However, there aren’t enough people in Douchayuan, who can’t suppress the Hao slaves and the nursing home here. Those who have been beaten by the nursing home have seen their masters. They have killed a six-life official, which means a lot of gratitude. Looking at the eyes of those Douchayuan workers, there is a strong sense of murder. If the other party dares to say that they want to take away their masters, it will be good to spill blood.

Gal those workers also dare not start work at will, and the end result is to watch those slaves finish torturing all the workers, and be a bystander. Wait until the people are finished, and this group of workers will save the iron straight first.
This stubborn iron head will eventually be 40-odd and 200-odd. Even those people who have accurate hands and don’t hurt their lives, but after all, their bodies are bloody and the weather is cold and naked. The victim has already fainted.
Yang Chengzu took one look at the man who led the suggestion and took two steps back. He regretted his job. This man is arrogant and even if Jiang Bin really launched a malicious fight with himself, he would probably suffer immediate losses.
"Who are you? I know in my heart that I’m not going to ask you. You can’t ask me, but I advise you to be a man. Learn to be smart. This is not something you can mix up to make Gao Zhong kill me. If you have anything to say, just come at me, but even if we break the law, it’s not the jurisdiction of the three divisions. Let’s go back and join me. It’s getting late. I’m going to take my wife home to sleep. Let’s talk about it later."
Several people in a mansion shuttled back and forth to report everything that happened in front of the military forces government. After hearing Guo Jiujie’s murder, a middle-aged man burst out laughing and put a gold cup table in his hand.
"good! This bitch dares to kill the court official. If she is really a respected brother, can’t others accept her? What the new king is most afraid of when he ascended the throne is that these noble people favor the arrogant monarch. Her behavior is to send her to the knife edge by herself. I won’t be surnamed Xie if I don’t exile her for three thousand miles this time! "
Wait until I heard that Yang Chengzu will carry things up and admit to killing people, and said that his life department smashed the yamen and beat the military forces and horses. On the other side, a tall and handsome man also put his cup in his hand.
"During the second grain war, I felt that this man was scheming to run this Yang Ji firm, and there was also some discipline. Now it seems that this is all. Even if he has a personal relationship, he will leave an impression of pampering and domineering. The future of this life will be over. A woman will build her own future. A fool is definitely a fool!"
Another young man beside him laughed. "Sixth brother, you are going to be the Lord. It’s not good to say such a thing. If people in the palace know that you don’t have a princess in your heart, be careful that you can’t be a husband and wife."
The man disdained a smile. "The two Madonna faces have already been settled. Now even if they want to go back on their word, they can’t go back on their word. The Chen Zhao thing has already made a big joke. If I go back on my word again, do you want the royal face? Don’t worry, I’m a husband and wife, and so is our Xie Gu, an imperial businessman. No matter whether she is a golden branch or a beautiful woman, she will always be my wife. In the end, she will have to listen to my husband and wife program. This is a family tradition, and even a family can’t break the rules. "
The middle-aged man nodded. "Liulang said that it is worthy of my husband Xie Jiawei’s words. There are big ones who suffer indignities, but they have no backbone and don’t make people look down on us. Xie Gu’s son-in-law should also be indomitable after getting married. If you dare to play the princess’s temper, you can serve a woman in the palace by housekeeping. If you want to beat her, you will be obedient to you in the future. In the future, our house will become a small imperial merchant’s command, but it is our house. Remember the firm can also bring it here Saburo, you contact one or more officials to keep an eye on this matter, and the people have created public opinion for me to let the people know that long live the minion killed the people in the street and the high commander also injured the emperor. Even if it is a day, it is necessary to consider the will of the people. "
This trap has long been dug and prepared. I almost didn’t expect Yang’s family to dare to kill people in the trap angle, but this effect is more perfect, and the probability of Yang Chengzu’s beheading is high.
The middle-aged man ordered the release of the whole family power like water, which will be moved in the middle of the night. This degree of play will inevitably lead to other methods staying behind the scenes, but he is also indifferent to this point
"Even if he knows that it is the layout behind me, can it be like? My family is royalty. Can he treat us like? When I first came to the capital and wanted to do a big business, I was ruined by him. I should have thought of it since he suppressed food prices. If he is willing to hand over the account letter and Yangji shares this time, I may consider letting him go. If not, I will take off his black gauze first and then settle accounts with him slowly. "
Behind several nephews, younger generations all know that this uncle’s reality is mainly that the teacher’s workshop department has touched the wall and failed to find Du Fu, a beauty born in a leopard house. He hates Yang Chengzu’s efforts this time, but it’s just his own venting.
