When the toe turns, the main mast rotates with a huge sail.

Friar Bian Tsukiji shouted "Feather …"
Rotating the main mast seems to have a pair of wings and a large array of force. The mast force three then Li Sheng pulled Fengyun out of the sea.
The huge Fengyun rose.
Wind Shaoyu carries her hands and toes, and Fengyun seems to close her eyes. As Fengyun slowly rises to a certain height, her arms suddenly show outward.
Friar Fengyun Dizhuji shouted "Feather …" with excitement and worship.
Shout for a stroke, Shaoyu’s back, flying sword, unsheathed and out of the wind, Shaoyu’s center, thousands of swords, Qi Qi Fei, shot out and threw themselves into the wave.
When the tall waves cover, Fengyun’s light flashes more and more, and the waves rise and fall, the waves are surrounded by waves, but they are suppressed by Fengyun
Fengyun is like a whale holding down the waves, but it can’t damage Fengyun’s hull at all.
Thousands of swords and feathers in the sea of huge waves will not be penetrated one by one if a huge circular radiation goes everywhere and thousands of sea animals cry.
There are layers of red blood floating on the sea surface.
"Choke" a wind with little feathers flying back, the sword flew back and fell into the scabbard by mistake.
Fengyun floated calmly in the sea again.
The sea was red.
Many carcasses of sea animals emerged from the sea.
There was a brief calm in the sea.
Sun Hao’s heart quickly compares the wind with less feathers. This trick has the same effect as his sword dance. If he exerts the effect, how much is the wind with less feathers?
Wind less feather not the kui is a veteran then want to come to this scene seen a lot to deal with it seems to be an understatement.
The warship named Fengyun wants another one to sit in then Yuntian, and it will not be much weaker. Although it is tough, it is not easy to eat Fengyun.
The sea slowly calmed down.
The Fengyun waves slowly rise and fall.
Wind Shaoyu sat cross-legged on the main mast and his body swayed with Fengyun, closing his eyes and adjusting his breath.
I can’t see the half-sea beast in the eye of the sea anymore, as if everything was calm.
Fengyun burst into cheers.
Corleone’s face also smiled indifferently.
Fengyun won a small game.
Chapter six hundred and nineteen is not simple
Usually, sea animals will also seek advantages and avoid disadvantages in the deep sea. In the later period of then, the monks sat in Fengyun to shock the deep sea animals+
If it is a normal sea animal community, I am afraid that the horses will disperse after this war.
But the situation was unexpected.
Wind Shaoyu sat cross-legged on the main mast without any intention of leaving. Fengyun is still on alert and the alert has not been lifted.
After the tea ceremony, layers of shadows reappeared on the sea surface, and the fearless sea animals reunited again.
Wind feather eyebrows slightly wrinkled up less.
Normal sea animals don’t have this habit. Now it seems that Fengyun has committed a heinous crime and offended Poseidon, and the general sea animals are in a state of immortality.
If we can’t find out why the sea animals are crazy
If we can’t find the real manipulator of the sea beast, Fengyun will be unable to move unless we kill all the sea beasts that stand in the way.
Then it is not so easy to shock the sea animals or the huge waves. After a world war I, the sea animals no longer attack on a large scale but harass them again.
But harassing sea animals is stronger than cannon fodder.
The sea is more than ten feet long, with a big mouth. A big shark jumps out of the sea from time to time, and a pair of dead gray eyes are flashing with fierce eyes, keeping a close eye on Friar Fengyun.
"Tiger tooth shark!" He Xiongjie wakes up Sun Hao. "Tiger teeth can soar to the sky, big teeth can fly. Be careful."
Sun Hao smiled and said, "Received Brother He, pay attention to this time."
He Xiongjie rubbed his hands and his ears were red and said, "Look at me."
Defense array method of giant tail road penetrating ship’s side in the sea
Five or six tiger’s teeth are soaring into the sky, and the shark breaks through the array and enters the dorsal fin, like a fleshy wing flapping, and it bites four people by flying up with a big mouth.
Sun Hao’s gods move four elephants and move his mouth to drink a lot of "He Xiong Bai Hu Xiao Tian"
A tiger is a tiger, a beast is a beast, and it can hold back and eat ghosts.
Sun Hao drank a loud roar of He Xiongjie, and the golden light flashed in his hand, and the spirit sword swung forward with a wave of his hand.
When a large array of force is added to the spirit sword, a white tiger suddenly appears. The white tiger holds its head high and screams and screams. A white tiger rushes to the opposite tiger’s teeth and sharks.
The white tiger is alive?
Sun Hao moved slightly in his heart.
Large array to taxiing battlefield white tiger taxiing Sun Hao team on both sides of the friar qi qi looked up.
The four elephants and the white tiger now say that Sun Haoshao is a three-level array mage. Look at Sun Hao’s age. The monks on both sides can’t help but nod their heads and say that this young man will succeed in the future if he wants to survive this disaster.
The white tiger screamed and all eyes ran head-on into the tiger tooth shark.
The tiger tooth foaming at the mouth shark fiercely opened its huge mouth and bit it.
How many years have the tiger’s teeth soared into the sea? A pair of big tiger’s teeth are going against each other, but they can pierce everything, even the white tiger is transformed, and they dare to bite.