Feng Dance and Luan Er lead 22 Tyrannosaurus Rex, a king kong beetle and an orc back to the city to join the fray!

The monster resurrected by Luan Er’s "want to be reincarnated" skill has the most basic physical attack ability, but it has no effect on Tyrannosaurus rex. Tyrannosaurus rex will be resurrected by physical attack, and its blood volume is half less than that of normal Tyrannosaurus rex.
With these Tyrannosaurus corpses, the pressure on players is greatly reduced. Although Tyrannosaurus rex is nothing to the dragon, it is better than the players. At the very least, they are nothing to the players.
The pressure can be reduced. Players can concentrate more on launching attacks, and the damage to the dragon will increase immediately. Even if the dragon’s blood is no matter how high and thick it is, the blood volume will plummet even if hundreds of thousands of people are bombarded by Qi Xin!
The players of hell crazy flowers finally saw the dawn of victory, and they couldn’t help but cheer up and show more crazy offensive!
At this time, a grassland hundreds of miles away from the misty city is playing a chase war!
The fastest Nidhogg horse and Jiuzhong ran at the head, followed by the demon king, and finally the 10,000-man team with the horse snatcher. They followed at the end with the slowest speed!
The black king horse is worthy of being the devil’s wrath. It’s as fast as a gust of wind and as fast as a flash. Even if Jiuzhong’s current speeding state is still chasing a hundred miles!
Catch up with the black king horse and throw a "critical eye" in the past. First find out the name of the horse snatcher-Double Lyu3 bu4 and then shout "Double Lyu3 bu4, you live for me! How dare you rob an old horse? !”
"Hum!" Double lyu3 bu4 head also don’t back to the cold hum a "with what is your horse who grabbed who is now I grab is me! !”
"If you want to be beautiful, you still have to listen to it!" Nine heavy speed up again to double lyu3 bu4 head in front of the double lyu3 bu4 legs clamp black king horse neck, want to double lyu3 bu4 offensive!
But it hasn’t come to attack yet. Lyu3 bu4 has taken the lead in gaining momentum and attacked Fang Tian’s painting Ji with the black king’s horse neck sweeping towards Jiuchong "Death! !”
Chapter one hundred and nineteen Wan Li go riding alone
Seeing the double lyu3 bu4, a halberd swept to nine feet and climbed up with a little help, half dodged the double lyu3 bu4 slam and pushed to the double lyu3 bu4 alongside of.seem at the same time!
When Shuang Lu Bu saw it, he suddenly fell backwards and lay on his back on horseback to avoid nine feet. At the same time, his right hand fulcrum and his left hand slammed the halberd pole and swept the square painting halberd, forcibly changing the sweep and slamming it into the nine backs!
I feel the strong breeze coming from behind, and Jiuzhong does not hesitate to turn around and flash to one side to avoid the attack of Double Lyu3 bu4. When I want to immediately organize a counterattack, Double Lyu3 bu4 has already rushed out in a black king horse!
Double lyu3 bu4 just walked behind to chase him, and the two demon kings were so mad that they killed him that they saw Jiuchong grinning in the middle. "Rabbit cubs are dying!" !”
"Well-! !” Phoenix wings, gold, and enamel hang the wind and break the nine-fold!
"Still dare to provoke the old? !” Jiuzhong quickly lifted his leg to the oblique pedal and took advantage of it to dive obliquely to the demon king’s knees and toes, then changed direction a little and rushed to the demon king’s belly. The big move broke out. !”
The ten serial stories of the Red Dragon Boxing are unstoppable, even if such a monster as the demon king is mad, it is still smashed by Jiuzhong all the way!
At the end of the 10-game combo, the ability of "stepping on the virtual" of the nine-fold profit quickly changed its direction and crossed an arc trajectory in the middle to the devil’s back with his hands clasped at the devil’s back door "Xuanwu shock! !”
The explosive fist is full of agitation, and the newly arrived demon king will be mad and severely blasted to the ground!
"Boom" is a resounding noise, and the demon king is so mad that he is completely embedded in the ground!
I learned a lesson from the devil, and I was so mad that I once again accelerated into a surprise. I ran away and disappeared, and Lu Bu chased me away!
Nine heavy just left the double lyu3 bu4 ten thousand people arrived at the place where the demon king was so mad that he saw that the demon king was so mad that he was embedded in the ground. Heart way, this demon king was so mad that it was always an obstacle for their eldest brother to accept the black king’s horse. Just take this opportunity to fuck him, even if he couldn’t die, he would peel him off!
