The 21 ST World Cup is over, and all European countries need to play the qualifiers in the European Cup two years later, while South American and Asian teams will play the qualifiers in Brazil in 214.

The world sports media are all paying attention to these competition qualifiers.
For Chang Sheng, this is a good thing. He doesn’t want to be disturbed by the media when he carefully trains Barak.
This quiet atmosphere is what he wants.
There seems to be no such impetuous atmosphere in the air of Vermelot training base.
More is that everyone is absorbed in their own work and calm.
In this way, unconsciously, two national team games were played, and those international players who participated in the national team games returned to the team one after another.
And Barack’s kitchen is over.
At the end of the day, Barak went to normal tactical class.
After the tactics class, he is still waiting for Changsheng to arrange his family business.
Changsheng told him that he had no family business.
"It’s hard for you these days. You need to practice in Vermelot. You still have a job when you get home … but it’s gone from now on." Changsheng smiled and shook his head and said.
Barak just reflected that the match day of the ancient national team was over.
By the way, how did Germany play in two games?
He was surprised that he was completely heartless.
During this week and a half, he has been training all his mind.
He doesn’t feel tired at all, nor does he feel hard.
He knew it was his last chance.
The media were right that they were kicked out of Chelsea. Although he expressed his willingness to reduce his salary, Chelsea abandoned himself.
So what’s the difference between him and other teammates who didn’t get along well at their old club and then came to Lazio?
He definitely didn’t come to Lazio to hug his thighs. He believes that Lazio doesn’t need to hug his thighs by himself. He wants to be reborn in Lazio like his teammates.
He is thirty-four years old, but he doesn’t want to retire yet. In the last few years of his career, he doesn’t want to give people a feeling of supporting the elderly, and he can continue to shine.
But first he has to integrate into Lazio’s tactical system.
He must seize this opportunity so that he can participate in the European Cup in two years, and it may be his last world series without accident.
So this is really my last chance.
When he found that the training had ended, he was still a little disappointed, as if he didn’t want the training to end so early.
Changsheng naturally noticed Barak’s expression. In fact, he is the same as Barak. He also hopes that this training can be longer so that the effect will be less.
It’s a pity that it’s not enough for him and his coaching team to train Ballack in the national team competition, and I don’t know if there will be such an opportunity on a national team training day, because if Ballack performs well, he will definitely be selected for the national team, and then he will leave Vermelot
And if Ballack doesn’t perform so well that he still can’t choose the national team, doesn’t that mean that his efforts have failed?
In comparison, he still hopes that Ballack can be selected for the German national team, at least he has succeeded.
"In fact, these days’ training is just one that requires you to observe, think and respond more in training and competition. You will start in the weekend league unless you are injured. I won’t give you pressure, Michelle, but I hope your group will at least be more like a Lazio player than before."
Changsheng said
Barak nodded when he heard Chang Sheng say this.
In fact, he can’t wait. He wants to see if he has worked hard in training and whether his efforts are in vain.
He is eager to test himself through the real knife and gun competition.
When all the players returned to Vermelot, Lazio’s training returned to normal, and the youth team returned to their own training ground, and the training subjects of the team were no different from before.
They are preparing for Lazio’s home game against Bologna in the second round of the weekend league.
This game has always won a large-scale rotation, and many players who have participated in the national team games have been replaced. For example, those players who have played full games in both national team games must have been seriously affected by their physical strength.
No one was surprised when Ballack appeared in Lazio’s starting line-up for this game.
If you can’t get a chance to play in this game, Ballack can really leave …
Of course, those who watch Lazio are doomed to be disappointed.
Ballack started because all the other players had national teams, so it just happened that Ballack didn’t have national teams and he was abandoned by Germany!
So starting this game is not something to cheer Ballack up about.