Halsey suddenly looked up at HuoJiang eyes have taken a few minutes of horror.

Huo Qiang didn’t seem to see it, or he may have turned a blind eye and said, "I’m not reconciled to it, but I’m not reconciled to it. We have received an order to evacuate Jupiter. We must evacuate Jupiter before the enemy arrives!"
Halsey quietly breathed a sigh of relief. He also wanted to disobey orders. He almost scared him out of myocardial infarction with his fleet and aliens.
Fortunately, this excited Chinese commander has not lost his mind.
HuoJiang took a deep breath and spit it out slowly. "You can sit here and at least command a frigate. The current situation is not. I said you also know that the whole human race has only a few possessions left. If you throw them all here, there will be no future for human beings …"
When I heard that, everyone’s mood sank involuntarily.
Huo Qiang continued, "I can understand it if I withdraw it. To put it mildly, if my fist is not retracted, it can’t be played more forcefully; To put it bluntly, the expeditionary fleet is not an enemy. Opponents must avoid sharp edges and protect their strength … Can you understand that I don’t know, but I hope you can also figure it out? Do you not only have to figure it out, but also do a good job in the ideological work of the soldiers? "
"white!" The Chinese captains answered the western captains one by one, and kept their mouths shut even if they knew what Huo Qiang meant.
HuoJiang added, "I can understand the fact that I have said so much, but I can’t pass the heart. Forget it. No nonsense. Here I discussed an evacuation plan with General halsey. The initial arrangement is that all warships that can fly will fly by themselves; Can’t fly but has maintenance value, and can be slowly repaired by flying warships; There is no repair value and sinking directly into Jupiter. You must never leave the battleship to aliens, even the wreckage! "
Speaking of which, Huo Qiang took a look at halsey. "This aspect is mainly the international fleet. It is not convenient for me to attend General halsey’s meeting. Will you tell your captains the details?"
Such as? Halsey turned supercilious look and said whether to say it or not. You asked me if you had finished?
Can think so in my heart, but I can’t say so. halsey can nod like a fly. "No problem." Equality of identity between the two sides can make Huo Jiang feel that he is a head lower than Huo Jiang.
Huo Qiang looked at his captain again. "We are assisting the international fleet to evacuate Jupiter, and we are also transferring abandoned warship materials when we are in a hurry. There is not much time left for aliens to give priority to transferring nuclear bombs, supplies and oxygen … General halsey, do you have anything to add?"
Halsey Naidi sighed, "Nuclear fuel must also be transferred and it is the top priority."
HuoJiang immediately nodded "this problem listen to general halsey arrange our conditions".
Well, then I’m not at all’ halsey finally couldn’t help but get up and took a strong look at HuoJiang and grabbed the initiative’ I arranged that Clifton and Moore were responsible for Duncan; The Queen and the Bold are responsible for the boxer; Rome Impero is responsible for the Republic … "
Halsey’s arrangement is very simple. The warships of the international fleet are mainly responsible for transferring materials. The Chinese warships are mainly responsible for dragging the warships to which warships to tow. halsey didn’t say that it was a virtual screen to send the warships that need to be dragged to Huo Qiang. Please ask Huo Qiang to watch the arrangement.
Huo Qiang is not at all welcome. Every ship needs to tow a friendly ship and arrange two warships to move in tandem to avoid accidents in the process of towing.
After arranging everything, Huo Qiang said, "According to the order of the joint command, we must dispatch a number of warships. In view of the situation of your army, General halsey, I think it is more appropriate to give this to our fleet. What do you think?"
"My fleet can also play," halsey said.
"Really," Huo Qiang nodded in agreement. "So how many warships can you build?"
Halsey was almost caught by Huo Qiang. Although there are many intact warships in the international fleet, there are many disabled warships to look after. There are really not many warships that can be transferred.
Hesitated for a long time before halsey reached out a finger "a battle group!"
Chapter 144 Can’t leave the meeting room
Huo Qiang immediately nodded. "Well, I’ll also transfer a battle group from the warship group. In view of the serious ammunition consumption of each ship, I agree to transfer materials from him, especially nuclear bombs and super shotguns. What do you think?"
Halsey said, "I agree!"
"Good" HuoJiang pull pull corners of the mouth "then act, I still have a little situation need to hand over to treat, such as the meeting will transfer the battleship to you in the past"
At this point, what can halsey say?
The meeting officially ended. halsey first left the captains from the international fleet and turned to the virtual conference room in half.
Outsiders have gone, and everyone’s mood has relaxed a little, but Huo Qiang’s face expression has not eased, but it has become more serious. "Now, let’s say that we have just said that there is another point, that is, the chief of staff for the fleet issue?"
"here!" Wu Hao responded quickly.
"You will take the lead in picking the best warships to form a battle group, and the weapons, equipment and supplies from the fleet will be fully staffed!"
Huo Qiang added, "There is another thing to inform everyone that this matter can’t leave this conference room at the captain’s level, understand?"
"understand!" Everyone has different opinions.
Although we don’t know what Huo Qiang is going to say yet, since it’s important to give everyone a vaccination before, there is no doubt about it.
Huo Qiang’s face was heavy and almost dripping with water. "I won’t go around in circles. Simply put, the situation we are facing is more severe than in the past. The current strength of the human fleet can’t stop the enemy from Saturn. I made the worst preparations and prepared to start the doomsday plan."
Everyone except Andy Zhuang and Wu Han is a blank face.
Huo Qiang said, "You may not be very clear about the doomsday plan, but there are two things with us. First, the military must be prepared against the alien fleet, and if it is prepared, it will not arrive with us." Second, the level decided to evacuate important personnel. "
"Withdraw? How to withdraw? " A captain asked in amazement
Huo Qiang said, "The basic principle is that it is most important to withdraw from Mercury once and withdraw from North Moon Island once again, so that others can be ordinary bases and water bases."
At this point, everyone had a captain at the end of seven points and then asked, "What is an important person?"
Huo Qiang shook his head. "I’m not particularly clear about this. I think the first level should include high-ranking officials, technical experts, manufacturing leaders, and other particularly important personnel such as Grandpa Yip Han."
"My wife’s grandfather" Yip Han is more correct.
"It’s the same," Huo Qiang said. "The scale of the Mercury base is limited, and there won’t be too many people to receive. It’s hard to say how many people will finally get there."