell that Xiao Lingyu’s strength was not strong.

During the mating period, it seems easier for the monks to drive the boat forward, but it is only half the way, and the real test will come later.
But the monk in the fitting period gave Xiao Lingyu a strange smile and then waved a light to attack Xiao Lingyu.
That aura was extremely fast, but it was under very strong pressure. It finally failed to reach Xiao Lingyu’s side, but it was not far from Xiao Lingyu’s boat that blew up and set off a raging fire wave to Xiao Lingyu.
"You uncle!"
Xiao Lingyu cursed and poured his skill into the boat, so the boat was swept away by the fire. Fortunately, Xiao Lingyu did his best and didn’t capsize.
"Ha ha!"
The monk in the mating period laughed and said, "It’s really reckless to rob the treasure with this ability!"
It may be that Xiao Lingyu’s strength is too low to be dangerous to his roots and not worth the waves. When the monk in the fitting period laughed, he pulled away from Xiao Lingyu.
"It’s best not to give little ye a chance or little ye will stick a needle in your ass!"
Xiao Lingyu steadied the boat and saw that the other party had just settled away from her heart, but she couldn’t help but put malicious words in her heart.
The skill consumption is getting bigger and bigger. If it is not the spiritual fluid, you can adjust his strength and stick to it without refining.
After he barely lasted for a while, he let go of his hand and prepared to let the serpent try it. As a result, he found that the palm print root, which showed the shape of a human palm, did not accept the serpent’s skill.
Xiao Lingyu can continue to insist on it by himself, but seeing that the monks of the wooden bridge fell into the fire one by one because of stepping on it, he felt a lot of balance in his heart and was glad that he didn’t choose the bridge.
The first person to reach the island was not Xiao Lingyu nor the monk in the fitting period, but a master who was distracted by the chain.
It can be seen that taking the chain is actually the simplest and the bridge is the most dangerous. As Xiao Lingyu expected, it is difficult but safest to take a boat.
The second one who arrived at the island was the master of the fit period, and the third one was not Xiao Lingyu, but also a monk who was distracted by the chain.
When all the monks who came here were either killed by fire or had already arrived at the island, Xiao Lingyu was still a third away from the island.
What made him a little depressed was that the first three monks who arrived at the island were rewarded from the sky. The first place was a spiritual weapon, the second place was a spiritual sword, and the third place was a refining material.
"There is already a spiritual reward here, and there must be a very spiritual weapon behind it!" The distracted monk who first arrived at the island probably said this because he was afraid that the monk would rob him of his spiritual armor during the mating period.
"Your Lingjia is good. If you don’t have Lingjia already, you will really add some Lingshi to this Lingjian for a change." The black robe in the fitting period said indifferently.
Xiao Lingyu, who consumed more than half of his collection of spiritual fluid, arrived at the island, and at this time he came in front of him. The monks had already lost their figure.
Xiao Lingyu came too late, and there was no reward for not ranking. Behind him, there were many newly arrived monks who charged in boats and iron chains and wooden bridges, but in the end, it was good that one-fifth of the monks arrived at the island safely, and they came too late to get nothing.
The other monks have set out, but Xiao Lingyu is not in a hurry. He knows that not everyone who rushes quickly will get the best treasure.
The island is small, almost occupied by the mountain in front of us. The real treasure hiding place is at the top of the mountain, but there is great pressure here. It is not easy to climb the top, even the monk in the fitting period needs great effort.
Xiao Lingyu, if he goes climbing under normal circumstances, even with the help of mountains, he will have to suffer a lot to slow down the mountain, but he won’t do it.
He walked to the back of the mountain and found a carved unicorn.
This stone carving unicorn seems to have been abandoned here by the destination in the rocks, and it seems a bit strange that there is a groove in its forehead.
Xiao Lingyu took out the unicorn unicorn horn and filled it into the forehead groove of this stone carving unicorn.
The unicorn stone carving moved slowly to reveal a low doorway.
Xiao Lingyu a face happily got into the doorway and saw a straight stone steps he picked up.
Shortly after Xiao Lingyu entered the doorway, a distracted monk also appeared in front of the doorway. This monk was the one who saw Xiao Lingyu break the unicorn before, and he was also the third monk to arrive at the island.
"Sure enough, it’s a good thing I waited for him for a while," said the distracted monk proudly, and then got into the doorway.
In fact, the biggest reason why I will wait for Xiao Lingyu is not that I suspect that Xiao Lingyu has a problem with the unicorn horn, but that he doesn’t want to climb the mountain with the monk in the fitting period, because even if he climbs there, what benefits can he get from having the monk in the fitting period?
Xiao Lingyu just took a dozen steps to find someone following him. He looked back a little surprised.
"This little brother is really a strange man who even knows this secret passage." The distracted monk said kindly as he walked.
"I can’t guarantee whether this passage is safe or not, but the seniors are happy to have a master like you to look after them if they are willing to go with them." Xiao Lingyu also said politely.
"I will take care of you if my little brother doesn’t take me to death." The distracted monk nodded and said.
Xiao Lingyu knew that if this guy didn’t need to lead the way by himself, he might directly kill himself.
And he didn’t want to make too many mistakes. After all, the other party didn’t show malice, so he didn’t let the serpent go out, but walked ahead without fear and continued to move forward.
A serpent is afraid of a distracted monk in Xiao Lingyu?
Although this is a shortcut and there is no danger, it is definitely not easy to get to the destination. The greater the pressure, the smaller the pressure increase is than outside.
Xiao Lingyu is comparable to the monk in Yuan’s infancy. When he walks, he can’t carry it. The speed is slow, not to mention his forehead and sweat, but he is panting.