The situation of array training is a bit special. Sun Haowan’s Soul Hall has accumulated a lot of knowledge about array training, especially the actual combat array of seagoing ships and airships, but the theory is still a theory and needs to be tested in practice.

Need to practice and the key practice is to refine the heart, the spirit, the soul and the spirit.
However, the performance training is "three flavors of baby fire", "water-turning tactic", "white male dream-entering method", "seven kills and asking questions" and several kinds of spiritual exercises of refining qi.
The staggered influence of these cultivation techniques can complement each other and promote Sun Hao’s mind, spirit, soul and qi as a whole.
For example, "Sanwei Yuanying Fire" is a successful practice. Sun Hao Yuanying is smart and self-contained, but it is logical to advance to the middle stage of Yuanying Fire. However, the first medicine of "Sanwei Yuanying Fire" is "human touch", which is to refine the heart. It can be practiced through the white male dream solution and the seven kills to ask the truth.
For example, if there is an accident in practicing the wheel water, it should be able to quickly promote Sun Hao’s gas refining and repair with Sanwei Yuanying fire to break the bottleneck. Sun Haoke expects that he will not be too slow to advance to Yuanying’s mid-term.
It is relatively simple to refine the soul, but you also need Sun Hao to find the right soul beast.
After being promoted to Yuanying, Sun Hao has transformed into the fourth soul.
Sun Hao also had some considerations in his heart after reading a lot of classics.
Sun Hao intends to melt ice or wind into the fourth soul.
The reason is to consider the diversity of attributes.
The five-element spiritual roots of mainland monks are common, but besides the five-element spiritual roots of Jin Mu, there are three kinds of alienated spiritual roots, which are very rare but very powerful. These three kinds of spiritual roots are "thunder, ice and wind".
Sun Haohua’s soul, Taikoo Lei Shou, has acquired the "Lei Shou" ability to learn and cast powerful thunder attribute spells.
In this case, Sun Hao’s goal is to put the remaining two kinds of heterogeneous spirit roots.
Of course, these are all Sun Hao’s cultivation plans. Who knows what special circumstances will be encountered in the specific cultivation road?
At present, Sun Hao’s practice of "Sanwei Yuanying Fire" has been quietly completed in the process of forging swords for ten years. The most basic refining requirement is the first medicine "human touch". Yuan Ying’s heart has been unconsciously integrated with small flames. Yuan Ying has been very clever. The bottleneck of Yuan Ying’s initial promotion and mid-term promotion has been unconsciously overcome. Sun Hao can find different water and wheels to quickly promote his own gas refining.
Therefore, according to their own cultivation plan, Sun Hao’s plan is Nanyang first.
Li Yuncong, a former comrade-in-arms in Nanyang, and Uncle Li Sun Hao clearly remember that Uncle Li’s magic weapon is heavy water.
Heavy water is Sun Hao’s wheel water formula, which can be used to rotate different water.
Sun Hao is also the only one who has seen different water with his own eyes so far, but he has to go and find out the news.
It still took Sun Haoyuan more than three months to cross Qian Shan Wanshui and reach Qingyun Port again after a long absence.
Now Qingyun Port has expanded four or five times compared with Sun Hao’s guarding that year.
The former port has become an old port, three or four times next to the old port, and Daxin Port is full of traffic and sails.
Booming, rumbling, wailing, one after another, Qingyun Harbor is a lively scene.
Qingyun Gate jumped in the ranking of South China, and the second site inflated like a balloon. Qingyun Port also achieved * * * * * * from the secondary port to the top port directly.
It is still developing rapidly.
No one knows that Sun Hao, the pillar of Qingyun Gate, has come to the port.
Even if a friar saw Sun Hao or didn’t know anyone, he wouldn’t put this smiling face in front of him as if he were a big brother and teenager next door, connected with Qingyun Gate, the bodhi old zu who was in full swing to deter agarwood in the South China.
Even if it is Sun Hao’s shoulder, he has his signature spirit beast, little fire mouse.
Coming to Qingyun Harbor to get familiar with the sea breeze is more exciting than Sun Hao, but it’s an arm bag map.
The child greeted Sun Hao simply, then plunged into the sea and swam freely in the sea.