However, after all, he is the head of Xie Gujing’s division, and Xie Jiaqian really lost a sum of money in the grain storm. This Xu also invested a sum of money. If we can annex Yang’s family property, we can make up for some of the losses, and it is indeed a stop-loss measure that must be taken.
Xie Jia is a prominent family in the south of the Yangtze River. Even if there are enough conditions in the north, it is also a matter of public outrage. Before dawn, the pressure from the official level has been like a mountain. At the same time, when the sun just broke through the clouds and spread to the earth in the morning, the beggars in the capital took to the streets, telling the story of how many exploits Gao Zhong made when he was angry, expensive and upright, and how many exploits he was killed when he was trapped in the city.
Overnight, Gao Zhong, whose original name was not obvious, became a loyal minister and a good soldier who was killed by Gu, and Yang Chengzu naturally played the role of a giant villain and became a model of indulgence and murder.
It was these beggars who rushed out from everywhere in a short time, and the sticks and chains in the hands of the official school were smashed and scattered. If they were caught, they would drag and drop directly and walk away from the capital. It was a great joy to fly a dog and jump.
Yang Chengzu in Yang Zhai, dengshikou, got up and got dressed as usual, ready to go to the palace to confess his sins!
Chapter six hundred and seventy-one Support
In the past, Guo Jiujie still had some pain in her head, but her mood was not as exciting as last night. She also knew what a disaster she had made last night. Her face was quite embarrassed, but she took the initiative to help Yang Chengzu dress and sort out the decorations and make amends carefully.
"Last night," xianggong "… it’s all my fault. I shouldn’t have drunk so much wine and ran out … otherwise, don’t enter the palace. I’ll go to Gaos thought and see if I can shut up the bitter man. Maybe it will turn around."
Yang Chengzu pinched her face with a smile. "Of course you shouldn’t drink so much wine and still run out. Last night, Snowy Road didn’t walk very well. In an unguarded moment, I didn’t want to die of love, did I? Don’t think about it. Those people won’t leave it for you. I think it’s a trap over there. If we step in, someone will jump out and say that we want to buy people’s lives. When it comes to that, it’s even more passive. Don’t do anything. Just wait for me. "
Although he said that if something happened, Guo Jiujie, who was born in officialdom, of course knew that it was not so easy to kill a commander of a five-city military forces division. Yuhuan said timidly, "My uncle and young lady were willing to go to Shuntianfu last night, and even if they want to kill and cut, they will be borne by one person, and they will never be involved. It is already a small uncle who is willing to repay the kindness of her uncle in the afterlife."
Yang Chengzu her forehead a shot "how do you also commit tomfoolery? You’re a little maid who can get involved in this? It’s better to think about what moves to help your young lady serve me tonight. Don’t make trouble. Go and prepare for breakfast. I have to go to the noodle shop after breakfast. "
At dinner, the red peony plays and nursing homes were kneeling outside, as if they were lined up. Several nursing homes knelt before leaving. "Master can kill a six with the Ken people in the capital, that is, your family. Although we read less, our confidant died. We have also heard the drama from the government and know how to be loyal. We have earned our lives to replace a six-life, so we will ask the master to let the children fight this lawsuit. Even if they are severely punished, we will never change our mind!"
In this era, it is not a rare thing for the householder to make trouble, but it is also necessary to pay a lot of money to reward someone who is willing to come out and work hard, like this kind of initiative to come out and fight for death. It is said that several places of nursing homes have also been drawn by lot to draw a hero’s sign to qualify for this, which is the only thing.
Those dramas also expressed their willingness to go to court to fight this lawsuit. Many women did not treat their feet with frostbite, but they had to go to court to roll the nail board at the cost of their lives. After last night’s incident, Yang’s servant Ji had already returned to his home, and his loyalty was stronger or weaker than that of a domestic slave.
Yang Chengzu waved the crowd to wake up and ordered the red peony to invite the female practitioners to treat frostbite.
"This matter is I make out how can let you take the rap? I, Yang’s family, want you to be loyal and obedient enough. He doesn’t care if something happens. Besides, this kind of case is not for you to fight and go back to work. Don’t do stupid things, but it’s just a six-conductor. What’s the big deal? Long live your master’s knife! Just a Wu Zhi is not a matter. "
Red Peony took the lead and said, "My Lord is a great man. Seeing that Wan Li is much more knowledgeable than us, we can’t tamper with it unless we tamper with it. However, although we have little knowledge, we also know how to report gratitude. Let’s kowtow to our Lord and thank him for his kindness!"