It is tyrannical to think that ten thousand people have temporarily stopped chasing Shuang Lu Bu and are mad at the devil embedded in the ground!
"roar-! !” The demon king got up from the ground with a burst of anger and a roar!
When ten thousand people saw that the demon king got up in a rage and knew that it was not his opponent, they immediately put oil on their feet and ran away to continue chasing after Shuang Lu Bu!
The speed of the black king horse will be worse according to Jiuzhong, and it will be chased by Jiuzhong again fifty miles away!
"Where is Lu Bu running old again!" Nine heavy said again to accelerate the jump double lyu3 bu4 overhead want to blunt past his head to intercept double lyu3 bu4 again!
From the meeting just now, you can see that Shuang Lu Bu is not a good crop. He is definitely a master. Which meeting will make Jiuzhong so easily swing his hand over his head for three transgressions and two times, and strive to split it from the side in an attempt to cut Jiuzhong off!
Jiuzhong had expected that Double Lyu3 bu4 wouldn’t let him go so easily. I had secretly kept my strength for three points. I saw Double Lyu3 bu4 holding a halberd and splitting it at my horizontal waist. I turned forward and turned like a gyro to avoid the attack of painting a halberd. I turned to the front of Double Lyu3 bu4, and my feet got the recoil speed. My side foot slammed into Double Lyu3 bu4′ s chest!
Double Lyu3 bu4 hurriedly can still struggle to stand the halberd pole horizontally to resist the nine-fold left foot. The left foot is pedaling on the double Lyu3 bu4 square day to draw the halberd pole, and the double Lyu3 bu4 stumbles and almost falls off the horse and flies backwards!
Double lyu3 bu4 also know that once you are out of the black king horse, you will have no speed advantage. If you want to chase the black king horse again, you will be better than going to heaven. Therefore, you just have to bite your teeth and hook your feet with stirrups to resist the nine-fold strength.
"Ah ha don’t give old? ! Come again! !” Jiuzhong, although his feet are pedaling with a virtual foot and his hands are busy, his main weapon and fists are still idle. When he sees a blow, he immediately bends his waist and twists his fist, and a "heavy blow" hits him!
Double lyu3 bu4 again hard to resist being nine heavy is boom in the chest immediately like a broken kite from the black king horse flying backwards!
"Hey, hey ….. now the black king horse is old ~!" Nine-fold rotating sideways riding on the saddle foot, stepping on the stirrup, bridling the reins, firmly fixing the body on the horseback of Nidhogg, and soaring out with the black king horse!
"Ah-Fang Sheng, wait for me and I won’t give up! !” In the inverted flight, the double Lyu3 bu4 re-summons his mount, Feitian Yuhu, and drives Feitian Yuhu to chase after Jiuchong!
Is flying jade tiger speed is good, but according to the black king horse is poor, although Nidhogg Ma Shang in double lyu3 bu4 line of sight is falling further and further!
According to the experience of the second training of the night unicorn king, Jiuzhong knows when this black king horse has exhausted its essence, qi and spirit before it will bend! So he didn’t bend to the black king horse, so he let it run at will. What he has to do is wait patiently!
The endurance of the black king horse is really amazing. It took two hours for the black king horse to climb mountains and cross mountains and run out for tens of thousands of kilometers in one breath. Finally, he stopped panting at the edge of a swamp and collapsed to the ground, whether Jiuzhong was still there or not. He was panting on his back!
Although I can’t speak properly, I can probably guess the meaning of the black king horse at this time. It must mean that I surrendered. You can do whatever you like!
Sure enough, at this time, the unified sign sounded in Jiuzhong’s ear at the right time. "Congratulations to the player, the sacred black king horse has lost its will to resist you. You can successfully tame the black king horse. Now you can directly contract it to make it your mount animal or pet. In addition, you can capture it and turn it into a magic pet egg!"
"Shit … you are honest at last!" Nine heavy long out of relief is still riding a horse in Nidhogg to prevent one thousand riding on its back to it to cast "capture"!
A piece of black glitters, the black king horse disappears, and a pet egg like a black gem falls into the palm of nine hands!
Jiuzhong looked at the black king horse’s pet egg in his hand and threw it into his backpack instead of shedding blood. Then he came to the middle and waited for the arrival of double Lu Bu!