Life is like a big gamble.

Although there are risks, sometimes it is necessary to have the courage of stud.
What’s that sentence again? Won the club, the tender model lost the job in the sea.
The worst thing that can happen now is to lose your underpants and run naked in the forest. It’s nothing for people like Zhang Xiaoqiang, is it?
"All right, stop talking nonsense and act!"
Spirit blue berries took two to Zhang Xiaoqiang.
And gave Zhao two red berries that can replenish vitality.
Zhao gently nodded to Hangyu, then the cat walked around his waist and approached the three goblins. Immediately after that, he launched his sacred steel armor and immediately launched the sacred steel armor. The three goblins responded at the same time and immediately turned around.
Goblin warlock’s mouth uttered strange syllables. Suddenly, when he raised his hand, he pointed a semi-transparent glowing light at Zhao’s finger and bombarded the defense. He heard the bombing ring.
Zhao defensive blow actually disappeared directly.
He felt a burning pain in his chest.
After the bullet penetrated the defense, it didn’t disappear. It quickly hit the chest and overturned Zhao for more than three meters. His health dropped from 1.1 to 5.
Lie in the trough!
Hang Yu didn’t say this would happen!
Then goblin warriors and goblin priests have rushed over.
Zhao Qiang endured the pain of the wound and even rolled and crawled for his life.
When Zhang Xiaoqiang saw that Goblin had entered the range and that the priest Goblin seemed ready to cast spells, he knew that it would be over if he didn’t make moves. The warrior Goblin had moved faster than the ordinary miners, and if he blessed the priest Goblin to accelerate, no one could fight this horrible guy.
Thanks to Zhang Xiaoqiang fireball is instant!
A fist fireball directly blasted the priest Goblin’s body, and the violent force exploded to directly smash the priest Goblin’s robe. The horrible flame will become a humanoid fireball!
Zhang Xiaoqiang fireball can instantly cause great damage.
This will be enough to kill most level 1 ordinary monsters.
Priest Goblin’s health is not high.
Therefore, there is no doubt that it has been seconds!
"Uncle Zhao quickly gnawed at the fruit and Xiaoqiang paid attention to pulling away from Angelnan to deal with the warlock immediately!"
Hang Yu’s speech has rushed head-on to the Goblin warriors.
He watch attentively every movement of that goblin warriors.
Even when he faced the elite monster.
You have to tread on thin ice and be careful
The four-man base is a level 1 whiteboard newcomer. If the attack power of the Goblin Warriors is actually one base, it is a stroke in an instant. There is no suspense.
However, Hangyu commanded the priest Goblin to be killed before he came to release the acceleration technique, so that the threat of Goblin warriors would be reduced by more than half.
On the whole, Goblin warrior is an elite monster with high attack and high defense speed and weak speed.
So be careful, you should be able to entangle him.
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