The person who created this spell is definitely watching the spider look at it for a long time, and it’s fantastic to extract his body aura into silk, and then this aura silk will bother the enemy. However, if this chicken rib spell is used to trap and repair a powerful individual, it’s still quite a lot of people who want to master it, and they can force their aura out of the body to form silk threads. When the time comes, everyone will rush to throw the aura silk at the enemy, but they can’t move. That’s how the Notre Dame and the elders dealt with the nine-headed demon dumpling.

The most let Li Chengzhu see, of course, is the secret law demon slave deed of Yutu gens! This is a secret French jade rabbit family who doesn’t even know his race.
Create this secret legal person is definitely want to find a few more beautiful women to accompany Li Chengzhu heart not malicious thinking.
Speaking of this spell, it is not difficult to improve it above the person who is being cast the spell, and then grab the mark of the person’s three souls and seven souls, and then enter the main body to stabilize it.
However, if the repair is similar, the person being performed must be willing to give up all resistance in his heart in order to be successful, otherwise he will forcefully grasp it with his own great strength.
Who wants to be a demon slave of others for a generation? If you don’t remember the classics, you can solve the demon slave contract!
Knowing this information, Li Chengzhu abacus suddenly fell to the original and wanted to display Qin Suge to Yuanmu himself, but I didn’t expect to have this requirement.
It is unambiguous that Qin Su Gexiu is definitely much taller than Li Da’s boss. Is it possible for him to put it to good use even if Qin Su Gezhen really wants to and let a woman like her be willing?
Li Chengzhu, at the head, has to throw this matter directly to Yuanmu to solve it himself, but in this way, sending it out can reduce a lot of affection, and the effect is completely different when sending it to others to get it.
Yuanmu Daxian is higher than Qin Suge in the later period of immortal cultivation. This spell can definitely be successfully used to find Yuanmu. Li Chengzhu will no longer hide his thoughts with Yuanmu.
This brother’s face turned red first, then his face was full of excitement and he nodded again and again. Yuan Mu has been longing for that demon slave deed for a long time, but why not be happy to have the opportunity to learn it at this time? A clapper on both sides finally decided the future fate of Qin Damei, the chief of the clan of the pythons.
After Yuanmu learned magic, Li Chengzhu took him to Qin Suge’s room. This charming beauty still sits on the bed, as if she had never moved. She looked self-pity and made people feel a pain in her heart.
Yuanmu was a pie at the beginning, and she was very impressed by the excitement of finding Munizhu. Now, if you look closely at this beautiful woman, you can see that she is charming, full of spring, yet generous, gentle and elegant, and add a touch of tenderness. The water-like eyes glanced at Li Chengzhu’s pink mouth and pursed it before Yuanmu was blessed "to meet the master!"
Feelings, she knew the purpose of Li Chengzhu’s visit.
Yuanmu ha ha a smile to hold the beauty up and glanced at Li Chengzhu with flashing eyes.
Boss Li looked at Yuan wood road with a smile. "Are you satisfied with this gift?" To tell the truth, Li Chengzhu, such a beautiful girl, really didn’t know that if she was killed or put away, she had to settle for the next best thing, and thought of a compromise method to send her to Yuanmu, which was the best method although it was a little inhuman.
Boss Li has a vague idea that he doesn’t want to let her go, but he doesn’t admit it.
Yuanmu Daxian smiled, "I am so satisfied."
Qin Suge slightly raised his head to look at himself. The future owner is mature and steady, but his appearance is generally sage like type. Compared with the wretched man next to him, it is almost day by day, but why can’t he see the waves in his eyes? As calm as water, this makes Qin Suge a little soft. Does he have this charm in his eyes? A slight bend in the eyes makes the eyes clearer. "Thank you, master!"
"No hurry!" Yuanmu said unfathomably, "Wait until the spell is finished."
Qin Suge bowed his head and sighed in his heart, so he couldn’t make his own decisions, but it should be a blessing to follow this sage like type master, right? Look at him. He won’t really treat himself like a slave.
"Relax, it’s the first time I cast this spell." Yuanmu woke up a little.
"Well," Qin Suge gritted his teeth and promised that his weak shoulders trembled slightly to conceal her indignation and anxiety.
Yuanmu Daxian Xiu is a bit taller than the Virgin Mary. This spell is simply a piece of cake for him to cast. The handprint quickly knots a series of marks from Qin Suge’s body, and the palm of Yuanmu Daxian gradually forms a ball of light.
Look at the blood boiling demon slave deed next to Boss Li. Although it is inhuman, it is really a pity to deal with the disobedient and threatening enemy. He can’t find anything to display. At this moment, he is naturally excited to see Yuanmu display it.
The mark has been taken out, Qin Suge’s trembling has stopped, and his face is pale as if he had experienced great pain.
Glared at Qin Suge with bitterness, Li Chengzhu was still contemplating that after seeing this "kindness", Yuan Mu’s eyebrows picked at Qin Suge and then stretched out his hand and threw the mark at Li Chengzhu.
Boss Li is still thinking about the spell Yuan Mu just now. Before he can react, that Qin Suge mark has already broken into his own body. A string of rapid flows instantly entered his Yuan Ying, and at the same time, a huge energy was brought in with that mark.
"How …" Li Chengzhu gaped at Yuanmu and even Qin Suge was surprised.
Yuanmu corners of the mouth to pick "I’m so satisfied with this spell, thank you for your gift haha" Say that finish without waiting for two people to react again, they have pushed the door and went out to leave two people with dull expressions.
Boss Li will have to sort things out in the future. After Yuan Ying, he jumped up rapidly. The series of jitter was as cheerful as he had never experienced before, but it made him feel a little uneasy.
