A month passed quickly, and Li Chengzhu opened his eyes to see the magic sword clan refining knowledge. I can’t say that the Ministry understands it thoroughly, but it is certain that it is not Li Chengzhu’s talent that is left to practice refining skills.

On the other hand, boss Li’s talent is extremely high, otherwise he would not have jumped to the early Mahayana in a few years, even if the adventure is no matter how good it is, it would be no use without his own talent and hard work.
Once again, I picked up Mo Xie’s sword, and Li Chengzhu’s face hung with a confident smile. Yuan Shen was wrapped in aura and went into Mo Xie’s sword again and again. Li Chengzhu’s forehead wrinkled deeper and deeper, and the aura input still didn’t respond very much. Mo Xie’s sword refining technique didn’t show it either.
Magic Sword Sect’s Body "Condensation Method", "Divine Practice Method", "Knot Practice Method" and "Imperial Practice Method" There is no trace of Mo Xie’s sword body, and there is no trace of other sects’ refining methods in Xiuxianjie recorded in jade slips.
You know, the night rose refining technique in the cultivation world has already entered its peak, and the refining technique is higher than that of many self-proclaimed refining masters. In many jade slips, not only the magic sword refining technique is recorded, but also the refining method of other schools. It can be said that the most powerful refining technique department in the cultivation world is recorded in this jade slip, which is also thanks to the fact that the night rose is climbing over the wall, stealing jade and stealing incense, walking around, touching more women, and knowing more about nature.
If you can’t see Mo Xie’s sword refining technique, Li Chengzhu guessed that he could ask the master to go out in person.
But I’m unwilling. Who knows if Master will shine when he sees Mo Xie?
Boss Li paced back and forth in the secret room, touching the bar with anxious expression.
Lying on the ground, Mo Xie’s sword gently moved, and the body clanked like a sneer at Li Chengzhu’s knowledge and wishful thinking, more like expressing his determination and never being soft.
Angry, Li Chengzhu raised his big foot and stepped on Mo Xie’s sword and cursed, "Do you believe I have ruined you now?"
We can’t let it bend, but Boss Li can make it perish.
Through the body of the sword, a bright screen blocked Li Chengzhu’s big foot, and Mo Xie’s sword was not threatened by him.
A scholar can be killed but not humiliated! What’s worse, are men smelly feet?
In the chamber of secrets, Li Chengzhu is like quarrelling with a child, thinking about countermeasures while stepping on Mo Xie’s sword with a little aura.
If you really want to destroy it, it’s impossible to be struck by lightning. It’s a magic weapon to protect the Lord, and ordinary people can’t even look at it.
For a long time, Li Chengzhu watched triumphantly as the light curtain gradually weakened. Without the support of his master, Mo Xie’s sword had its aura dried up even if it was the highest magic weapon.
How did he, Ma Zhonglong, make this magic weapon recognize the Lord? Li Chengzhu killed also want to not white.
I don’t know that it was an accident for Ma Zhonglong to get this magic weapon, and it was also an accident for him to recognize the Lord. It didn’t hinder the good birds from choosing wood, but Ma Zhonglong treated a magic weapon with independent consciousness as respectfully as he treated his ancestors, which was like Li Chengzhu’s grumpy and abnormal attitude, not to mention his fierce swearing and no temper magic weapon. He also tossed out his temper.
Wait, Ma Zhonglong! Boss Li flashed a flash in his mind and remembered a point.
With a wretched smile on his face, he looked at Mo Xie’s sword and roared, "I’ll pick you up in a few days!" Then strode out.
Li Chengzhu doesn’t know if Mo Xie Sword can understand his own words. If he can, it’s too strange, but he still lost this sentence.
Turn Li Chengzhu with a face illusion.
It is not difficult for people in the celestial world to change into others with a little strength, but it is difficult to imitate others’ mental pressure
The key point of the illusion of picking night roses is to imitate others’ spiritual pressure. Even if you are close to people, you can’t see that Boss Li is extremely diligent in this spell practice. But he has done enough work. Although he can’t compare with picking night roses yet, he has amethyst. He can completely hide his spiritual pressure, and he can make some adjustments to imitate it. It is not difficult to imitate the dragon’s spiritual pressure in the horse.
In a moment, a brand-new horse dragon appeared in the secret room.
Boss Li doesn’t know whether Mo Xie’s sword will eat it or not, but he has to do enough in the face. In case Mo Xie’s sword has a strong sense of autonomy, it’s not difficult to see his tricks
"Ah, let you suffer." Boss Li turned into Ma Zhonglong’s face was bleak, and his hands took Mo Xie’s sword with unusual respect.
"Zheng ~ ~" Mo Xie sword body gently shake.
There is a scene in which Li Chengzhu’s happy expression remains unchanged and shakes his head. "It’s true that I am inferior to others, even if I hold a magic weapon like you, I can’t beat others."
"Zheng ~ ~ ~" Mo Xie sword shook again as if to refute Ma Zhonglong’s words.
This beast still has a little conscience. Boss Li said that Ma Zhonglong has hung up. It is still so intimate with its former owner. This magic weapon can’t be said to be self-conscious. Is it a sign of success in cultivation? Boss Li pressed his heart and continued to say to himself, "The old man’s body has been destroyed and now he is going to be reincarnated." I guess Mo Xie’s sword doesn’t understand this, does it? Li Chengzhu luckily thought.
Mo Xie sword firmly motionless as if waiting for his former master’s words.
"I’ll tell you what, why don’t you just follow that man and wait for me to come back, and then come to me?" As soon as the conversation turned, Li Chengzhu said with great temptation that his expression was like a dirty old man who seduced children and committed crimes
"Clack ~ ~ ~" Mo Xie’s sword kept shaking, which was much stronger than the previous two times. I don’t know whether to resist the words of the former owner or feel pain for the former owner. Anyone can see that Mo Xie’s sword understood Li Chengzhu’s words.
Li Chengzhu forehead a waterfall sweat this ya is very understand or fake understand? Mo Xie’s sword made him feel like he had met something for the first time.
Li Chengzhu tentatively asked again, "Can you understand me? Ring twice if you understand. "
"clank ~ ~"
Boss Li braved a cold sweat on his forehead and continued to ask, "Do you think that man is the master? If it is good, it will ring once. If it is not good, it will not ring! "
Silence! Awkward silence!
Boss Li suppressed his heart and sighed and stopped talking. Yuan Shen wrapped his aura and instantly invaded Mo Xie’s sword.
This time, Mo Xie’s sword didn’t swallow Li Chengzhu silently as before, and Yuan Shen, the boss of Li Da, entered the Mo Xie Sword Department unimpeded.
The illusion played a role of illusion and spiritual pressure, which made Mo Xie’s sword mistakenly recognize that his former master had returned and let him go into his arms, and he was explored and watched by Li Chengzhu.
Chapter ninety-seven Broken array VS famous law
If it is shocking to carve thousands of magic arrays in the chime, it is absolutely confused and puzzled that Mo Xie’s sword brings to Boss Li.