"Buried sauce, come with me somewhere?"

"Where to?" Xiao Bury stared at him.
Shu Mao didn’t speak, took the initiative to grab her palm, clasped her fingers and flew with her to a place she used to go to, Devil’s Falls!
This is the place where Shu Mao and Xiao Qiang used to practice, including Xiao Buried.
"Brother took me here? I think three generations of grandfathers will definitely find you! " At the top of the waterfall, looking at the boiling surface, the waterfall was buried in my heart, and this peace of mind was brought to me by this person around me.
"It’s okay. Anyway, there are two places at once. So-called Xianxiaobian looks at me. Will you marry me?" Shu Mao’s hands broke off the small buried shoulder and let her face him, look into her eyes and say word for word seriously
"Ah?" Xiao Bury’s face turned red with his head down and he didn’t know what to think.
"Don’t want to?"
"Yes, I do!" When Shu Mao said that he didn’t want to, Xiao Buried immediately replied, but as soon as he finished answering, he knew that Shu Mao had played him, because Shu Mao’s face was exposed and he only had a bad smile with her.
"Brother, you know how to bully me!" Bury a ring around his waist and bury his head in his chest. "But brother, your identity … will they really allow me to marry you?"
"Don’t worry, I think they will agree, won’t they?"
As if verifying what Shu Mao said, just after he finished this sentence, a beautiful rainbow bridge appeared at the top of the waterfall, and a golden flash fell from the top of the bridge. Something fell directly to Shu Mao’s side. Shu Mao saw that thing and shook it in his hand, then opened his palm and said seriously to Xiao Bury.
"Buried sauce will marry me?"
"hmm!" Seeing this, Xiao Bury still buried his head in his chest and greedily sucked his unique breath, and Xiao Bury was not shy this time.
Shu Mao opened her hands and directly put the ring she just got into a small hand and put the other one into her own. "Look, this is the blessing from God!"
"really?" Xiao Bury became happy as soon as he got his blessing, as if it were more important than anything else.
"Well, you see the rainbow bridge has not disappeared! Shall we go and sit down? "
"Is that okay?"
"Of course!" Shu Mao took Xiao Buried’s hand and took her directly to the rainbow bridge. When she flew to the surface, Shu Mao stepped on it and found that it was solid as the ground, which was particularly happy.
The old housekeeper in the cloud said to herself, "I didn’t give this to your wife. I gave it to me when I came out this time, but I never took it out. But my wife said that Xiao Bury can’t escape you!"
These words are completely unknown to Shu Mao and Xiao Bury, while those ninjas in Muye, no matter which country they are, have seen the beautiful rainbow bridge as if witnessing their love.
Wanmuye Shumao Mansion
"Elder sister, you have to do is come. What are you doing with such a valuable gift? How strange? "
"My brother is finally married. I wish you all the lovers will be well!"
"Shu Mao, you are finally married. I want to tell you about it. I didn’t expect you to have an idea yourself. That’s good. That’s good!"
"Hehe, three generations of grandfathers, please!"
I just sent three generations in and turned around before I came out. Leiying arrived with Kirby.
"You little guy got married quietly, but it’s good to dilute the clouds in everyone’s hearts even after the war!" LeiYing clap tree mau shoulder praise way
"Lord Lei Ying broke you!"
"Don’t mention it, there’s nothing I didn’t know you were getting married. If I had known you were getting married, I would have brought some of his things from home! This is my experience of practicing Lei Dun. I know you won’t be able to do it, but it’s the same for you to keep it for the dough, isn’t it? "
"Shumao Shumao, do you want me to sing a song?" Kirby asked intermittently.
"Thank you, please sit down!" The trees are light and the clouds are light. I didn’t say yes or disagree.
"Brother, I didn’t expect that you would be very happy if you got married and buried sauce!" This is Shui Ying telling the truth. Shui Ying also likes this little brother very much, but …
"Sister Shui Ying, please!" Shu Mao dare not say more. He knows Shui Ying’s mind, but in this respect, he is not a wise man himself. If he was really clever, he might have opened a harem long ago …
"Every time you come to Konoha, you surprise me. At first, I won the selection, and then the pot of wine was brought to me for three generations. Now, it’s amazing that you quietly brought the most beautiful flower of Konoha."
"It’s well known that grandpa’s family loves me when they come. How did things change in your mouth?" Black soil looks unhappy. Why didn’t anyone look for me?
"Please ask Princess Black Earth inside the Tuying adults!"
A group of girls in the back room helped Xiao Bury dress up.
"Xiao Bury, you are so beautiful. Even if you don’t dress up, you are the most beautiful bride!" KINOMOTO SAKURA praised.
At this time, Ino gave her a sign for Princess Bian Xiaoxue.
"Buried sauce bless you!" The light snow face is far-fetched, and everyone here can see it, but he still tries to be brave and says this sentence.
Everyone knows what she has lived in Muye for so long. I didn’t expect Shumao to choose Xiao Bury in the end. There may be reasons for knowing the source or other reasons, but in any case, Xiaoxue is a loser.
The loser tonight is not only Xiaoxue, but also others who are hiding deeper, such as Jingye, those two outside every day, and of course, some suitors who can bury themselves, such as a crying tooth!
"Meowed … little buried elder sister how to marry the tree mau elder brother? My goddess! "
"Tooth, you can do it, right? Little Buried Sister is Shu Maoge’s daughter-in-law. Do you think too much?" Don’t you mind sprinkling more salt when you see him in such pain?
"I know, but I just can’t stand it!"
"I’ll go! A big man spoiled me and I was drunk! "
"Shut up, Naruto. Who doesn’t know about you and Miss Ueda? You and I didn’t know you had kissed her? Don’t forget that Zhinai and I are her teammates! " Tooth immediately broke the news and sure enough, others’ attention was immediately attracted to the past!
"When did Naruto do this?" Ding Ji’s eyes flashed with divination!
"Ah, this, this is right. Dad called me to leave first!"
But he was just about to move when he was locked by deer pill. It’s impossible to prevent the shadow from binding!
"If you don’t tell me, you can’t leave. I’m having a hard time and I won’t let you feel better!" Tooth said angrily
Chapter 346 The wedding significance
Shu Mao’s wedding has injected something different into this world that is about to fall into war, and everyone’s fear of war has begun to dissipate.