Wait until Yuan Ying calms down and Li Chengzhu looks up and still stands aside. Qin Suge sees that she is staring at her big boss Li with a big smile. "This is a little unexpected."
! ! ! ! ! w! w! w! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
"An accident?" Qin Suge bit his teeth and slowly moved to Li Chengzhu’s side with the pace. A delicate fragrance floated into Li Chengzhu’s nose. The fragrance was so strong that he almost lost it.
"You planned to come to my heart long ago, right?" Qin Suge’s eyebrow can’t say how sour it is to be given to people, so it should be beneath her dignity to be wronged. Now she is rejected by others. This blow has made her always proud and confident about her charm. Qin Dajie is really unable to stand it now. She really wants to give this man a good beating before, but she can’t beat him.
"No," Li Chengzhu koo cried out, "I wanted to send you to Yuanmu. I didn’t expect him to do such a thing. You wait for me to find him to be fair." Boss Li said that he wanted to anoint the soles of his feet. He also felt that he and Yuanmu had gone a little too far.
"Send send!" Qin Suge bit her teeth and tears flowed from her beautiful big eyes. The humiliation and pain in her heart made her unbearable. She shouted, "Is it possible for you men to give me something to others?"
"No, it’s true, it’s not." Boss Li called it bad in his heart and actually made the beauty cry. Oh, my God, what is this? Tama Yuanmu
"Anyway, I look like a demon slave to you." Qin Suge squatted down slowly, holding his knees and head in his hands and putting his arms in a trembling voice. "You don’t consider my mood. You can do whatever you want."
Don’t interrupt a man when a woman is crying, otherwise it will definitely mess up. Boss Li knows this truth. Looking at squatting in front of him, he was wronged to the extreme. Qin Suge was silent for a moment. She vented her dissatisfaction in her heart. This usually well-cultivated beauty was wronged and cried endlessly. Boss Li didn’t kill a bunch of elders from the horizontal killing, then molested himself, and then put himself under house arrest. This preparation will directly criticize Li Chengzhu as a tough guy. When Li Chengzhu heard the end, he felt that he was too inhuman. But this beauty said it was a bit too much. Since when do you touch your bed when people are unprepared? It’s just to come and sit in your bed with a vaccination and squeeze your little hand. When did you really touch your chest again? Well, I admit that I accidentally met you when I was flying with you, but it was also casual, but it was really cool to say.
If water is a green apple, Qin Suge is definitely a red pomegranate with different flavors.
After crying for a long time, Qin Suge saw that his master didn’t respond at all, but his little hand came to breathe with a burst of heat, and he slowly looked up at him and looked at his eyes in his neckline … It was really obscene!
Qin Suge couldn’t help but stretch out his jade fist and smash Li Chengzhu’s generous shoulders with tears all over his face. He cried out in his mouth, "You dead man, heartless thing, smelly rascal!"
Boss Li hurriedly scurried out of the door as soon as he sucked the saliva from the corners of his mouth. Qin Suge tightly scolded the door inside, and all the members of Yutu gens were stupefied at the respected fairy with a narrow face.
It’s a real back. Li Chengzhu walked in the cave with a profound smile on his face when he was rubbed and scattered.
This woman is not easy to provoke, but just now she did not even move her aura symbolically. Is it true that her anger has almost disappeared? Li Chengzhu has a faint excitement and joy in his heart. It is definitely a great event for such a beautiful woman to become her own demon slave, but it is worrying to think of Gu Linglong and Xiaoying.
As the days passed slowly, the spirit of water like smoke gradually improved. Li Chengzhu accompanied her all day telling jokes. That long-lost smiling face finally reappeared her face. Boss Li was interested in telling a few yellow jokes, which made the water like smoke flush and beat it in Li Chengzhu’s arms.
The bodies of the Virgin and several elders who died in battle have been buried, and all the magic elixirs have been collected. After that inexplicable thief incident, Zhu Yuanqing took all Dan into his own hands, which made Li Chengzhu a little tongue-tied. He never thought that so many people would die in this World War I.
There are 1,000 members of each of the four clans, and his three clans were destroyed in this battle, but the Yutu clan was damaged by a small amount of light. Ordinary Dan collected more than 4,000 Li Chengzhu and threw them to the Presbyterian church for 200 stones, which directly bought their hearts.
These elders still don’t know the external value of these Dan’s, otherwise, everyone should regret that Qing Rao is so, which also makes the Presbyterian church listen to Li Chengzhu. Li Da, the boss of Yutu, is not only a fairy leader, but even the Presbyterian church wants him and Yuanmu to attend such an important event as choosing the new virgin.
A clan can’t be long, but the Jade Rabbit clan’s historical patriarchs are all women, and this time, of course, it’s no exception. Except in the Presbyterian church, all men are not qualified to take this responsibility, so they have to be selected from the accomplished female brothers.
I’ve come to wish Yuanqing to please Li Chengzhu. I once proposed to let Shuiyan take the post of the Virgin, but I was severely rejected by Li Da’s boss. I joked that I wanted an old and beautiful little demon slave to be the Virgin. Does she still have a chance to be with her? It’s strange that I’m not bored to death by you. Boss Li’s status as a demon slave is no longer a member of the Jade Rabbit clan. This reason makes the Presbyterian church unable to find a flaw and compromise. Water is stripped of the Jade Rabbit’s identity. Who dares to provoke?
The Presbyterian church couldn’t wait to rip out the bodies of two elders, Zhou Dunru and Li Xiuyuan, from the soil and whip them. These two traitors died and didn’t do good deeds. Such a big backer let go. Fuck him.