The real hometown of Nanyang Xiaozhang
Xiao Zhang, who returned home after many years, was very excited to have a good time. After the chapter of Transformers was finished, he recovered his body. The hill-like figure was revealed in the harbor, and he was in high spirits.
There was a heavy rain in the sky
Qingyun port was in a state of panic.
How come such a big guy is making waves?
Sun Hao stood up with a smile and sounded clear all over the port. "Don’t panic, friends. That’s the chapter of the beast’s foot deformation overlord in the town where I live ~ ~
Chapter DiYiQi Ice and fire island danger
Foot deformation overlord chapter!
Say zhongda haibawang
More importantly, the ancestor Zhong Qingyun agarwood raised a big octopus to seal the mountain beast.
It’s not the bodhi old zu agarwood himself, is it?
Suddenly, there was a lot of people buzzing in Qingyun Harbor, and many brothers Qingyun knelt down to pay homage to the chapter of the foot deformation overlord.
Sun Hao didn’t disturb Qingyun Port, and found an inn to stay and play in Xiaozhang Sea.
After waiting for more than a month, Fengyun appeared in Sun Hao’s divinity.
Many monks in Qingyun Harbor expressed surprise that the Fengyun had just left Hong Kong before long and actually came back. This trip should be a big loss.
Fengyun didn’t explain it, but stayed in the port quietly for two days, and then in the crash, she once again raised her sails, broke through the waves and rushed into the vast sea.
Sitting cross-legged quietly in Fengyun, Sun Hao has a lot of sighs in his heart.
In the past few decades, Fengyun has been damaged in many places like a drooping old man, and its array has failed in many places.
What makes Sun Hao sigh even more is that those monks who followed him in Nanyang in the past have left kittens, and Fengyun is mostly a strange face.
A few monks who have left Fengyun are also mostly in the twilight years, and they have retired from the naval battle to give Fengyun some help to maintain it.
And Fengyun can get the news of Xiaozhang and get back to Qingyun Port as soon as possible, but it is still strongly insisted by a monk.
This monk has been staying on Fengyun, witnessing the ups and downs of Fengyun, and the scenery is sad. Then it is beyond description.
It is also the three guards of Fengyun, then Dan Yi.
To Sun Hao’s great surprise, Yu didn’t want to practice for decades. Yu didn’t want to practice quickly, and he didn’t know that he got a chance to practice. He actually soared to dzogchen, then he was one step away from breaking the Dan and giving birth to a baby.
To tell the truth, Sun Hao is incredible about Yu’s unwillingness to repair the progress.
Of course, Nanyang Boda contains a number of chances, and it may be possible to reach the sky directly without wishing to be direct.
At present, Fengyun still has two real people, one is Mu Xiaotian in the middle of then, and the other is Xingtai Long in the early stage of then.
Both of them later joined the Fengyun, but they didn’t know Sun Hao.
Nanyang Zhongda Yaoshu Terran Yuanying Godsworn also dare not be too ostentatious.
Sun Hao came to get the heavy water, and didn’t want to cause too many disputes in the South Sea, so he set foot on Fengyun quite quietly.
Then it shows that he met two real people in the middle of then.
Although the two real people maintained their respect for Sun Haoji, they also expressed their dissatisfaction with Sun Hao in their words.
The reason is naturally that I haven’t caught any cultivation resources just at sea, and I don’t want to ask for coming back to meet Sun Hao. It’s quite good that I didn’t sneer at Sun Hao.
After going out to sea, the four monks then discussed the itinerary, which made the two real people then full of resentment.
Sun Hao said that he had something to do and needed to go to the "Ice Fire Island" to take the Fengyun downwind boat.
I don’t want to ask for the opinions of my two companions, so I naturally immediately said, "Well, little Hao Xiong, since you need to go to Binghuo Island, let’s adjust the route and drive directly to Binghuo Island."
Mu Xiaotian and Xingtai Long looked at each other and winked at each other. Mu Xiaotian said slowly, "Brother Yu’s arrangement is even a bit inappropriate. If you book a route with us in the opposite direction, we will be ruined this time."
Yu don’t want to slightly one leng.