"Oh, the house came after the accident. A few years ago, it was bought by Li Zhu’s younger brother of our neighborhood office. The young couple are all doctors. They are all nice people, but this year they seem to have joined the army. They usually wear military uniforms."

Chapter three hundred and eleven Policy
Wang Weiping asked Aunt Zhao about a neighborhood office again, and his horse was about to pass.
"Wei Ping, are you going to sell your house?"
Wang Weiping nodded with a wry smile. "I can’t help it. My parents may not come back after I leave. Why do you keep the house while the existing house is still fine? If you can sell it, you can sell it."
"Oh, yeah, it’s nothing to keep it, but isn’t it not allowed for private people to buy and sell houses now?"
"I know that’s why I want to find the neighborhood office to see if they can do anything. After all, this is also a special case for me."
"Then you go quickly, and don’t delay here. It’s not easy for you to take a trip." Aunt Chen patted Wang Weiping’s hand, slightly sad.
"Hey, I’m going to Aunt Chen now. Please take care of yourself."
"I’m fine. I can eat and sleep every day."
Wang Weiping said goodbye to everyone and walked to the neighborhood office.
The neighbors watched Wang Weiping go away and began to talk about it.
"Lao Wang’s house is so good that who can afford it?"
"Yes, I heard that at that time, Li Zhu and her brother spent more than 1,000 yuan to buy that single-family house, and Lao Wang’s house could not be more expensive."
"Who knows whether Li Zhu’s brother spent money or not?"
"That’s not true. My family runs classes on the street. He saw Dr. Li pay the money with his own eyes. Besides, Li was not the master at that time. She could dominate the world!"
"Even if you can eat food indiscriminately, don’t dare to talk nonsense. Are you ashamed that others are better than you? They are both doctors and can’t earn money?"
"What I hate most is that people like you are not responsible at all."
"What the hell can he be responsible for? How can a big man speak ill of others behind his back like a bitch? Do you know the situation? Just open your mouth and come."
Just now, the guy who spoke ill of Li Qin fluently caused public outrage, and his face was as ashamed as a monkey’s ass. He couldn’t stay here, but he could run away.
Here, Wang Weiping came to the neighborhood office and told a clerk about his purpose and took out their local police station card.
This stumbles the street people, who can report to each other layer by layer. No one has ever encountered such a thing before buying and selling houses, but they are all sold by offices, and they are very few, and most of them are distributed.
You can’t take it from their office and sell it again. There’s no such policy.
Finally, this matter came to Li Qin.
Li Qin, who was in charge of this vice-principal’s report to her, was stunned by the hospital. Of course, she knew that her brother was looking at the hospital with red eyes.
I don’t know what’s wrong with him. People like to live in buildings, so he just loves that bungalow.
Although the hospital is really good now, it’s all money piled up
She hesitated for a moment or let the vice-president bring people over.
Li Qin stared at Wang Weiping and looked at him again. He handed me the certificate, the letter of introduction, and the deed of title deed. These have some headaches.
Do it. If there is no policy, don’t do it. People do have difficulties.
And it depends. It is estimated that if she says that she can’t do it, she will go to the district government and it will still fall into her hands.
Li Qin tentatively asked, "Comrade Wang, how much are you going to sell this hospital?"
"Two … two thousand dollars"
She was shocked by Wang Weiping’s high quotation and quickly said, "It can be less."
I don’t know that Li Qin feels cheap, but it was really expensive when his brother bought it from the office.
Li Qin looked down at the things in his hand and thought for a moment and said, "Comrade Wang, to be honest, we really haven’t met you on a business trip here. How many days will it take?"
"I have bought my train ticket in two days, which is after 9 pm the day after tomorrow."
"Well, let’s tell you what, because we haven’t done this kind of thing, and the relative policy is not very clear. Comrade Wang has the trouble to visit the office again tomorrow. Let’s discuss it. In view of your special situation, we will definitely find a way to handle things for you."
"Thank you, thank you, Li Zhu." Wang Weiping got up and thanked him happily.
"The neighborhood office is the people. You’re welcome."
After seeing Wang Weiping off, Li Qin turned back and forth twice in her office. She thought about what to do about it.
The office paid to buy it from him?
It’s not expensive, on the contrary, it’s very cheap, but I’ve never done this kind of exercise.
Li Qin does have some headaches at the moment.
After thinking about it, she called all the vice presidents of her family, and let’s discuss it together and see if we can find any good ways.
As a result, we discussed it for a long time and didn’t say anything about it.
At this time, I have been sitting in the corner without saying anything. I usually manage some chores, and a deputy principal spoke.
"Mr. Li, comrades, can we find a way to help him connect with a buyer and be a middleman in our neighborhood office?"
When he said this, there was silence in the office.
Everyone looked at each other and had to say that he came up with this idea. If you think about it carefully, there is still a little maneuverability.
After all, the national policy is not to buy or sell real estate privately, but what about their street office?
That’s not personal, is it?
Finally, everyone’s eyes fell on Li Qinshen. After all, she is the master.
Li Qin sat behind his desk, holding his forehead and closing his eyes for a moment.
"So, comrades, let’s raise our hands and vote. After the meeting, you will make a meeting summary."
Li Qin can’t dare to make this decision just by holding a host association. After the decision, no one will be held accountable for any problems.
The final result of the vote was that the resolution was passed.
Then the discussion is to find a buyer.
The deputy director in charge of housing distribution took out the list of people waiting in line from the neighborhood committees and prepared to screen them to see if it was possible to find potential buyers.
The list is very long, but it is quickly screened, because this roster is not only owned by famous people, work units and family members.
Whether you can pay so much money to buy a house is clear at a glance.
Who can really come up with so much money? That’s the big problem.
How can we do this? It’s impossible for them to sell their houses in the street, right?
It would be easier if it were longer, but the owner will leave at the latest the night after tomorrow.
Chapter three hundred and twelve Speech
At this time, it was the deputy manager who managed chores again.
"Master Li doesn’t know if your brother still wants a room?"
He laughed at this sentence as soon as he was out of the seat.
This is to catch a sheep bonus hunter and kill it!