Seeing this situation, Pei Wende, who is familiar with Xiaoqing’s character, spoke in surprise.

Pei Wende was ready for Xiaoqing to kill the white snake when he forcibly purified the black blood of the white snake.
After all, Xiaoqing’s character has always been to eradicate the roots without leaving himself a possibility of falling into crisis.
In the face of this article, she almost strangled the culprit Xiaoqing for a long time. The normal practice must be to kill each other for the first time.
Notice that when the white snake didn’t die, Pei Wende almost turned green.
"She is no longer a threat, and you don’t want me to kill the innocent, do you?"
Xiaoqing, who is familiar with Pei Wende’s character, raised her half-length eyes but stayed for a long time in the huge white snake.
No matter Xiaoqing’s heart, she must be shoveling grass and uprooting it.
The white snake may not follow the orthodox practice path, but her fighting capacity is far beyond that of normal practitioners.
Rao is a monster like Xiaoqing, who is very good at fighting and saving lives. When facing the white snake, he is incompetent, not to mention those monsters who are not very good at fighting.
Xiaoqing, however, is more aware that this white snake is not murderous.
After being purified by Pei Wende and resenting black blood, the white snake will never win so easily if she continues to put all her eggs in one basket and struggle to strangle herself without saying that she will perish together with herself.
But the white snake didn’t do this, but took the initiative to loosen the strangulation potential and showed some apologies to Xiaoqing.
From this point of view alone, the white snake must have belonged to the kind of genial monster who could hide in the cave for hundreds of years before it was influenced by the resentment of the real dragon.
"When did you become so obedient?"
Nai turned supercilious look Pei Wende didn’t recognize Xiaoqing’s hand because he didn’t want her to kill Koo indiscriminately.
Not to mention Xiaoqing, even Pei Wende doesn’t know how to face this white snake.
Under normal circumstances, Pei Wende did not want to kill anyone, especially before White Snake was also a victim.
This is probably the most out of place of Pei Wende’s time.
He has no deep-rooted prejudice against the so-called shemale.
People or demons are better than those evil spirits who died with grievances. Pei Wende’s eyes are all "life"
But this white snake is different. She is probably "lady white snake"
Pei Wende is not a saint after all. He has his own preferences and fears.
In the face of this future, Pei Wende, who may be his "old enemy", is inevitably hesitant even if he has been trying to say that he is trying to ignore the identity of the other party.
No matter which Chinese, French, Chinese and lady white snake make an enemy in White Snake, they can catch up with past lives.
Pei Wende is not afraid of the future threat of the white snake, but he can’t hold it. There is a Xiaoqing around him now. She is probably the green snake around lady white snake.
It is not acceptable for Pei Wende to accept the result that this pre-theory is that he is reincarnated in the end or that Xiaoqing parted ways in the middle.
Theoretically speaking, it is the most correct choice to slay the white snake now and completely put an end to the doubt of what will happen in the future.
Nai looked at Pei Wende, the white snake who has been trying to show the appearance of "I am fierce". After all, he could not go against his heart.
It’s just that it’s not something I can do to kill a’ victim’ affected by resentment in the future without knowing whether it’s true or not.
Pei Wende knew that his decision was probably a wrong one, but he finally decided to let the white snake go.
The future is the future. Besides, Pei Wende has the confidence to get rid of the doomed fate-even if he is really the one who said Sino-French Sea.
"I know you are also the victim of this incident …"
"I really know that you originally wanted to help the people here to stop the spread of resentment out of kindness …"
Pei Wende suddenly opened his palm to reveal a golden lotus flower after dark decision in his heart.
A golden thunder arc in that lotus is flashing, but it seems to be stuck in eternal stagnation and locked up forever.
"But you finally ran away and destroyed the Nandu dam, which led to Runzhou’s failure to harvest for two years."
"Merits and demerits can’t offset this’ spirit’, which is a’ gift’ left by the Dragon Lady Bodhisattva and a’ shackle’ given to you by me."
Chapter 44 The Way of White Snake with Soul in Body
The white snake realized that it was a water snake in Shui Ze, a mountain forest that lived all the year round.
Because the whole body shows the characteristics of albinism, the white snake has not been well received by the same kind and can live alone near Longyou Lake.
So the lone white snake in Longyou Lake witnessed the process of Zexin Temple from being sparsely populated to being full of people and then being full of people’s hearts.
One day, the white snake knew that the revered Dragon Goddess Bodhisattva had fallen when the rain poured down from the sky and spread all over Longyou Lake.
Because besides being widely known for compassion, the Dragon Lady Bodhisattva is best known for her skill of "turning stone into gold".
It’s not a cover-up, but actually turning stones into gold mines and refining gold spells from them.
Thanks to this, even when Zexin Temple was at its lowest ebb and flow, the Dragon Lady Bodhisattva has been trying to help the people nearby.
Although the white snake is unsophisticated, she has lived for hundreds of years, but she is not an intellectual. She has long been used to human intrigue and infighting.
This white snake once specially advised the Dragon Lady Bodhisattva not to do such a "futile" thing all her life.
In the face of the white snake’s kind advice, the dragon lady bodhisattva smiled and stroked the white snake’s back and said that she had her own discretion.
The final result can be imagined. When the soldiers were in trouble, the Dragon Lady Bodhisattva finally paid the price and became the ghost of the sword.
Even his own body was suppressed and Lock Longjing became a real ghost bodhisattva.
Talking about not being sad, the white snake is somewhat dejected at the final scene of the dragon goddess bodhisattva, but that’s all.