"Mom deserves to be the La Liga team of the season!"

Then he said to plug Passareira "? Can you persist? "
Plug, Passareira nodded "no problem".
"Pay attention to their speed behind you. Their speed is an advantage," captain canizares told him.
Plug Passareira suddenly said, "In fact, I hope they will be better."
The captain was a little surprised. "What do you say?"
"You have to compete with stronger opponents to improve yourself," said Sai Passareira.
"You’re not worried about losing the game …" Captain canizares couldn’t help but vomit when he heard him say that.
Passareira is a matter of course. "We will definitely not lose."
"Are you so confident?"
"Because we won’t let them score."
Say that finish plug Passareira returned to his sector.
Captain canizares looked at his background stupidly.
This young man seems to be very different from when he first met him … It’s amazing how fast he has made progress!
He is growing and maturing at a rapid pace.
So looking at him, canizares suddenly had such an idea-I’m afraid Hertha can’t keep such an excellent young man after this season …
Chapter one hundred and ten Being looked down upon?
Sai Passareira is definitely not the kind of person who likes to talk big, which is the consensus of everyone through his contact.
He told the truth.
Hertha tactics are defensive counterattacks.
The basis of defensive counter-attack is not to lose the ball first before defense. Once they lose the ball first, the defensive counter-attack will lose its meaning, because they have to press out and attack, and they will appear behind them. What is the defensive counter-attack?
Just like a game, although they lost two goals, the advanced goals were all theirs.
Constant victory for Hertha’s defense requires that you must never lose the ball first. You can lose the ball first, but you can’t lose the ball first
But if you lose a goal after leading, even if you lose a goal before leading, it’s no problem, but you can’t fall behind.
That’s why Hertha lost two goals in a game and won without losing his temper.
None of canizares was surprised by what plug Passareira said.
He is in a daze because the other person is far beyond his age.
Then canizares also shouted to his teammates, "Cheer up! The defense team tested us. Here’s our chance! Remember the coach’s words-we are the foundation of everything! Don’t throw the ball and give us a chance to fight back! "
Seville’s offensive hit Hertha’s defence like a storm.
Everyone has to bear great pressure.
Especially two central defenders.
Because in a sense, they are really the last line of defense. What’s the difference between letting the other side attack through them and facing the goalkeeper directly?
Passareira, a central defender, is naturally under great pressure, which is the biggest in the team …
The most beautiful person after the new season is the offensive combination in the frontcourt, especially recently, which is also in line with the characteristics that people always pay more attention to offensive players.
Compared with the last relegation stage of the season, the defense line is much dimmer after it shines brightly.
Many people think that young central defender Sai Passareira is simply a flash in the pan.
This season’s performance is mediocre.