The first snow didn’t form snow, but it made the ground muddy. Everyone, whether men or women, knelt in the mud and kowtowed heavily, and the mud splashed. Those nursing homes no longer insisted on their own initiative, but privately they talked about dangerous topics such as robbing prison and fighting prison.
When Yang Chengzu arrived at Ganqing Palace, Jiajing Court was still in attendance. As usual, Zhang Zuo ordered the little eunuch to have a fruit bowl snack. When people were not paying attention, he wrote a sentence, "You did it last night, but it was quite big. Long live now, you were held back by several cabinet elders for a while."
"Father-in-law Zhang has a heart." Zhang Zuo got the message and smiled. "What is Yang directing you to do? It’s a stranger. We are all Anlu people who help Anlu people. How can we take advantage of you for granted? Should we come here again? Never send it again. "
He stole a look at the number and looked better. He leaned forward and whispered, "Does Yang direct you to remember the people in Yang’s firm? Little people, I have a distant relative who is very clever. If it’s convenient, can you send him to Yang Ji as an apprentice … "
"Apprentice how line? If you want to do it, you must be a relative of the shopkeeper Zhang Gonggong. If you are an apprentice, I won’t allow it first. It’s a pity that this Yang Ji firm can’t go now. It’s a problem that the officer even missed your cousin’s future. "
Zhang Zuo’s face gloated. "Yang commanded you to say this far, but it was just killing six sesame officials. What can you really do? You and Tianjia have a close relationship. Tianjia Palace told the handmaiden that he is related to you, and you are a long-lived crown. If someone wants to take Tianjia’s crown, isn’t that death? Don’t worry, handmaiden, to ensure your safety. I’ll send someone to inquire for information. You have a good rest here, handmaiden, and then I’ll send you some fruit. "
After about a meal, Zhang Zuo sprinted in from the outside. "Yang commanded Long live the horse and went to the handmaiden. Looking at Long live the face is not very good. After you meet, it will be safe to make a mistake first. It makes no difference between you as a minister and a handmaiden. No matter what is wrong, it is always okay for the master to make a big mistake when he is angry."
"My father-in-law has a heart."
A little while later, Jiajing Day really came in with an irate look from the outside and waved everyone out. Two palace doors closed and then roared and roared.
Chapter six hundred and seventy-two Southeast ()
"It’s outrageous that the former North Lu has just surrounded the city, and now Shandong has turned against a miner, Tang Wang. A group of miners rebelled and actually killed the commander and breached several county towns. What is this Shandong place for? Yang Tinghe, when they talk about it, they say that the imperial mine supervisor is pushing too hard, or should the people manage the minerals? That’s why they tried to find a way to hand over such a big mine, and the imperial court just handed it over? "
Jiajing was so angry that he made a lamp of tea and broke two plates, which was a little relieved. Yang Chengzu listened to him and found that these anger seemed to have nothing to do with himself, trying to persuade him.
"Tang Wang, those miners can’t make a mess. What can a group of mud legs do? They’re not Liu Liuliu Qixing, so it’s not the general trend that the court can send a few capable members to push them away. What’s happening now is colorful. First, the troops that Shandong can fight are all transferred to Beijing, and the left-behind troops are not fighting. Second, the big gentry deliberately let the loyalist fight a few battles so that they can privatize the mine and make it their own. Long live the idea. Don’t be angry. When this matter comes out, I think Tang Wang and them should be put out. "
"It’s still the eldest brother who likes to listen to a few words. When I say it, my anger disappears. What can these bastards do if they can’t even do such a small thing?"
Jiajing hated and punched the table, but it is still quite unpleasant. However, it is no wonder that the reality is too big. If the provinces are divided into two provinces, Beijing and thirteen provinces, and each place chooses a bad news, it is enough to make people have an illusion of seeing pills at the same time.
But in fact, the emperor read more than fifteen bad news in a day, and the proportion of good news in good weather is not much. The main purpose of the provincial memorials is to state problems, ask the court for policies and help, which means that the emperor is really a large negative energy receiver
Receive negative energy every day, but there is not enough positive energy to neutralize it. If you want to do something and find yourself powerful, you will go out of shape if you can’t implement good governance. This will make it difficult to produce the result that many tyrants are simply emotional backlog and can’t be released.
Fortunately, ministers can get more, and it is often because they can channel the negative energy of the king so that he can find relief for these ministers. The so-called loyal ministers often pour more negative energy, which is no wonder that they will be unlucky in the end.
In addition, the young man in Jiajing, the new king, wants the good weather, peace and prosperity, in other words, he hopes to report good news but not bad news during this period, but in fact, he thinks the opposite, and those ministers who came to the court to control the mine still want him to hand it over. It is no wonder that he is angry.
"Long live this also can’t blame a few cabinet ministers. They are the Hanlin noble family who never took care of the place. Of course, they are all capable people. They don’t necessarily don’t understand the local government. But after all, it is natural for the imperial court to make decisions that will affect the fate of the country. Be cautious and listen carefully to the opinions of the local officials. It is the most stable choice. Those local officials have joined forces with the gentry and strongmen. It is also difficult for several university students to be fooled by them. Besides, it seems that since the imperial mines are going to make people rebel, it is better to hand them over to the powerful
"But the account can’t be so calculated! If my mine is privately owned, will it be me or those gentry dajia this day? This truth or eldest brother told me I didn’t white this mine … Forget it, let them package it to the gentry in a few years, and then Yang Ji will be bigger, and then the mine will still be in the imperial court. I don’t believe they can mine it in the past few years. "
Jiajing only started last night at this time, but he obviously had no anger about it, but a so-called attitude.
"These guys are really strange, biting the eldest brother like eating the wrong medicine. What’s the big deal if Gao Zhong is just a six-military attache who killed him? Eldest brother, I sealed the knife so that you can act quickly. It’s even more ridiculous to say whether Gao Zhong broke the law. If he broke the law, why do you want eldest brother to deal with it directly in the court? The meaning of this knife is to kill those who may not break the law. Why don’t they even know this? "
Jiajing is still in the second phase, even if others are smart and gloomy, it is also gloomy. For him, these ministers have planned the direction of his life. This is the biggest sin. Yang Chengzu, the eldest brother, is his crown and his face. Whether he is right or wrong, he has to protect his face. If Yang Chengzu is cleaned up, isn’t it equal to being beaten in the face? I’ve been hit in the face several times recently. Are they still addicted?
When I heard Yang Chengzu introduce what happened last night, Jiajing nodded, "Kill well and kill well! Today, someone asked Gao Zhonger to shadow his father. Now it seems that this should be put aside in advance. Brother, who is behind this incident? Have you ever found out? "
"I arranged it last night. Before I came to see Long Live today, I had some gains. Last night, Yang Ji Restaurant treated the guests as Xie Gu’s second master."
Jiajing also knows that Xie Jia is the future master of Xu Xie Zhao’s family, Xie Zun, who runs the family business in Jiangnan, and Mr. Xie Tao, who is in charge of the capital here, is very famous in the literati of the capital and has a broad reputation.
I cann’t believe second sister is involved in this? Jiajing face some hesitation "eldest brother Xie Gu nothing difficult with you? Is there any misunderstanding between the two of you? If it’s possible, it’s better to be with you. Just give sister a face and let him go. "
"If there is any conflict between Xie Gu and minister, how dare I argue with royalty? But this time it’s a little strange. The minister they designed is probably hearing a message from the minister. "
Yang Chengzu was still hesitant about how to leak the news that Xie Zhao was the head of dysentery, but his eyes were wrong. He took this opportunity to report the matter, of course, and stated the facts. At the same time, he also made some artistic processing, so the image of a bald villain appeared vividly in front of Jiajing, and the table was lifted the next day.
Chapter six hundred and seventy-three Southeast ()
"King egg! How dare you fool me! Wei Bin wants to kill your family! Zhang Zhang Yanling Zhang Heling, you bastards don’t die a natural death! "
Angry face is a little distorted by anger. Of course, there are brothers and sisters in it, and more of them are crazy because of their face being beaten again. They chose Xu Jiajing for the second time and also expressed their satisfaction with that Xie Zhao.
In the face-to-face session, Xie Zhao wears a crown and can’t see his dysentery. Except for this, Xie Zhao’s appearance is very good, and he is also very talented and gentle. According to the standards of the dynasty, he is the most perfect man, and it is difficult for him to make any comments on him. From the perspective of the dynasty, Xie Zhao is simply the top ten Xu, and it is no wonder that Chiang Kai-shek and he have both slapped the board.